Osu, yame sensei ni rei Osu. Senpai ni rei. Osu Otagai ni rei Osu I hope that you all understand that you are all standing on tatami before the competition and some of you are warmed up very well and some of you are standing on the Tatami completely without any warmup so the whole process of the fight is different, depending on whether you are in a good form and ready or whether you have just stepped on the Tatami I started karate when i was in the third grade I attended the workouts for three years. Then i quit karate for two years And now it’s the second year since I resumed my karate training The fighters spirit… Well, if the fighter has his own spirit and strives for his goals, that is the basis I remember when I was very little, I came to the workout and there were many many boys and I was the only girl It was very awkward, I was very little And all the boys were older than me, But it was just fun, I came to liked it because we played games You do hiza geri and just like with mawashi uchi it has to be with the blow. So try to warmup the pelvis Strike only with your knees and with shifts: One strikes, the other strikes back. One strikes, the other strikes back I think that I was selected to the national team just becase I grew up And I have come of age, over 16 years old and well I think that was the reason We go to workouts to the indoor track I participated in the championship of Lithuania and I have won the second place So far this is my biggest accomplishment now Well, it is quite hard to come back from the work outs late And most of the time you didn’t even start to do your homework yet, so you do that, then you go to sleep, But then you’re not rested then you come to the workouts tired and it’s pretty hard When I was at the Karate camp I’m not sure whether it was Vlad or another trainer
but he was taking an exam to achieve the 3rd Dann and had to fight 50 fights So I really loved how he fought and passed the exam Yes, it was Valdemaras Gudauskas And so he left a really big impact for me I like going to the workouts, you can kind of relax, it is kind of like a Hobby, free time activity, it gives joy and that’s why I attend them To start to fight, before the fight there’s there’s a very very bad moment. When you already come to fight it gets better But the preparation for the fight is the toughest and hardest thing I am always very very scared before the competition And before the “Baltic cup” competition my trainer said “It’s worse not when people are overconfident,
but when they underestimate their abilities” This is self-empowerment, so I wouldn’t be scared.
Because I’m always scared before the fight, during the fight And you need to somehow gain strength And that’s why I start my fight with a loud scream It probably helps me You just need to believe and do it, and it will succeed My dad says “it’s not a girly sport, don’t go to Karate” My mom says “at least you work out” but it does encourage me, because still it’s a sport, I do what I like Well of course it’s not a girly sport but I don’t think so I don’t see wet sweaty people perhaps you cooled down while you talked Because now if it were a fight raise your hands those who would be ready to fight full on I have been doing Karate for 5 years now I remember, I didn’t like it, I went out of the workout But soon after that my friend got in a fight with a boy and so I came back
And I started to attend it again It’s a new challenge Because it’s the first European championship for me So I need to show good results, get in shape and try to win There’s a lot of workouts to be honest, 5 per week This Lithuanian championship, first place, also Kata championship because I won the 2nd place and got selected to the European championship these are probably the greatest accomplishments I will participate in the Kata and Kumite EU championship It’s very hard
I have a lot of lessons, and a lot of workouts so sometimes I fall behind And yeah, it’s pretty hard, no personal life Shomen ni rei Susheini ni rei
Osu. Otogaini rei Aka Most of the time the motivation comes with winning
because you feel an euphoria when you win
and probably this is the most motivating thing The end. Because at the end you have to give the most of your strength and you are very tired
If there is a Kiki waki, you need a lot of endurance and stubbornness Kiki waki is an extension of the fight To not give up Whatever happens you need to strive for your goals and be stubborn never stop moving forward. I actually never had any injuries, so I’m very lucky You don’t calculate your steps and you start going over the Tatami There can be a little step out of direction but you always need to adjust And such other mistakes, There is lightness, if you could emphasize the ending it would be very good Both of my grandmas don’t want me to go to Karate for some reason But my parents support me a lot When you come you have to understand each and one of you has to show yourself from the start to the judges and they will notice you instantly because if not, otherwise it will be boring. I am doing Karate for 11 years now I am good at doing Kata’s and I like it, I like to fight too The first day, , I remember my parents signed me up when Karate just established in Kretinga I came and I was a little confused, I didn’t know what to do I didn’t understand the actions but little by little you learn it I was selected to the National team when I won the Lithuanian championship I won the 1st place Sports and school match up pretty well.
