Budapest 2018 HUNGARY KUMITE U16, Lithuania Kyokushin Karate

That’s it, you know, Vaidai, we’ve been waiting a lot of years for this day, now it’s our day, right? You must get started, prepare, and make everything, try not to make mistakes, and everything will be good, you know. Act smart. If you didn’t make something right by accident, go on fighting, we try to do our job, fight back, if we can. Watch your legs! From the bottom! Oba! Work, work, work, work, work, work… Work! Now! Work, like that! And again, and again, yeah. Like that, yeah! Don’t stand that close! You’ve almost got punched. You must work, work it through. Yes. I know. Urte, you’ll get tired. You’ll get tired. Wake up, wake up! Everything’s alright, it’s alright. Wake up, do you understand? Don’t think of what will happen to you. Do you understand? You start, show your fighter’s character. Be disposed. Try it one more time, watch. We have here, Urtele, vests. Don’t kick too strong. Alright? Everyone will get tired, your opponent also will get tired. It doesn’t matter. You’re smart, put together your endurance. Like in Lithuania’s championship, you prepare and go. There shouldn’t be a single thought in here, like ,,I will get tired, it will be hard, my feet got tired.” If you’ll think like that, it will be like that. If you’ll think that your legs are tired, it’ll be like that. You’ll fight, you’ll get tired, it will be like that. But your opponent will also get tired, she’s also worried. And you’ll see, once you get up there, everything will be alright. Like in every championship. Now it’s okay to be thrilled. Also first fights are harder, you know, it feels like you don’t have the strengths. But in here you have a character. Prepare, get started, if it gets hard, make it faster. And everything will be alright. Put on your smile. Let’s go. Go. Good. Go, go, go, good girl, super! Go, go, go, go, leg! Opa! Very good! Yes, work. Very good. Go, go. One more time with your knees. Faster! Like that! Urte, it’s ending! Your knee is good. With the back leg! With the back leg! Good one! Once more! One more time with chudan. More! Like that! Faster! Urte, use six, use six! Six! 3:2. Two was for you, three was for her. Because you let her. If you see her falling onto you, you also must become faster. You were more active, everything’s okay. But there should’ve been more fast punches. The hands were alright. But there was not enough chudan, not enough maya, the more hard ones. You get closer and push, push into corner. Fight through with chudan, shodan. Okay, relax. Smile. Everything’s alright. Kick the abs, harder. Harder to abs! Even more hard! Add the knee, add the knee. Was it hard? It wasn’t hard. You need to catch the head. You need to defend yourself. You’ve lost the first leg punch. Concentrate! It was an active fight, active hands, good. Relax your hands. And fast ending. If you can make it, punch a knee, a bit further, first, maya, then chudan. Work, work! Kristupai, one, two, three. One, two, three. Urte, stay close to me, because I’ve almost lost my voice, alright? You’ll come and shout, if needed, alright? Continue, continue, continue, continue. Fists. Fists – alright. Please, accelerate, accelerate. Stop, thank you. Six. Six. One, two, three. Squat. Six. Squat. Thank you. Side. Faster! Like that! It’s ending! To the front! Very good! First, first, first. First! Viktoria, you can! That’s it. Series! Ten, Vika, ten. First, first. Ten. Give it all you have, Vika! Give it all! Yeah, good! More, more, more. Faster! Good! Super! We have one more. How did you do that? You’ve defended yourself. Oh, with the knee, right? -Was she strong? -I wouldn’t say so. You’re a good girl, because you agreed to fight. Others wouldn’t even try. Calm down, relax a bit. -You know, you could’ve turn straight away, could you?
-I forgot. Do you remember how did we agree? Twist, twist. For me that’s it, you know, I cannot shout anymore. I have lost my voice. I ask a person next to me, you know, and that’s it. Act smart. Use chudan, kushin-ryu. Kick the head a bit from a distance. Alright? Come on, come on. Tell yourself you can do it, come on. That’s a good one. Just don’t move back, don’t move back. Good, good. Twist, twist. We have a chest. We have a chest. Work, work. It’s ending! We will win, we will win. Good. Super. It’s easy. It’s exactly the same, do you understand? You must twist, so that she doesn’t lift up her right leg. Her left leg. You must twist to that leg, so that she isn’t able to lift it. Come up, I’ll show you. Your arm – kos. Remember, your fist – here. Let’s go. Twist it. Kick, kick. Kick! Easy, easy, easy, good girl. Like that, yeah! If they whistle, that means they’ll give a warning. You’ll mess up the fight. Hold your fist all the time. Kick with a knee. Do you remember how did I teach you? So better do it with a short series of kicks. To the other side, to the other side. Like that. That’s good. Chudan, chudan, chudan! It’s ending! 20 seconds! The end! The end! The end! Did we win? Vikute, there was a good chance for you. Why did you feel sorry for her when she fell down? Why did you feel sorry? Vikute, there was a present for you, saying:,,Vika, please.” You didn’t use your potential. You must use it. It’s a championships here. You must go to your fullest, don’t save it. The results are the main thing. And that’s it. No one is interested in what you can. You must show that you can. Two fights are left. There was a semi final. It turns out they let that one to fight. Yes, yes, yes, semi fial. Recover, drink a little bit. Forget about your leg. If it will be needed, endure the pain. You’re a man. It can hurt a bit. But it’s important not to stop. Endure, work, and you’ll be first. That’s it. Ten. Ten. Once more… once more… once more… once more. Kick the abs. It’s ending. Once more, once more! Once more, once more, Edva! Harder! Well done. Congratulations. Get ready for the final. Don’t rush forward if they’ll ask to. You stand up. And kick from the distance. With your jumps. Better kick the head… It’s all clear now. Well done! You’re the man! Yes.

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