“Shoot The Ninja Behind The Paper Wall” Challenge!!

Bryan: You gotta be quick! *Ninja Bryan looks at camera dramatically* *failure* *DUH-DUH-DUHNN* Ninja J-Fred: Hello and welcome to Team Edge Today My name is J-Fred. Just like every other day. And we are playing the “Shoot the Ninja Behind the Paper Wall Challenge”! This is just like our past challenges where we did “Shoot the Person Behind the Wall”, but right now we’re ninjas, and we have paper walls. You’re gonna be able to see their shadow behind this wall, that’s the last challenge we’re doing, and you have to shoot the right person. There’s gonna be a person on your team, and a person on the other team, and I have to shoot the right person. Bryan: All right, on to the first challenge. J-Fred: I know you are! *Ninja Bryan is exposed* *weird Bryan noises* J-Fred: What are we doing Bobby? Bobby: We are karate chopping wooden planks! Ninja Bryan: HIYAAA Bobby: Aughh!! J-Fred: Wohahahaow *ho ho ho* J-Fred: This board is already cut in half! Bobby: No it’s not! No it’s not!>:( Bryan: You guys, follow us on Twitter ’cause you’ll see why we had to do this. We bought the wrong wood, this stuff doesn’t break. J-Fred: Are you sure this is the wrong wood? Bryan: Yes. Bobby: It’s breakable for six-year-olds. Bryan: No, no no. Like, this is like- J-Fred: Dude, I’ll break it in half. Bryan: Well, yeah, it’s been pre-
Do we have any non pre-cut? Bobby: Uh, I cut all of them. Bryan: Dang it! I wanted to show you that you were wrong. Sassy J-Fred: That’s just a regular board, non pre-cut. *Bryan realizes his mistake* *Ninja family laughs at Bryan* Bryan: Ooo! That wasn’t a complete break! *Ninja family gasps*
Bobby: OoOOhh! Yeahhh! *Bryan’s chipmunk laugh of mockery* Bobby: Time!
Bryan: Time! Time! That last one, did that count? Bobby: That last one didn’t count. J-Fred: HIIIIIIIII YAUHH!! Bobby: Ready? *intense Ninja Bryan focus…* *super cool ninja sound effects* Bryan: Gotta get it right.
Bobby: *giggle of cuteness* Bryan: You gotta be quick! *Ninja Bryan looks at camera dramatiaclly.. again* *failure..again* J-Fred: *LMAOO* Bryan: Oh! I was lookin’ at the- Bryan: HYYA! Bryan: C’monBobbybealittlefaster! Bryan: WHOOoOOOoOAUGHHAHH! Background Ninja: Time! J-Fred: Oh nope, Time! Didn’t count.
Bryan: Right now, dude. Let’s do kicks. Let’s do kicks. Bobby: *afraid* Just don’t hit my hands. *Ninja family says “Oh!”* Angry Bryan: You didn’t hold it! D::) Bryan: Who is my target?
Bobby: Uh, you’ll go for Joey.
Bryan: K. J-Fred: Ugh, great… No! Go for Bobby! Bryan: Bobby you gotta go for Joey! Alright, before I start my round you guys make sure you click that Subscribe button down below and then that Bell Icon because we upload videos Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 pm… Bobby: Pacfic Standard Time!! 😀 Bryan: So do it. Bryan: Danz, Tranz, Hanz, Onez… …10! *Scared Ninja J-Fred is scared* Bryan: They’re’ll like all tangled up with each other. So.. *sounds of dying* Bryan: …. Bryan: *sincerely confused* Wha’ happen? Bryan: I wasn’t even trying to hit him I was trying to miss! I didn’t even shoot at his shadow! *dramatic replay* Bryan: Seh, Eigh’, Nah, Teh. *Ninja Bobby is betrayed by Ninja J-Fred* Bryan: Nooooooo! Bobby: *in pain* oh-hah-ho! x1 J-Fred: Yes! You shot Bobby! 😀 J-Fred: Wait who were you aiming for? Bryan: Bobby. J-Fred: Oh nice. Bobby: *in pain* oh-hah-ho! x2 *cough, cough* Bobby: What’s happening? D: Bobby: *in pain* oh-hah-ho! x3 *karma* Bryan: Oh geez! That scared me! J-Fred: Just like traditional “Don’t Shoot the Human Behind the Wall”, They have to stand there, and I don’t know where they are because I can’t see their outline right now and they can’t move, and I have to shoot them. Starting now! Bryan: Oh, this is gonna hurt. *evil J-Fred laugh* Evil J-Fred: Ohh.. Bobby-san… I’m coming for you… I’m going to kill you! Bobby: D: J-Fred: … Oh did I get Bobby? Bobby: You got my legs. J-Fred: Yes!!! Scared Bryan: *wheeze* J-Fred: This is called… SUE-spense. Well, I know he has to be on the floor somewhere because there’s nowhere else to go behind there. Sassy Bryan: No, because I’m floating in the air. Bryan: Ahhhhhh!!! My knee *he he he he*!!!! J-Fred: Well that worked! I got it in four arrows, let’s see how fast they can get it. Whoever gets it in the least amount of arrows wins. *dramatic anime theme song for Bryan* *introducing: Bryan* *Bobby counting down* *Street Fighter sound effects* Bobby: Hey guys, can you move for me? Bobby: Ooooouuhhhhh! Bobby: Oh! I heard that little… that little squeak! Bobby: Got one! Bryan: My tush dude! *fart sound effect* Bryan: You just miss the door completely?!
Bobby: I JUST miss the door I tried to swing over ): Bryan: Whoa! ayyyyee! J-Fred: Ayyyee! 😀 Bobby: Hey, Joey? Bryan *mocking J-Fred* : What brooo?! It’s just me J-Fred just chillin’ on some grass! Broooo Bryan being Extra: Awwww ho-ho-ho-ho-ho
OH ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-OH-HO-HO-HO-HO- OH HO! Bryan being Extra: Awww. OH MY GOSH!!! Bobby: Dang it! What the heck? Bryan being Extra: WHHHOOAAHAHAHAHO! Bryan: Burns’ turn. I sense with my ninja skills… Okay.. Oh, that was a mistake. Bryan: WHUAATTT??!! J-Fred: *scared* Oh mamacita Bryan: Oh okay, I see where you are now. Bryan: Wuuuaattt??? Bryan: I saw movement. J-Fred: You were right there weren’t you?! You shot me like right in the neck, dude.
Bryan: I was back there. I was back there. Bryan: Ohhh… Bobby…. Okay, okay. J-Fred: Since Bobby is the overall loser like always, Bobby gets shot with the modded nerf gun through this wall. It’s gonna be insane. And I get to destroy the wall with this thing. J-Fred: Start shooting. Bryan: I don’t know which shadow is his! Bryan: What?
J-Fred: Oh, there’s two shadows! *Bryan throws rules out the window* Bobby: Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! *epic samurai music* *safety first* *everyone impressed* *J-Fred War Cry* J-Fred: Ow! J-Fred: Guys, check out blind shooter. That is our nerf style, crazy mayhem, video where a bunch of people were getting shot and pain was involved. Also, check out paintball pictionary where people had to paint pictures with a paintball gun and somebody else had to guess while being behind the clear wall. PEACE!