I organize my day, how much time I give to schoolwork, to sports, to free time You see it doesn’t need that strength, but you need an understanding from within that you complete the action I remember in the EU championship I was a little tense, so Luke said relax, do it how you do in the workouts and everything will be alright I like sports in general, and since I’m doing Karate for more than one year, you come to want to achieve the black belt and to win in the competitions, there is no lack of motivation My whole family supports me, is proud of me that I do what I do, friends as well. So for the future, to achieve the black belt, to participate in the EU championship and in the upcoming Kata championship Well the “shodan” school leaves a mark, a really vivid one right? The stance went up a bit and so on but you still need intensity The action must be finished until the very end, but everything’s great, just perfect the mistakes and it will be very very great. I started to attend when I was 9 years old so right now it’s the 11th year Perhaps I stand out from other with my speed, stubbornness I don’t really remember my first day, just that my friend brought me together with her, I was very shy one of my best results is the 3rd place in the Lithuanian adult championship even though I wasn’t selected to the national team I still showed my fighting spirit.
And I didn’t give up even for the 3rd place It is very hard to organize things because there is other tons of work and activities but if you really want to it is possible to organize everything My trainer always says everything’s alright, there will be other competitions, don’t stress about it Looking back I didn’t get very much support from my surroundings but now they’ve accepted the fact that I don’t want to quit Karate and now my family supports me as well as my friends, also I wouldn’t say that Karate is not a sport for girls My goals are simple, to participate at the EU championship, and then there will be a Lithuanian championship in February and again getting in shape Often we observe the competitions, but with an empty head, but when you start to think you start to see a lot, what the opponents do, what they don’t do and so on I have been doing Karate for 9 years I remember the first work out was hard for me but I liked it and I went to the second third and fourth practice and up until this day I got selected to the national team because I think well, I try my best to improve and I want to fight in the EU championship for the 2nd year My best result was when I won the 1st place in the Lithuanian championship I try to do sports and to cope with schoolwork You come back from school, work out if you have strength, do homework, work out again and everything you do you try to highlight sports I think if I was rested, not after a workout I would do 35 pull ups, if I worked out longer I think I could reach 40 I get my motivation from the fighters who have achieved more than I have, I watch how they fight and I start wishing I could fight like that too the hardest thing while fighting is to understand the opponent because the first part of the fight is getting used to the opponent because you have to see how he fights, if he fights aggressively you have to adjust to it, if he tries to adjust to you, you need to fight smart as well and at the end, while taking into account everything he does, you can trick him and win the fight Some say Karate is bad, some say it’s okay, but I think it’s different for every person: for some box is better, for some Karate where you train the whole body. My parents support me in this sport, and I try to improve Now my goal is to win the 1st place in the EU championship I hope I will succeed and I will try to improve When we will do fights after lunch it will be meant more for endurance it will be harder fights there will be helmets, vests, more protection right now it’s the 9th year for Karate in my life Why I stand out? Maybe because I am stubborn I remember how on the first day we did push-ups and after that day I didn’t even want to go there anymore Why did you stay? Because my mom forced me I try to organize my time with school but sports is kind of in the front right now I would highlight Eventas, I just like the way he fights and it’s interesting to watch But my coach motivates me the most to keep moving forward I remember the most when he told be in the EU championship before the final fight that Kretinga has a medal, Palanga has a medal and Klaipeda needs one too I get tons of support from my friends as well to go forward My biggest goal is to participate in the World championship As I’ve said, attention to speed, sharpness, breathing, actions must be quick and sharp 9 years. I came on my first day, I met my coach, we started learning the technique, we did push ups I am glad to represent Lithuania School is in the first place and the second place goes to sports Don’t give up with all of your strength and win, because you want to achieve something I am best at working with my hands and just