U16 |PRAGUE| Road to European Karate Kyokushin Championship 2019

This year to the national team joined just becouse of my kind work and other things. I had a really good support from my coach and my family They were trying to push me forward all the time and never give up If you want to be kind and industrious, You have to work for your goals and not just in your life, but you must help others in sport aswell I wanted to prove myself and for others aswell that I am strong and I could be a winner I am always stubborn, always trying to reach my goals Newer skipping the lessons. Thats why I become vice-champion and joined national team If you want to be strong, you must put the hard work Just before Lithuania kata championship I had some lessons with my coach Maybe those lessons helped me to succes to fight in European championship. If you want to compete in European championship you must win first and second place Joining to national team it was just becouse of my friends They made me less nervous and they didint let, that the fear would win Supported by coache’s and parents I tried my best to reach my goals. Stubborn made me to move forward If you want to be brave, you have to win against yourself To karate I am going for 9 years In these years I loosed a lot and plenty of victorys. Karate teached me, never give up and to reach victory If you want to reach your goal you have to work hard each lesson You have to give all your strenght, thats the only way to reach your goals This year to national team I been accepted becouse of a hard work Becouse I had goal to compete in European championship Tried to work hard in workout and to do what the coaches said I think I been accepted becouse of a support from my family They always been pushing me forward and never give up If you want to never give up, You must see your goal all the time and to know that you really want that and after that the workout is much easier

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