HUNGARY 2018 Budapest Lithuania Karate Kyokushin European ADULT OPEN

Make it like… So that it would be good ones. And can bend a little bit, you know. Even though she is tall, you still can bend. You know. But so that we wouldn’t get warnings for that, you know. Well, if by accident you need, then you kick the abs from the bottom. You know, make it look good. You know, like that. Go to the bottom then, you know. Imagine, that you must work for 9 minutes. And you must think that you must work for 9 minutes. Because, for example, because in Japan, you know, as well, I think that the final is like that – they don’t check the weight. The same as in Britain. Well, alright, now there’s five. Yes, now there’s five, yeah, yeah, max is five, there won’t be more. Let’s check. Is everything alright? You can make it. You’re ready. Here. Very good! Feel the abs. Work. Whistle, whistle, work. Super! Super! That’s a good one! Once more, the same place. Opa! Lead to the side. Six and to the side. Good. Six and to the side! Come on, Skaiste, it’s your fight, do you understand? I don’t see you make the side. Like that. Start to make the ending now. You’re lagging behind, you’re lagging behind, Skaiste. Do it, Skaiste! Like that! Come on, come on! 40. Start up! Start up, Skaiste, a lot! A lot! With your hands, don’t jump! Like that! Nine! Faster! Like that, yeah! Like that! Work, work! Faster! Faster! Like that! Like that… It was not enough of work, right? But it’s okay. Did you feel the kicks? You didn’t feel it, damn, then you should’ve crawled on top. You felt her weight a little bit, did you? You got mad, did you? It’s alright. Even fight is also good, you know. But you could feel her superiority , you know. She made turns, something else. But you did answer only one by one. And your job is not visible, you know. Three kicks with a hand. Three kicks. To the legs. To the leg. You should’ve continued. Easy, easy, more, more, more. Now, now! Like that. Stick with a hand. Stick with a hand. Close him, close him. He should be the edge. He should be on the edge. Change your leg position and kick. Put yourself together. 20 left. Good, good. Knee! Continue with a knee! Continue with a knee. It’s good, good, good, good. Five! Four! Three! Didn’t you hurt your legs? Good. Fine. It’s alright. But they didn’t show, it’s alright. Because, if you wouldn’t make the end, you know, the score would be even. You should’ve made the short one inside kick with a knee. When you kick with an inside, with a knee. It was good when you kicked the leg, but you didn’t continue. You needed more deep ones. No, the warm up went good. Now we need to prepare for the next fight. First fight, you know, first fight, everything’s… And good. We now go to watch the next fight. Our future rival. The real one. We can stay here. What we have here is if you’ll have an even score, she’ll lose because of her weight. Straight away with your leg straight to the head. Turn straight one to the head with the leg. Like that. Work, work, work, work. Two from the bottom. Monika, two from the bottom. Don’t let her push you. Go forward, like that! More knees! To the side. Work, work, work, work! Like that! Super, Monika! Tear her apart now. The knee went inside. Don’t play around now. That’s it, you see, she’s dead broke. The bottom ones for her. Only the bottom. Ten, Monika! Like that. Good. Super. That’s a pity. The fight was won just like that. Just like that. There was some better things as well. I would understand, if she would work. Your arms higher. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, work. Work, easy. A good one from the bottom, prepare the good one from the bottom, like that. There was 5 seconds more left, you’ve heard a whistle, you cannot react to a whistle, they could stop you. I told you many times. Referee could jump up and say yame. But if they whistle, that’s nothing. You cannot do like that. You would have lost the last second. Good girl, very good. You have a chance to go to Japan, yes, you have a chance to go to Japan after this fight. Good, arms. Bend down. Close to the corner. Close. Move to the right, to the right. Good girl. Now work here. Very good. And the side ones. Like that. Aneta, from the bottom! Aneta, don’t do straight ones like Monika did. Don’t do like Monika did. Good, Aneta. Aneta, the bottom now, and your leg. You work very good, only go faster in the end, alright? You’ll need that. That can add you more points. Go faster a little bit. Look here. Look, do you know how you do now? You work, work. You push her to the corner and make an acceleration. Make it once, twice, alright? Good girl, everything’s alright. Well done, it was very beautiful. -You would win anyway.
-Now in the first fight there should be the bottom and legs. Look, Anetute, don’t do it like during the first time, please. You have like Monika. Your three kicks were somewhere here. Get it to your head, you have to watch. You cannot do it like that. You saw it yourself. You’ve almost lost out there. You cover here. Make sides straight away, yeah? And again, inside, inside. Outside was good. Try with a right one to the outside and inside so that that leg she stands on would hurt. Make it hurtful. I have to try to squat more. Yes, on the tips of your toes. You have to be low. Kick the abs. The abs! Like that, more. We made a deal that you work from the beginning and you come up and make… In the beginning you should’ve made the things you made in the end. From the beginning you should’ve kicked, hizo, hizo, crawled on top, and that’s it. You knock down, and that’s it. Now you’ve punched to legs. Who needs that? You knew it’ll be like that. You have to work. We spoke with you, that you must try to work. And you don’t work. Yes, I see. Fourty seventh. -Did you warm up?
-Good. Let’s go repeat how you work. With light in the beginning. And then you add more when you see it’s comfortable. Let’s try. Good one! A very good one. The bottom straight away. Liver, arm. Harder. More! The bottom. The side and the bottom. Super. Did you warm up a little bit? Yes, like that. But be relaxed. That’s why I made it so that you would be relaxed when you catch. Catch it easily. Catch it lively. Good. Like that. Like that. Yeah. Good! Move forward! More! More! Oba! That is good. Super! But you didn’t make the ending, you wouldn’t get it. Why didn’t you make the ending? Please. I shouted when it was 40 seconds. You should’ve made an ending. Did we need the additional time? You ‘ve lost it not because of weight, but because of work. You should’ve shown everything now, during the first time. We missed only one score. I saw that, and told you to make an ending. And you must make the ending. During the additional time, you didn’t have the strengths. But you could give all you have in there. It was not enough of fast movements. You missed only few powerful kicks. The barrier, right? Do you know? That’s it. Work. You can make a turnaround. In there, good. And turnaround. Right. Very good. Very good. Everything’s okay. Good. With emotions like that you can lose a fight. Everything’s alright. In there he could stumble the leg. You must evaluate that before he was falling himself out there, you know. Come on, don’t punch to the microphone. The microphone. Go to train on him. Easy like that, do you understand? Tranquility. Here, and here tense the muscles. Op, and excitement must go through your body. And kick with that excitement. Hit like electricity. Did you understand? The barrier. Smile. It will be easier. Do you understand? More, more, more, more, little by little. Arms, arms, arms, arms, arms harder. Like that, arms harder. I told you, work! Like that, more more, more, more, more. Now, now, kick back! I told you to kick back! Don’t grab, don’t grab! Good, good, good! Good! Good, good! Turn! Sit down. Didn’t you have enough strengths? Did you? What? It was not enough, you see. It was not enough endurance. Because, you see, he hits you to legs, and that’s it. And you should’ve kicked with arms. You should’ve taken advantage with arms. You don’t have enough endurance. The European youth and adult championship that took place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has ended. This year we have a really great results. We have won a golden medal, five silver medals and two bronze awards. All Shodan trainees have shown good fights, and were determined to win. We all are winners, because it is a truly great victory and a great honor to represent Lithuania’s team in a high level championship like this. I believe, that we will try harder, work more, and will strive for new heights in the karate school on the coast of the Baltic sea. Osu!

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