moving fast, striking strongly I never had any injuries I don’t know, I can defend myself on the streets my family is happy, proud of me, friends too, they want me to achieve something in life Right now I wish to do good in the EU championship and achieve other goals Otogai ni rei Komaite Hajime The third fight Develop the speed, you have to step in back with the blows I have been attending for 3 years now it’s the 4th year I remember when I didn’t know how to count to ten my coach Aivaras forced me to do a lot of push ups And 2min for a light run around to recover When I won the 1st place at the Lithuanian championship that was my best result School and sports are two important things, just sometimes you can’t learn because of sport and sometimes you can’t work out because of school When Lukas said “when you step on the Tatami show them your spirit and get into the national team” My family motivates me very much, uncle, mom, dad The bigger problem is the fear when you step on the Tatami before the fight but when you start to fight that fear goes away and everything’s fine my family supports me very much because in my childhood I searched for a hobby club and couldn’t find one and I came to Karate and my godfather supports me very much because he was a Karatist himself and he said “good boy, continue what you do” supports me very much 3 steps moving around in a circle, ich, ni, san, the stance, ich, ni, san, go round in a circle I have been attending Karate since the 5th grade and now it’s the 8th year Perhaps I always try to see the positive in the loses as well as the victories, I try to learn from those mistakes the basis of Karate is consistent work, a good connection with the coach I actually started to go to the workouts in the 1st 3rd grades and I quit and the coach found me in Klaipeda and invited me to start again so I continued My first workout was in Palangos “senoji gimnazija”, I remember there were a lot of us but nevertheless it was a good atmosphere. I remember how the coach taught us to clench our fists, press the fingers and hug them with the thumb Hajime, move everyone! I am very happy to be in the national Lithuanian team, it’s a pat on the heart, the result of your hard work If to think about my most memorable achievement in my Karate road, the bronze medal I won at the EU championship is a very high achievement but the most memorable fights were probably at the championship in Switzerland Where we fought with different rules than here in Lithuania, I was very young and it was a full contact fight and I did pretty well, I won all of the fights early and it was the biggest achievement for me I have organized my priorities, school is always at the top for me, workouts at the second place, , a day has 24 hours so there is enough time to learn and attend workouts I could say that sometimes losing is motivating, when you lose a fight in an important competition, you understand that you won’t get the 1st place and you understand it’s value, and it motivates you because next time you try to reach that 1st place if to talk about physical abilities, the best ability as a fighter I have is my leg technique that always saves me, and if to talk about the character traits I just don’t take small things into consideration, I just go and show what I do best and what I have learned out of my training When I was younger people used to say “you’re a girl how could you go to Karate?” what’s the difference There are a lot of wonderful girls in Karate this is just a sport Earlier everybody used to say that it’s a boys’ sport but now when you show results when you show your achievements people understand that it is simply a sport meant for girls and for boys There are good Karatist boys as well as there are good Karatist girls My upcoming goal is the EU championship that takes place in Hungary on the 28th of November and so I live with this goal now About 11 years now, My dad brought me when I was four but I was simply too young, I wasn’t so smart, and so I did a break and when I was in the 1st grade I started attending the workouts again I don’t know maybe I stand out with my character I don’t know I like to fight so fought even from childhood, in school, with friends, I’m a fighter as they say Osu to each other and while you rest and drink put on your protection gloves and so on Well, as it went out that sports are at the top for me and school is not troubling because I’m kind of smart and I don’t have to do homework so I just play around it somehow I always liked the boxing champion Mike Tyson and Prince (Naseem Hamed) I love the style of his fighting, how he irritates the opponent and when the opponent gets irritated he tries to pressure you he gets tired more quickly and you just laugh at him yourself and you try to pressure him yourself and win And the response without defense, one, two, response, three, four, let’s work, hajime! The hardest part is when you give all of yourself and you try to knock out the opponent but you see that you still lack something and then at the end he moves around, he rests and he starts pressuring you, and you need to again catch your breath, climb over yourself and go forth again and try and do something The most important thing is to not miss out on any workouts and you’ll see the result in the competition No, my group of friends are all sportsmen fighters they all keep pushing me, if I miss a workout they moralize it to me and my group of friends is the type who invite me to work out not to spend time in the city or clubs, we have to go to sports clubs For the future perhaps to do well in the EU championship, fight well It’s already the 8th year I’m working out
