新極真会, 空手, BEST OF Karate Kyokushin 2019 KEDAINIAI

– What belt ? – It doesn’t matter. Don’t look at the belt.
– Fine. – Inside you have a black belt. – what if I lose ?
– nothing, just you will go home on foot. – don’t think about defeat. – Tautvydai – you have very strong left hand and very strong legs – so I don’t know who must to happen, that you lose – you work very good. – you come here to become Lithuanian champon – and now you should think about it. – don’t think about what will happen if you lose – You must win. – If you don’t, I will tell you what to do. – but you don’t lose – I know you’re going to be a champion today – And believe in yourself – Congratulate the young athletes – judges and viewers – who gathered in the Lithuanian karate kyokushin championship – in this hole – has started a sports career – not only the current Lithuanian and European championship prize winer and chamion. – I do believe that from you – after five or ten years – will grow athletes who will defend Lithuania’s honor – who will start at european and world championships – here are the first starts, but they are very important. – they create the beginning – to your skills, to your readiness, to your willingness – I wish everyone – good starts – successful performances in this
Lithuanian Championship – and I hope that
will not be those who will be disappointed – so one more time, thanks to organizers – thanks to the owners of this hall – and I wish for everyone good start. OSU – how did you succeed? – well done, I won third place – I congratulate you – now you was fast, do it again – yes Artemijau, it is difficult, but nothing you will learn – weighed? – mom wrote that weighs 32 kg – weighed the child?
– yes. – now ?
– yes. – you are super strong and I don’t think that someone are stronger than you – do not be afraid – maybe you feel punches, answer strongly – because your punches are also very strong – I have to fight with Kamile
– That’s great – See how many fights you have won – high five! Deimante you are good girl. – work like in training, mainly defend your head – work with hand and kick “mawashi” into the protective vest – good defence – attitude – becouse you know, if not you, he will win – you have to work first – only 30 sekonds left, most importantly keep hands near the head and that’s it, you win. – you have to achieve semifinal – you need to fight only one time, while another girl has to fight two times – Gertrūda – do now what we were training – immediately ” Mae geri” or head
– yes – double kick, just try – because he will defend from one kick, but not from double – do it, ok ? – hold your hands hight – move around same as in training – run and do ” mawashi geri jodan or chudan” – hit strong with your hands he will scare, and than do ”mawashi geri jodan” -ok ?
– yes – but also defend your head – punch very hard – opa – bam – you win – was it hard ? tired ? – few times he hit me in my ass – this is an unacceptable blow – who we are ? who we are ? SHODAN

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