U20 |PRAGUE| Road to European Karate Kyokushin Championship 2019

Last selection was the first one for me, during which I didn’t get into the Lithuanian national team. Before that I had the honor to represent my country every year. This year, under all circumstances, I am able to represent Lithuania again. And it will be the first time I am taking part in the European Championship in the age group under 20 years old. That’s why I’m not going to miss this opportunity and will compete at the highest level. If you want to pass a selection to be a part of the Lithuanian national team it is not enough to be
physically strong. The most important thing is to be well disposed psychologically. You need to believe in yourself and your acquired experience. I am a member of the Lithuanian national karate team for already five years. For the first time I represented Lithuania in Kata event, the second time – at Kumite event. But I wasn’t able to get on the winners podium during those two years. But I didn’t stop improving myself. And next year I won a third place in the European Championship. Next year I became the European vice champion. And I hope this year, when I get on the winners podium, the Lithuanian national anthem will be played. If you want to keep a positive attitude towards sports, you can’t be afraid of failure, and you must constantly try to improve yourself. Once again I am a part of the Lithuanian national team because of my hard and persistent work during training. Again, with enthusiasm I thirst for representing Lithuania in the European Championship. If you want to be a real champion, you must go through all difficulties on your way boldly and with no fear. Since the young age I am very stubborn, and I do everything till the end no matter what. That is why I think that this year I also wasn’t lacking obstinacy. And after the defeat in the Adult Championship I came to win here, in EU 20. I hope that stress caused by exams won’t prevent me from standing on a winners podium at the European Championship as well. If you want to pass exams of life, you must do everything till the end no matter how many and what kind of challenges you would have to overcome. It is not the first time I am in the national team. The Championship wasn’t as hard as I have expected, because I had only one fight, which I won very quickly with a victorious punch to the abs. I was glad about representing Lithuania in the European Championship again. I got into the Lithuanian national team again, because I think it is the result of my consistent hard work. Of course, a lot has happened on the way there, both disappointments and joy. But with the help of coach and his advises I am in the national team again. If you want to represent Lithuania you must put in a lot of consistent hard work. This year there was the main preparation for representing your club at the European Adult Championship. However, I didn’t manage to get there. But I was preparing not only for these. The second plan was U 20. Though I was doing my best, because I’m at the 12th grade, and studies are putting pressure on me. But finding some free time with my determination and obstinacy I managed to become the Lithuanian champion and win a ticket to the European Championship. If you want to find time for everything you need to refuse certain things, which are not that important for your future career. This year was the best for me, because I got into the Lithuanian national team. I will have a chance to compete at the European Championship. I was really very happy, because it is my first time there. And I hope that it’ll be successful. If you want to win a fight you must be focused. Firmly, using all of your strength, you must do everything your capabilities and character allow. At the European Championship in Prague I will compete in Kata competition in the youth age group. This will be the second time I am competing in this age group. In my opinion, getting into the Lithuanian national team determine good preparation, a really big experience in Kata championships, and not a big rivalry in the Lithuanian Championship. If you want to win the European Championship in Kata competition, you must be very focused and spend a lot of time training. As I’m studying abroad, It is very hard for me to come back to every competition This competition was like determined by fate Because I was just back home for Easter holidays. I prepared by myself when I went to the gym. My temper and determination helped me to get into the European Championship. If you want to study abroad and do karate at the same time, you must be motivated and know how to manage your time. I have the opportunity to represent Lithuania at the European Championship for the third time, because I have set myself this task and I was striving for it by training and exercising. Also I didn’t give up when I was injured. And even at the hardest moments I continued to walk towards my goal. If you want to know how to not give up you must believe in your dreams, and know that if you didn’t manage to do something at first, it doesn’t mean that it will not happen later. In 2015, it was the first and only time I was taking part in the European Championship. For me personally, the Championship was easier than I have expected, because I won all fights during the main time. After the Championship I started to think that I am the best in Europe, so, the Lithuanian Championship will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately I’ve been defeated. I was defeated in the Lithuanian Championship next year as well. And the time has come to go into the adult league. At the first fight of the Lithuanian Adult Championship I was defeated again. After this competition, I’ve decided to make a break. I realized that my motivation for training is not the same as it was before. After that Summer, I went to work abroad. There I realized that the best thing I can do is fighting. After the New Year, in the middle of January, I came back for training. And there is the result – I’m in the national team again. If you want to take part in the European Championship more than once, you must not only work hard during training, but you also need to believe in yourself without overestimation that you will manage to be the best.

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