Perhaps I stand out from the others with my stubbornness, my wish to improve, the basis of Karate I think is discipline, respect for each other and the wish to improve My first day was really great, I went to my first practice with my neighborhood friends that’s why it was so interesting I wanted to try it out because even from my childhood everything was interesting to me and I remember that from my first practice I started out very well and I liked it and I haven’t let go until now, even though most of the people from that period have quit I got selected to the National team because I tried really hard and I think I overcame myself and I deserve to be here because of my work It’s hard with studies it’s hard because often when you study and work and to force yourself o go to the workouts is not easy but when you try to achieve something and want to improve you just close your eyes and work further and when you come to the workouts you just don’t think that it’s hard anymore you just do your job and that’s it I am studying criminology in Vilnius university at the moment these are studies about criminality, why it happens, why people commit crimes, its’ reasons and so on The program involves mostly law, psychology, sociology, I personally like psychology very much Margarita Čiuplytė, at the time I didn’t really take interest in the older sportsmen but she was the first one to catch my eye, I often check out and she has a really good character, it’s very important for her to win she always fights with a fire and her fights are always very well fought she’s really an example ich, ni , san, ich, ni, san, yame, stand up everybody obinamate move the pelvis around ich, ni, san… The hardest thing while fighting Is believing that you can win and not giving up, you go out and you think how hard it will be for you but not let yourself go and to give every last drop of yourself, because it’s really important to not only win or lose the fight, but that you would step off the Tatami proud of yourself that you gave all of your strength. I get more support than any other reactions, unless my family notices that I devote a lot of my time to it and they get worried perhaps but other than that it’s always support to keep moving forward and achieve the goals My goals in the future are just to not stop improving and try to achieve as much as I can, but other precise goals in my Karate road are not very clear to me, of course the EU championship, perhaps the World championship I have been training in Karate since I was 9 years old, so it’s the 9th year Everything started from my brother, when he started to engage in this sport he went to this club and he took me to this club and that’s how everything started My first workout was in “Vyturio” school and I went there for a long time and I kept improving so I got transferred to the other groups ich, ni, san, hands to one side, ich, ni, san, legs to the other side… There are a lot of achievements that I’m proud of but but the most memorable one was in Poland in the EU championship age group 18 I won the first place. Everything went so fast, I felt like it was the most important medal that I’m proud of because I was the first. Because in Lithuania there are a lot of talented people And they stand out with a lot of different fighting techniques Everything is hard to organize but there is time for everything and if you can organize your time you can organize your workouts with studies Starting off, there is a coach who gives you a lot of motivation every workout, his words and encouragements and so on, the other side would be my brother and family, so everything is from them actually, motivation and encouragement, of course parents a little less but since my brother works out too every talk is motivational The hardest thing to do while fighting is when you complete your task during the first part nd then to force yourself to get ready for the extension and you need to find strength for that Like in life, during the fight you try not to give up to your opponent, it’s the same with life as well Most of the people don’t understand what Karate is, especially friends. They think it’s not that kind of Karate. So when you explain your fights or invite your friends to see the fights, they notice that it’s a serious business for the future, of course the upcoming EU championship in Hungary, I need to try to win. And now the most upcoming goals are just