Shiva – Full Episode 54 – The Arrogant Kung Fu Fighter

Wow! We’ll go to watch the Kung
Fu championship match on Sunday. Yes. Of course. I know this fighter, Sabu. He is representing Vedas city. Come on. Let us observe
him practising. We’ll get a lot to
learn from him. You all won’t believe it. Some goons surrounded Sabu once. His life was in danger. I arrived there suddenly. I beat the goons black and
blue and they escaped. They never really take me seriously. Wow! Sabu is a dangerous fighter. We’ll have to fix him. Otherwise winning this championship
will be difficult for me. Boss… we will fix him very nicely. Wow, sir. You’re an amazing fighter. Kids, what are you doing here?
Go from here. Do not disturb me. Let me practice. Sorry, sir. We just wished
to see you practising… and learn from it. I didn’t open any training school.
Leave now. He’s quite arrogant. Leave my sir. They abducted Sabu. Come on. We’ll have to save him. Hey, kid. Who are you? Why did you interrupt me? Do no refer to me as a kid, uncle. Shiva. My name is Shiva. Catch him. Oh God! Run. These goons were abducting you. Yes. Shiva saved you. No one can save me. People fear me. Those goons observed me
getting out of the sack… so they left out of fear.
Now that’s Sabu. They knew, I’ll hit them
a lot if I come out. I know, how to release
myself from the sack. Why are you all after me? Come on. Go to your house. I wished to punch him so hard. Arrogant man! Shiva! Why are you wasting your time? Karate is not going to help you. Music will help you
in the near future. Sa re… Ga… Hey, what are you doing? Your singing is so influential… that everything really
goes in the air. I am helpless. IS it? Then enjoy it more. No. It seems, he has diluted
something in Sabu’s drink. Sir, do not drink that water. Something is mixed in it. Do not drink water. Hey! You all are back again. Go from here. Why do you disturb me? No. Bring him in senses. Get up. Get up. They escaped again. They were supposed to. I am enough for 20 people. Sir, your life is in danger. They often come to abduct you. They don’t wish you to
participate in the championship. My life is in danger! My life is in danger! Hey, you kids are still here. Why are you after me?
Just go from here. What were you thinking? The same that you were thinking. Even I was thinking the same. I wish this was the reality.
– What? Nothing, uncle. We can’t do what we think. So it is worthless to share it. Forget that. Concentrate on yourself. There is someone who doesn’t want you
to participate in the championship. You need protection. I do not need any protection. In fact, I protect people. Now just go from here. You’re secretly learning
my techniques. Go. Hmm. If someone abducts him… then no one would
represent Vedas city. And we will not win the Kung
Fu championship trophy. No issues. I will go
in another disguise. And give him protection. All of you do not worry. Laddu Singh is famous
for his smartness. It seems, this goon is after me. Hey, stop. Let me teach
him a lesson now. He seems to have left. Why are you beating me? Why are you beating me? I am the inspector. Inspector! You’ll become the
commissioner in some time. Let me honour you first. Hey! Hey! Leave me. Leave me. Stop. Stop. Trust me. I am an inspector. Stop. He is really
inspector Laddu Singh. So you positioned
Laddu Singh after me. Yes. Because you need protection. Goons are after you. It does not matter. Sabu is one man army. All of you do not worry. I will win this championship. Let the goons try as
much as they wish. But no one can harm me. Who is this kid? He ruins our plan every time. Do not refer to him as a kid, boss. He can beat 10 people like us. We’ll deal with Sabu later. Catch the kid first. The goons could not
abduct Sabu till now. Let the championship
get concluded today. It’ll be real fun
if Sabu wins it. Right. He is arrogant. But it is about the
pride of Vedas city. Shiva! Shiva! Where are you abducting Shiva? Shiva!
– What will happen now? This must be those goons’ conspiracy. Shiva has ruined all their efforts. And so they have abducted
Shiva this time. They surely transported Shiva
at the championship venue. Let us help Shiva. You’re habituated to
interrupt in others affairs. Now you’ll be locked here… …until the championship
gets concluded. Hello, Reva. I am locked in the
tower of the old fort. The championship is held in this fort. Which tower are you in? The fort has four towers. Hang on. Yes, Shiva. I saw you. Don’t worry. We’ll
throw a rope somehow. Just use it to come down. Okay, Reva. Thanks. No sorry, no thanks. Remember? Okay. Let us begin with the
Kung Fu championship. The first competition of the
championship is held between… Scarface and Venus
city’s fighter, Rocky. The next fight has… …Vedas city’s fighter, Sabu. And Brahma city’s fighter, Shera. How can we throw this
rope at such a height? There was such a situation
in the village. I tied the rope in an arrow… and threw it with such a force that… A bow and an arrow…
– Yes. Yes. Very good idea. Let us see who wins between… Scarface and Vinder
city’s champion, Virat? And in the semi-final round… Vedas city champion Sabu. And Grantha city fighter Aero. Who will win? Adi, everything depends on you. You bore us a lot by
your own appreciation. Today, it is about your dignity. Adi!
– Yay! You have done it. I can’t believe, you did it. Hey, come back. Otherwise I will
untie the knot and you’ll fall down. Sorry, uncle. I don’t
intend to come back. Bye. Hey! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva, hurry up. The championship has begun. What happened to him? We’ll have to listen to him… for 100 years for what he did today. Hurry up now. The finalists are… Scarface and Sabu. Come on.
– Come on. Scarface!
– Sabu! We arrived at the right time. Now is the final fight. Wow! It will be fun. Come on.
– Come on. Sabu!
– Sabu! Yay! I win. He fainted out of fear
without fighting with me. This is cheating. He’s
been made unconscious. Laddu Singh, tell us. Was the
same done before as well? Yes. The same was tried twice. And this is cheating. But you have no proof for the same. If someone wishes to
represent Vedas city… …then I can give him a chance. But if no one competes… then Scarface will be the winner. Shiva will represent Vedas city. Adi, what did you do? It is about Vedas city’s dignity. Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Kid, I have heard a lot about you. Come on and fight with me. Do not refer to me as a kid, uncle. Shiva. My name is Shiva. This is amazing. Such a small lad will fight Scarface. No issues. I can see, he can fight. Let the competition begin. Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva!
– Very good, Shiva! I wish to honour Shiva
with the trophy. Shiva!
– Shiva! Shiva has taught me about humanity. A person must never be
egoistic about his talent. Such a small lad fights so nicely. But he is not at all egoistic. He is down-to-earth. He saved me from being
abducted a few times. But I never admitted the
same out of my ego. That he can save me… …and I asked him to leave
instead of being grateful. I think, we all must
learn a lot from Shiva. Thank you, Shiva.

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