KLAIPEDA 2018 Lithuania Kyokushin Karate Motivation Training Camp

Edvinai, when were you born? 2005, that’s okey. This team goes jointly with our guests Go with Laura to the training. Now stand up the oldest guys from 2002 and older. Here will be 4 contests straight off. 1, 2, 3, 4. We will invite you, you have 7 minutes to warm up, perspire and stretch out everything. We are letting them out 4. 28,5 Jonauskas Matas Further Eimantas Kimenas 30 too? Of course, distance is perhaps a little bit different, but it should not then it means that you run slower 26,44 Have you lifted and how many? Good boy, ok, let’s go. Same weight, I cannot put more. Sorry You failed, sorry. Ok, take off. op, op, op Who is next? Oh, wait, who has already tried? Whom I said to try once more? Do you want to try once again? Ok, try to take off the weight let’s put the lock on, 10 is still on the next side? Yeah. Try to take off the weight a bit tidier. Do not throw, take off and lift it. Because that throwing damages everything. OK. Pick up how is comfortable for you, keep your legs strongly on the ground. Lift it, lift, lift, lift, lift… Good boy. One, but firm one. Hey, I am Tomas Andriukaitis, sports club STARTAS trainer. We were checking athletes relative power power of the compression. Results, certainly, can be better, but they are not bad. Simply, I believe that, enlarging the results with this or similar action, they would be better fighters. Karate does not require strength of pressure, when lying, however, enlarging the power, I believe that there would be less wrist trauma, hits would be more stronger. Of course, you mustn’t do till the end, till trembling, but you have to learn to lift the weight quickly and firmly, while exerting all the body. Klastaityte and Zvaginyte. Oh, Julia is here, then Julia and Klastaityte. Don’t hold your legs. Vitalijus, you have to jump over 2 meters. Lift up your heels. The line, the line, the line. Half of my group have to train respectively, majority have to train stamina. How possible to do less exercises in a gym or in training with heavy weights. In your case, testosterone plays for that embezzlement of nutritive would be optimal. Recovery time is already naturally good, but to upgrade it, you should use salt and omega. And we should talk about magnesium. Do somebody use magnesium? After training or in the evening to drink magnesium sulphate. So what we do? In a first place, this is not cramp prevention, this is nerve system barrier lift. What does it mean? It means, within training nerve system is the first, that gets tired, refuses to work. Then we starting to search resources, we drink water, drink something to make us feel uplifted, that would make our sugar level bigger, not our nerve system job. So drinking magnesium, in percent it is hard to tell, but about 5-7 percent your nerve system barrier would be higher, that means you could enlarge your training intensity. Ok. Good, I want to ask one question. How our heart is beating? Like this? Or like this? Correct, our heart is beating rhythmically. There is a rhythm. That’s why, when we are doing pressures, we are trying to do it with rhythm. And we have to try really hard. So the essence is… approximately a rhythm like this. And we are keeping that rhythm. In order to keep the rhythm, we have a song. That song is called ANT KALNO MŪRAI. So we are going to play that song and we together with this song rhythm going to listen and do it in the rhythm. You can also sing together. Yeah, there is also other songs, for example, Staying alive, we also can play it, but let’s start from lithuanian song. So, let’s play it, let’s prepare and get started Try to not make your arms jumping everywhere. Mhm… Good. Move away. Push it. Electric shock is granted. Then straight off continue the pressures. Then we do everything the same, there is same structure, 30 pressures and 2 blowing in. 30 pressures and 2 blowing in and electric shock will tell you, when do electric shock again. Thank you, Urte. So yeah, that is how electric shock looks like, maybe you have some questions? Yeah, you don’t need to buy anything, run into shop and just ask where is electric shock and run back to the person. There was saved many lives, just like this, for example, there was a man with a blue skirt, who was pointed out with bringing electric shock and he did it, and connected it to a person and saved a life.

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