to do well in the Lithuanian championship and to climb higher. I’ve been doing karate for 8 years In general, what makes me different from others, is that I walk while I’m asleep I think that karate is based on determination and physical endurance Being in the Lithuanian national team means that I contribute somehow to Lithuania’s fame My biggest achievement is bronze medal in European championship Two steps forward, two steps back. One two three four I find motivation when I imagine stepping on the winners’ podium For me, the psychological fear is the worst The most important in a fight is determination I believe, that there’re traumas in all sports, I also had traumas, but it didn’t really scare me and I keep on following this karate path Some people say that it’s not a sport for a girl, but others think that it’s cool and they like it For the future I have a goal to win gold in European Championship 4 steps one, two, three, four, to the side 4, backwards, another side 4 I train karate since 8 years old Karate’s base, I believe, is discipline, determination, and will I remember my first class very, very well, when my parents took me there and the class started Of course, everybody there was doing everything they have learned before, and I didn’t know anything. Then I ran to the corner and started to cry I told my parents, that I won’t go to karate classes never ever again in my life, but here I am I’ve got accepted to Lithuanian national team because, as I believe, I showed that I’m a powerful fighter Because random fighters aren’t allowed to participate in European Championship, you have to compete in Lithuania first, to get accepted The preparation goes well. I attend karate classes. When I have a chance to participate in tournaments, I do that. Recently I had the championship in Holland where in the category +80kg I won 1st place. No doubts, my best achievements are becoming a European Champion 4 times. Last time wasn’t that successful but at the same time very significant. Whereas it was my first time participating in, sort of, adults’ category, called students league, where no body protections are allowed, only for the legs. Full contact. There I took 3rd place. Overall, these are my highest achievements. Sport and education I combine very easily In the day time I have lectures, and in the evenings I do sports, that’s it I remember very well when I participated for the first time in the European Championship. I had the final fight and my coach before the fight told me “Go to fight and win because you’re the best here” It pushed me forward then, and now I still remember these words and it helps me during the fights In general, during the fight I hear only my coach and I try to do what he says to me, because he sees it better from the side. It really helps me to go forward Overcoming my own self is the hardest during the fight Everyone can fight 2min but if you have to fight 6 or even more, like adults, 7min, then the fight with yourself starts because you still have to do something even though no energy is left I think that I don’t have specific strong sides I think I’m a universal fighter It’s not like I have very strong punches, or very good kicks, or unlimited stamina. I combine everything in a way that helps me win and To defeat my opponent, and in order to do it, I still have to overcome myself, as I mentioned before The surrounding people, about 99% of them are indeed surprised When I say that I do karate everyone is “Woow”, then if I say that I’ve been doing it for 12 years, everyone is “woow”. Afterwards, when I say I have a black belt, then they all are amazed. I have support. My family and my girlfriend support me. I have lots of support it’s only on me to train hard and achieve results. For the future, I will make the goal to train. Train, train, and even after tournament to train. Anyways, there’s a desire to participate not only in the European Championship, but to go to the World Championship in Japan. To achieve this, only one or two months of preparation is not enough You have to train all the time for a year or two The main goal is to train hard, don’t stop, keep making the standards higher, as well as leave the comfort zone. keep making the standards higher, as well as leave the comfort zone. I’ve been doing karate for 13 years, since 1 grade at school, which means since I was 6 years old What makes me different is will, I think, because if I lose the fight I never give up and I try to train even harder that the next time would be more successful I believe, that karate’s base is ( mind and intelligence) My first karate class, hmm, I don’t really remember, as I was only 6 years old, but I remember that I had to do push-ups and it was very hard for me Why have I got accepted to the Lithuanian national team? Because I was working very hard and overcame all challanges My best achievement is 3rd place in Adults European Championship Do the lowkick, do the lowkick. Again! At the moment, I don’t study, so it’s easier to do sports. But when I used to study at