I wish the fights to go well for everyone for them to be expressive, strong And that the occurrence of accidents would be minimal So that each and one of you would come back with a smile and satisfied osu show the charisma, you have to go to the final! Nothing’s lost yet, everything’s okay! Concentrate! Are you a champion or what? Believe in yourself What’s the meaning of this? You have to get angry! You have to be alive! Where’s the “kyay” ? You have to get a little mad! Strike more Chudan Mawashi, hands strong! Show the charisma! You have to show it now not tomorrow! Now that’s some character! Take the champion’s name! Without any breaks! Arnai, work more with your hands! That was a good hit! Good, very good! You had to block him now! Very good low blow, Arnai! Do a good series of blows, Pauliau Yes, break out from him, come closer to him then, very good! Plus the knee blow, a little faster now regroup Circle around him, go to the side Move to the side! Good girl, and do a good series of blows! Not just any kind, but a good one! Give your whole strength please Masha! I felt like in some kind of a coma You turn on the autopilot right? I just have to try to turn on my thinking Yes but you see, You notice that you can’t do it You have to be like this: put on a smile, just like that you start all over again Strong hands, Vytai! Work stronger on the core and go forward! Go forward and don’t stop until the referee doesn’t stop you Vytai, don’t wait! If there’s a distance you put your hands up at once! If you see that you can’t raise your leg anymore, then don’t All your blows went to the shoulders You have strong hands, concentrate on working especially at the end How did you do, Aiste? It was okay, i knocked her out pretty quickly You won right? Yes
Oh good job! You shouldn’t have lost so much weight! I didn’t eat anything for four days Yes, and answer the same! Make a good blow to the inner leg! To the inner leg, how long are we gonna work on this, Jule! More! And don’t let her go! Yes just like that and from the low! Yes, that was a good one! The hands!
You did good, you did so good! Good girl that was your best fight i’ve ever seen Your contestant is a prize winner and strong and you did a good job! Really it was a spectacular fight! 10 seconds left!! Strike to the head now, Ginte! To the head out of the precipitation! 3 seconds left, faster!! Yes, very good, super!! Show that you’re hitting to the leg and hit to the head Daria! Show to the leg! Show to the leg don’t let the leg go! Why don’t you do a double hit to the head? We worked so long on this, just do it! Oh that’s very good! Super good girl! They didn’t count the Wazari because you hit the face a little So why did i win? Because you were so much better, kicked her legs in And she didn’t do much just kept bending over Congratulations, Daria, you’re a Lithuania’s champion Very good girl Welcome to Prague Thank you Everything’s okay!

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