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  1. Hey guys! What would you do to hide behind the wall? Could you see where Joey was? Let us know down below! Have you seen our Shoot The Slip 'N Slider? Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0qovw7vHGg&t=478s

  2. I break boards of wood on a regular basis and I'm not a ninja I just do tae kwon do

    (I'm not hating I luv your videos)

  3. bobby: wait bryan you ok?
    bryan: …
    joey: i think he's dead
    bobby: …
    bryan: …
    joey: wHiCh Is fIiNe

  4. Got to subscribe for Bobby’s injury on his whole face and comment if you are watching this in 2019 over and over again also like this comment

  5. I use to do taekwondo so I could have broken tons of those boards considering that’s what white belters use and I’m a black belt.

  6. who you aiming for?
    A couple minutes later
    Joey:"YES you got Bobby! Who where you aiming for?"

  7. I just started watching 'Team Edge' Last day & now i have started to love their videos.. Team Edge is the best and one thing that all these things happen in reality. I am amazed and nearly watched 60 videos of Team Edge this day.

  8. Why do you always hit Bobby that's so mean I wish I can join a video on hit you both for Bobby I hate you just kidding I love you guys. Please just shoot each other but not Barbie only a Fred or Mommy I mean not Barbie just Brian and j-fred okay don't shoot Bobby just shoot each other like only like you Jay friend you should do something like you Barbie you should just sell gently and like you Brian you should yourself hard okay bye

  9. You guys should say something at the end of the videos like, live life on edge, Team Edge, like so they can see.😁

  10. Okay all these comments about Death Note but not even one about Outlaw Star!?!? MADNESS I SAY!!!! Bobby bro you really gotta start wearing a cup during these vids lmao.

  11. Lots of people commenting about the death note theme but I have yet to see anyone comment about ninja rap from one of the best TMNT movies

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