[English sub]: KUMITE U21, European WKO Shinkyokushinkai Karate 2018 Budapest, HUNGARY

Ievute, good girl, everything is very good. But look… The main thing is, you need to hold yourself together. You will not be able to knockout her with a leg. You can try to kick in the head. You can try to make it differently, try the knee, or something. It’s no use to kick her body, or leg when you are tired. Remember that. Yeah, because you’ve charged yourself. Recover, drink, very good. In the end it’s not enough to make three, make six One, two, three, one, two, three. And again, one, two, one, two, three. And you have an advantage straight away. But it was very good! Still I didn’t understand a little bit… but doesn’t matter Alright, alright. Now recover. Everything’s okay. It was hard. Harder than I thought it would be. But it was fun. I have knock downs, but… Now I’m very happy. Opa, good. Like that. Kick the head. Like that! Work with hands. Hands, legs, with knee, and add the head. Bottom, Monika, bottom, sides. With knee to the head. Kick. Good. Once more! Oba! -Opa, we have one.
-Work, work, more, more, more… It’s ending, Juliau, work! Work! -Work, like that!
-From the bottom. From the side, yeah. Stand up, stand up, Juliau, don’t move back. He pushes you, do you understand? And you hold that position. And he is falling like that. It was just not comfortable for him. So and you do your simple moves. Simple moves. -But it was…
-What? -When I’m tired, I cannot twist a good one. So I thought I would make it technically… -I understood, understood. You will take it yourself, alright, it’s here, yeah. It’s important that you make stretching. -Lower.
-Lower, so that’s very good. Look, You make your job with hands from the bottom. Kick body with a knee. And kick her head with a knee. Everything is easy, yeah. Just hold distance. Whichever is more comfortable, whichever is better for you. Just, here, to the abs, knee, inside leg. Abs, abs. Knee to the head! It’s important that she wouldn’t hit my leg. Then stretch it. Lay down. Stretch and move a little bit. -Well, then, I should do…
-You should use you knee, watch, make a knee. Go, from the bottom work with knees, with arms, with fists. I know. It’s alright. Knee. Knee to a head now. Hold your arms and eyes high. Very good! Super. Do it. Opa, good. Good. Use arms, arms, arms. Good. Bottom. Not enough arms, more arms, more arms. Opa! Good, good, good, good, a lot of arms. A minute. Everything’s alright. He showed the wrong flag. -Congratulations. Good girl.
-Did I win now?
-Yes, yes. -But I was ready to continue!
-No, no, no, he’s… Everything’s alright. Good girl. Look. Yes, but you should’ve punched, why did you stop? -I didn’t think.
-But you should punch! And the fight would end straight away. Yes. The fight would end, do you understand? Good girl, it’s good. That means you’ve caught a moment. You should work it through. And that’s it, right? Good girl. Now look. -But I won. Good one.
-In the end, Ievute, you slowed down. Did you feel it? It was not your tempo. You started a tempo, and did nothing. If you start a tempo, you must go on. Why didn’t… You just do it! And you’ll win straight away. But now you let it be like op, op, op, better, better, better, and then you give up for 10 seconds. You cannot give up in the end! We had an agreement. -Don’t shout, couch. I understand everything myself.
-We had an agreement that you cannot give up the endings. Stick up to the rule. One last step left. Your minus is your fists. You will beat anyone now. But your fists must be hard. Alright? You see, come up and make it like this. Try it. And you fists. Imagine like that. If you’ll not make it like that, I’ll give you 1 euro in each hand , and you’ll hold it the whole fight. Like that. In the end missed at least 5 kicks from the knee. -Well it’s alright.
-I’m telling, turn and move, turn and move. But he stopped and not working. -Then started to move more in the end.
-But he has good kicks.
-Good kicks. But he should’ve worked better. And that was because of his knee. -Was it good?
-It was very good. But one by one. Juliau, do you understand? When you came up, one, two, three, one. Came up. But three, two, not one. You came up, and hit! But you need three or four kicks. Two light, one good one. That good one was the bottom one. There was everything okay. It’s a first one. First one here. Kick the leg! Like that! Kick the same place once more. Like that, good. Opa! Kick a serial like that! Come closer! More. Thirty. Like that, good! Well done. Easy rule, Juliau, you must be a little bit better. Easy rule. It’s the same all the time. If you give, and think, it’s alright, and then you have it! You’re experienced, you know. So at least you must make an ending. Must be more active. You cannot wait for the prolong. -How many there are? Did everybody check?
-Three. And so it’s like that now. If you would make it smoother in the end You know, that doesn’t cost anything, at least 10 seconds. Climb up, 10 seconds, and then you can be calm. If it was about the same, climb up for 10. It only looks like that. I was trying all the time. Do you understand? You had 20 points. But I’m telling… Super, yeah. That’s a good one! That’s a good one! Good one. Knee. Your knee here. Look, knees, fists, fists and the chest. Good. Good. Arms high. Opa. And forward. Opa. Move towards me. Op. Why are you standing? Move towards me. That’s it. Let’s go. Lower. That’s so good! That’s so good! Like that! Arms, arms. Ieva, come on, come on, Ieva! That’s good. To the front, to the front! Push her. Push her, Laura. Like that! Hands. Don’t stop. Knee, knee. More. Once more. Too short. Yes. If he holds it like that, use straight one. Straight one. Like that! Very good. The one like, if you see him hold here, slowly. Make it light one here, like, you know, touch. Knee. Knee. Knee. Bend down, bend down. Bend down, twist, twist. Make it all the time. Don’t wait for me, don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t wait. Don’t wait. Good. Use lower ones. Laury, watch the bottom. And move around. Laury, Laury, Laury, Laury, Laury, Laury, Laury… Now. Now. He must end it now. End it or you lose. Work, work. He was pushed. With a weight, you know. Yes, if you compare the two techniques, and that, in the end, you know, one is pushing weigh of 150 and another one – of 100. And the one with 150, makes his opponent jump around and get tired. You know how that works. 70 percent of strength, but you hit like 100 percent. You see, the power is not the same, you know, you stand up. So it’s good that you can defend yourself. Otherwise, you know. You need to add more power, we have trouble here, you see. You know, I saw that you were thinking? You tried to stand up. That’s already good, it’s good. But, you see, you cannot stand up, hold yourself together, and just go. That job was already good. But you can have here, Laury. Here, here, here, you need to add everywhere.

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