新極真会, 空手, BEST OF Karate Kyokushin IPPON CUP 2019 Vilnius

Hello everybody! Sportsmen, parents, viewers and coaches. It’s a great joy to see so many participants and various clubs who are ready to fight for the champion title and to show their technical and physical preparation Today is a special day to everyone who has come to this huge event. We are very happy that more and more people participate This year, for the first time, there are over 1000 participates in the “Ippon Cup” tournament Repeat that mawashi one more time! Meira, hold your hands lower! You will collect a lot of warnings Hit lower, make more higher “wazari”! The next time you punch don’t punch so high, try to punch in the middle Because when you aim to the face you can get a warning which is not good too. But all in all you fought very good, you fought until the end, you were great, don’t be sad. Work more with your hands Fudo Dachi, you have to show that you’re not in pain, you understand? Stand straight And don’t let it show on your face, the face must be calm. Nothing hurts, everything’s alright, you understand? You were super, you did everything alright. It was a bit of a matter of luck The hands sunk a little and a hit to the head slipped. But you were great, you went there and did everything you had to do you listened to me, you did what i asked which is very important – not everybody listens But you listened and you did everything, you’re great! You were really better, but you keep pushing! Why do you keep pushing? You go forward! You can do that later with your hands like this! Everything’s alright, we’ll work on it during our workout You won that one fight very beautifully but you needed to raise your legs more Maya Geri first! Good! Stand straight! And hit with the leg quickly! Be near her, work with your hands! Move to the side, very great! Work with your hands steady! Mija work more with your hands! Mija, it’s the finish, a few more seconds left! Yes that’s very good, move to the side a little! Go first, go forward! Don’t move back, why are you doing that? Keep moving forward! Not a step back Go forward Isabelle! Yes that’s it! Good girl! Keep working, nothing happened! You did everything alright, you scored a Wazari two times But the second one didn’t count Did you hear me? I said to hold your hands higher, they were always like this for you How many times you almost got hit? Why did you turn back? You had to go forward with punches But everything’s alright, good girl. You did everything very good Do you know how to do a double kick? Okay so when i tell you “to the head” you should hit to the head When i will tell you to push, you should move forward with your hands okay? But most importantly protect your head okay? Very good Anete, work more with your hands! Very good, very good! More hands! Stronger, stronger! More punches, Anete! 15 seconds left! Over-push! Continue the effort you did before More hands! More accurate! Don’t turn back! 5 seconds! Punch stronger, from the lower point! Good girl, very great! Stand straight! You didn’t punch accurately, That acceleration was very good But you started to punch slowly and without any aim But good girl, you worked very well. It was 2/3 You would’ve won but you got a warning, you lost just because of the warning You did very well! You suffered a lot already and you fought very well But you didn’t move enough you tried to do what i told you not to you see what happens, she’s heavier, she has a bigger mass it’s enough for her to raise her leg and you get knocked down You need to move more, you were lighter and quicker than her you would’ve moved more, she wouldn’t have landed that hit, but everything’s alright take a deep breath Your job will be, He will try to move more and move you out your job is to pressure him and not let him move you out But don’t forget if you want to win you have to make more hits than him You got that? Give me a high five! Steady your hands! Adai, steady your hands! Defend yourself from the punches! Adai work! Don’t let him go now! Turn to the right side! Work with your hands, very good! Don’t be sad, everything’s alright! You were very great, you did really well Next time will be better You needed to pressure him more, and hold your hands higher Don’t get sad everything’s okay Hands higher! Stand more solid! Punch lower! Work work! Pressure him! Very good! That’s it you’ve won! Good boy! Stand straight, Osu! you’ve won the fight Super! Don’t run off, there will be a next fight I fought the third one already Already the third one? Then that’s it you’ve won the first place Wow how fast! Congratulations It’s dirty here!
I know And for you as well- ah i tricked you! You see you’re not used to this yet Today i had a tournament I won… three fights First fight because the opponent didn’t come at all the second one because… i scored a Wazari The third fight i scored 3 Wazari Well that’s how it ended i became a champion i would like to wish.. for the little ones to have higher belts medals and especially Strength and to become champions

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