school, I was completing all homework assignments straight after the classes and in the evening I used to have lots of time for sports The best athlete? I don’t know whom I could choose. To me, all athletes are good who have participated and became winners in the World championship. I don’t always have motivation. Frequently I’m tired and want to stay in bed. But if I know that I want to achieve something and defeat my opponents, I have to get up and Of course, good music also helps The surrounding ones support me. Actually, they are the ones who support me the most. If that day I don’t have motivation to train, they grab my hand and tell me to go, otherwise you won’t achieve anything The angriest becomes my mom if I skip training Future goal, so far, is to take a good place in the championship of Hungary I’ve been doing karate since 2006, which means 12 years already, and 13th has started I believe, that each athlete is somehow different In this sport, I would emphasize my persistence, that I never give up in a fight. No matter how hard it is, I try to fight till the end, even though sometimes the end is not favourable to me, but I have to endure. From my first karate class I only remember that I saw the coach, I came to say hi, and that’s it. Probably the class was so hard that I can’t even remember anything. My highest achievement so far is to be accepted to Lithuanian adults’ national team in 2018 and an opportunity to represent Lithuania in the tournament by adult rules To be honest, when some important tournaments are coming, automatically the studies become a second priority; therefore I spend less time on it. However, after all those tournaments, I have to catch up and sometimes study even until the morning. The most memorable words are from several European Championships, where I did well, that’s why I remember this phrase of my coach “Urbonas, today is your day” They’re younger than you. You can’t get any traumas. But you also don’t let them attack you I watch you all. In the fight, the hardest thing is to prepare mentally if the opponent is as good as you. if the opponent is as good as you. You have to make yourself believe that you’re better and to direct this fight towards your win. Well, all people have different opinions. Many of them watch too many movies and imagine that karate is something else, not what it’s for real. But those who understand something about this sport, or have seen the tournament before, they say that it’s a good sport and they support it For the future, first of all would be to successfully participate in the upcoming European championship Then Lithuanian Adults’ Championship and next I don’t know yet. Maybe I should start thinking about the World Championship. You don’t react. Instead tense the muscle and accept it. Just like you did before. If you manage to catch up, then move. If don’t- accept it. Around 12-13 years To be honest, I don’t really overemphasize the fact of being in the Lithuanian national team. If you’re there, that means you worked hard and achieved what you deserved, so it’s your own accomplishment. It seems to me that all my Lithuanian championships, the European Championship, all these times I became a winner is significant. But still the last European championship I’ve participated in is the most memorable because nearly all my fights I finished before time. because nearly all my fights I finished before time. It wasn’t like the fights were only hard. It was about that I finished them before the time which means my shape was in really good condition. which means my shape was in really good condition. Currently I like Monika Ryzkovaite from our dojo SHODAN. Everyone thought that she’s a novice and she won’t show anything good in adults’ category. However, she proved that even novice can be strong and achieve a lot. As a matter of fact, I’ve never had motivation. I was just going with the flow. The one who really helped me was my coach, Lukas Kubilius, who sometimes pushed me very hard and was motivating me to do karate because I used to be lazy. Now I’m very thankful to him. When I had my first European championship I lost because I was thinking to myself that I can’t do it anymore Then I realized my mistake and during the next European championship I didn’t let myself give up and I found strength in me. This was the hardest moment for me. Don’t grab. Don’t clinch. Don’t hold and don’t run aroud, you run too much. Some time ago, there were comments like: “How can a girl do such sports?”, but now the majority understands that karate is not such a rough sport Actually I couldn’t say that I get lots of support because all children in the family were doing karate so for parents it was usual They say “Oh, first place in Lithuanian championship great job, girl!” and that’s it. I used to have a goal to participate in European championship, now I also want to participate and win First place, of course It’s not only for karate, it’s also for life. I also coach children So when they tell me: I can’t do it, that’s it, I don’t know how