KEDAINIAI 2018 Lithuanian Kyokushin Karate finals

First place – SHODAN, Klaipeda! -Osu
-Osu Dear guests, judges, coaches, and athletes Dear spectators Traditionally, in Kedainiai we are starting Junior’s CUP finals You after 5 or 10 years will be defending Lithuania’s honor in international tournaments You, I believe, will win and achieve results which will make everyone happy, those who’ve been supporting you on this karate kyokushin path I’m glad that in this tournament we have over 780 participants. I think, that you in this tournament will show the real kyokushin spirit, determination, and claim the victory I encourage spectators to support the fights that athletes would feel appreciated and would bring medals and diplomas back home. Osu. Laurynas, don’t push. Don’t push Don’t push, Laurynas, punch, punch You did everything right, you tried hard you did everything right. Well done. He hit your face, right? He hit your face many times that’s why he was warned, but you endured Goda! Goda! Where? She has to fight right now Pijus, 20sec. left It’s ending. Don’t go back. Harder Edas, precise punches Edas, kick! Use your legs! Hands now! I lost the final You lost the final? How did you lose? Lost the point? No, he was just stronger Oh physically stronger..? But no worries, it’s still final fight Actually, this brown belt wasn’t trying as hard as I expected Did you get afraid of the brown belt at first? Fingers crossed for Edas His opponent was that high but he still won Good job stronger punches Yey! Well done! Maksim, keep your hands up hands! Push forward, Maksim push forward and hands Everything was very well until you stopped protecting your head The entire fight was yours but your defense is not extremely good because you push him forward but your hands are down you had to win but you need to work on your defense a bit more. Don’t get upset everything is alright. High five Airidas Greta, 30 sec. left 10sec. Everything to the body protector, don’t push him, OK? don’t push, hit quickly straight to the body protector front kick and protect your head. That’s all you need and don’t worry about anything else Amelija, 20sec. Again Don’t worry about the result just do your job and that’s it and then we will go home all happy OK? Easy Don’t let him out of the corners work, work, go first, and don’t go back give pressure Very good, Gustas. Very good! I’ll take a look, but you wait for me here Head kick! Very good job, keep going Well done, Ugne But still the strategy was different. You get closer and throw a single uppercut What for? You have to throw multiple punches instead Keep your hands up, OK? Don’t forget to move jab, jab, jab shift your body to the back and kick. Double kick. Inside roundhouse kick front kick then switch to head kick Coach, can I do kicks? Yes, you can kick but not at the level of legs only to the body protector and in the head Where are they? Can’t see any of them Punch, not to push you were better than this girl so how did you lose? -I don’t know
-Did you lose the point? -One
-Ohh then it makes sense It never happens that they immediately take your points away It never happens If you get two warnings, you lose the most important point kick in the head, Elze The level of head High five. Everything is alright. Give me a hug don’t be bothered. You did great. Look, if you get kicked once, you can’t repeat the same combination -But my elbow hurts
-No no, all good, look, the wrong thing you’ve done was your punches are really great, but you were bouncing you cannot do that because it seems like you’re pushing you have to stand straight and do punches with extended arms. Then it will be perfect. You shouldn’t worry about it. Don’t say that she was very strong. She wasn’t. You agree, right? You know, that you are stronger, you know that The only thing you need to change is your punches trajectory I’m very proud of you and congratulations The fight was great. As for the next time try to defend more and use more of kicks. Double kicks perhaps Your opponent was really tough. You performed really well your fight was absolutely superb. Everything was excellent don’t go away, wait here, you may need to fight more I’ve seen your ambition to win. That’s how we do. Great job. If you’re trying to land a head kick you have to keep up the fast pace and don’t go back it means, you have to punch non-stop and bam! Throw a kick unexpectedly there’s no time for playing. The endings are the most important because judges most of the time evaluate the ending of the fight they might not even remember what you’ve done in the beginning but they always remember the ending So, everything’s gonna be alright Jab which follows a single kick. That’s not what we need you don’t work like this what about low standing? series of punches we need more quantity punch from the bottom That’s good, Airidas. Don’t go back Rotate your body. Rotate your body to the side Good, rotate. Hit right now Joris, fight use your hands Well, guys. Are you after Joris? I haven’t fought yet. OK, then we hope for the best I hope you will win. You’re a great and strong squad perspective karate fighters. You have to win Edvinas, don’t be upset. Everything’s gonna be alright You’re a great athlete. Sometimes we all lose. It happens. Edas, uppercut, throw powerful uppercuts one, two use your legs too. Last time you did a good kick There was one – one you understand, it was equal and judges have seen that one fighter is standing with confidence and another one is crying You have to be patient. Sometimes we get punches to the teeth, to the shoulder or arm, which is not allowed sometimes it happens, but we have to endure it’s not the reason to get anxious. Vice versa, you should get angry “Oh, you hit me, so now I’ll show you” Girls, don’t underestimate yourself, you’re not inferior and the belt rank does not show anything Austeja, you were leading the fight, your opponent didn’t do any damage for you Did she? She didn’t. You have to show your temper, don’t give up so easily. You lost the point, so what? Keep on fighting and don’t pay attention Try to get the lost point back. If you don’t manage to win this time, it’s OK, you will next time Austeja, when you lost the point the way you switched the strategy was really great if not this point you would be the winner for sure you were 100% better She was only running away from you. But you have to defend your head Dear girls, during the karate classes you work much harder The thing is you have to be friends after the fight only after the fight during the fight you stand for yourself once the time of the fight is over you give each other high five and that’s it Because when you think about your friend you lose your opportunities to win like “Nevermind, I won’t hurt her” Look, you have yellow strips you’ve been doing karate for the third year, right? these girls have been doing karate for over 5 or 6 years Do you get my point? You’re participating anyways and that’s marvelous Be more confident and brave You are being so bold all the time so show us here, how bold are you you come on tatami, loudly say “kiai” and let’s start this fight you beat them up and goodbye Victories come with the hard work. The more work you put in the more victories you will get. The most important is do your best First place.. SHODAN Klaipeda! Congratulations coaches, you were close. Maybe next year you will succeed Congrats, Darius Take a picture

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