and I won’t do it. Then I give them the simple example. I ask them: When you were born did you know how to walk, how to write, read? Did you? What about now? You do. So I say, you can’t give up, all our lives we will have to learn something new I’ve been doing karate for 10 years What makes me different is my fast pace, determination, and, of course, optimism. The majority of karate fighters are anxious and afraid to go to fight on tatami. But rarely you can find those, who truly want to step in there, show what they can, and have a great time. I’m like that. That’s what I really want and strive in life. My first karate class was a total nightmare. Everything was very scary, I didn’t like it, the workout load was too hard, I cried, moaned. Little fidged girl, who loved blabbing. It was challenging, but with the time I started liking it and it became a big part of my life I’ve got accepted to national team for my karate merits I became a European champion multiple times. No wait, at first I became Lithuanian champion, and then I took 2nd place in European championship. Soon, I’ll try my hands at upcoming European Open Weight Championship where women for World Championship of 2019 will be selected. The best and most memorable achievement of mine is 3 times European champion in cadets and juniors age category. And of course 2nd place in EC of Adults’ category I was only 18 years old, I won 1st place in Lithuania, and then I went to Europe. It was a big challange Out of all karate athletes I would like to separate Inga Mikstaite, who numerous years in a row shows good results, and despite her age, her inspiration doesn’t go down and it’s not an obstacle for her. Vice versa, she keeps reaching her goals. In my life I definitely don’t lack motivation I find it for everything I need, and karate is one of those important life aspects As it’s said, there’s education, sports, job, and there’s karate It’s like a separate category in life, which takes place in my priority list The hardest is to fight with myself, with my emotions, before going on tatami. Even during the trainings, it seems like there’s no motivation, but once the training is over, the power comes back. Surely, karate gave me the basics of life All necessary qualities: positivity, temper, stubbornness, a desire to reach the goals. That’s what this sport gave me. Many years ago, when I was a little girl, everyone was saying “Such a little girl, karate is not good for you, you will get injured, it’s such a boyish sport.” But once people’ve started noticing that it’s my field, my calling, my motivation, that I’m succeeding and I’m enjoying it Of course, it’s not my livelihood or something, but it’s my hobby and people really support me. And, in general, all my karate achievements became my personal card in this wide world So, my goals for the future are to create a material well-being Establish an international company, maybe a karate dojo, nobody knows Successfully get a degree Create a beautiful family Travel lots, improve myself, and just simply be happy. Celebrate each moment of life. From the karate side, to get into the World Championship, which will take place very soon, in 2019. I’ve been doing karate for 16 years. Well, actually a bit more, 17 years. I differ from others because of persistence. From all of those who have started doing karate with me, back in Akmene, I’m the only one left who still continues the karate path I remember my first karate class, I came to meet my coach, but I was as a spectator in the first training Getting accepted into the Lithuanian national team means the evaluation of your hard work, a possibility to represent Lithuania, in general, it means a lot. The preparation is hard, but everything goes well as it was planned. I have good coaches, colleagues, it’s a pleasure to work and train with them. Good conditions. Everything goes well. As for achievements, I have a couple of significant ones. Two years ago I became European Open Weight champion, and this year I also became European champion with weight categories. So these are my highest achievements. One more memorable title is European champion in youth age category. It was something I wanted and strived for a lot back then. Jump on the heels On the heels, no no, exactly on the heels Better? My favourite of all times is Mindaugas Pavilionis He has finished his career already During my first Lithuanian Adults’ championship in the final fight I had to fight him. It was a really good feeling because since childhood I was watching his fights and supporting him. The most I liked his knockouts and technique. He was very technical and he had very powerful kicks. He is the most memorable to me. However, it’s not like I try to be like him, train like him, or use the same technique. I just liked watching his fights, for I found them motivating I arrived to Klaipeda for university. Me and coach Lukas were preparing for the World Championship but at that time I felt quite tired of this sport Then Lukas told me just to feel the pleasure and don’t stress things out. Trainings should be pleasurable. These words still help me a lot. Sometimes when I get tired and I don’t want to do it anymore, I tell to myself that there’s no point to force myself, I have to feel the pleasure and enjoy what I do My coach used to tell me that there’s no other place, just first. This phrase I remember best. So no matter how hard the tournament could be, we have to set the highest goals. The hardest is to overcome my own self, don’t show the others that I’m tired, and get the second breath. To do what my coach says at the end of the fight, when I’m extremely tired, it’s very hard. If I manage to do what my coach said, most of the times the result is positive I believe that my strongest ability is to have a conection with the coach and do what he says. It goes pretty well for me. It goes pretty well for me. Let’s say, when I’ not prepared enough, I can’t do what coach tells me to, and the result naturally comes out bad. If I’m in good shape, know the combinations well, I successfully do what my coach tells me So listening to the coach is what I’m best at No, I’ve never had serious traumas and hopefully I won’t In general, I get support from many people. Relatives and friends always support and praise me they are glad for me and my success. As for the future goals, the upcoming one is the World Championship. Well, the European Open Weight Championship is going to take place first, but still the most important is the World Championship in 2019. The goal is to take as high a place as possible. Pair up. The heavyweights above 85kg the furthest 75, 85kg in the middle. 65, 75 here Attention hurry up I was 6 or 7 years old, it happened in my primary school. We were excercising in the auditorium, with another coach and it was based on games and introduction to karate Because it’s not my first European Championship or let’s say high level tournament, I prepare like always: karate trainings, gym, and then separate work with myself, like jogging, and other endurance trainings. If I have to prepare for an important tournament, I put studies a bit to a side, but just a bit, but after all I try to catch up. I try to maintain the balance. From the women, I like Margarita Ciuplyte. I believe that she is our Lithuanian karate legend, not only Lithuania’s actually, because the technique she was demonstrating and physical preparation was amazing. And overall I like her as a personality too, she’s charming. Many memorable, good, and motivating phrases were said by my coach. Well, let’s say one of them is from the European Championship, when it was really hard for me, if I’m not mistaken, before the final fight. My coach told me “Do what you know the best”. That’s it. Run around. I think if you do something what you really love from the bottom of your heart and you have a particular goal, that motivation cannot disappear anywhere It might be hard sometimes, but it will always be But if you simply stopped enjoying what you do, then you should ask yourself, why am I still doing this? Extensions. Extensions are the hardest if the opponent is serious I think, especially kyokushin karate fighter’s main value is respect Respect not only to our coach, but also to our opponent This type of value karate fighters bring to the life During 15 years of doing sports, I heard many different opinions. I heard at school that it’s not a sport for a girl, just look at yourself, what are you doing? Look at your hands, your knuckles, and bruises. Actually, either I distanced myself from those people, or they have changed the opinion about it, but currently I get only support from friends and surrounding people, they’re happy for me and proud that they know me. The upcoming goal is to get accepted to the team to go to Tokyo SHODAN folks, remember that victory is achieved by hand SHODAN folks, sometimes it gets very hard and you are considering quiting karate, but don’t do that because only the strongest ones remain SHODAN folks, do what makes your soul happy SHODAN folks, never give up SHODAN folks, never give up SHODAN folks, karate is not a game, it’s a lifestyle SHODAN folks, never give up and go forward Champions are not born, they’re built The last message to SHODAN folks is, that the strong person is not the one who hits hard, it’s the one who gets up and puts a step forward I would like to share famous and legendry boxer’s Muhammad Ali phrase “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Follow victorious, purposeful, withstanding, karate path We’re fighters, we never give up I would rather motivate athlete’s parents, that they wouldn’t let children quit karate Never stop learning and improving Don’t give up and strive for your goals Work, Work hard, , fight smart and never give up Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph Never give up and go farther Don’t lie to your coach that you have a stomache-ake, go to training My dear karate SHODAN mates, stay motivated, highly dedicated, and remember, nothing is impossible

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