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hey hey what’s going on what’s going on
what’s going on coin op TV subscribers Robert Welkner live streaming on my youtube channel slash CoinOpTV
doing a video talking about some kung fu movies from the 70s and the early 80s
from a company called Shaw Brothers which I pretty much grew up on these
movies as a kid watching the Saturday matinees kung-fu movies and stuff like
that and I just got a press release talking about how twitch is going to
stream 44 of these movies coming up here in a February which is exciting news now
here’s here’s a little thumbnail I grabbed I have about 50 kung fu movie
DVDs and blu-rays from the Shaw Brothers collection so um I come to you with the
truth the hood the word on the street from the horse’s mouth or from a real
fanboy that I’m excited about this that’s which TV is gonna livestream a
whole bunch of 4044 actually full length movies and the Sharma brothers
collections so here’s here’s the information I got the press release here
so it’s gamma-ray and celestial pictures announced that they’re bringing 44
full-length features from the Shaw Brothers extensive library of kung fu
movies it’s a twitch TV you know Shar brothers had made over like 700 movies
martial art movies and fantasy movies and some like that I haven’t seen them
all I think I might have seen about 100 200 most of the ones I stick with are
the Chang Cheh ones I like him the best as a director so the I’ll leave this
information so this information in the description below when the video
archives would all be on slash gamma ray underscore TVs twitch channel
so that’s cool so the marathon will be from Monday February 4th through Friday
February 8th 2019 so so that’s cool you get to watch a bunch of old kung fu
movies and then after the marathon ends they’ll be doing double feature nights
on Thursdays and Fridays at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Coast time for four weeks so if
you miss out on the run of things you’ll be able to catch up
there so so so far in this press release they announced three movies and I was
able to watch the trailer so I could see that there’s a few more movies out there
so one of them is King the boxer aka five fingers of death which is from 1972
martial arts film directed by Gian Chang kiha I’m not sure if I’m saying that
right so I’m pretty sure I’ve seen King boxer it’s just kind of escaping me I
don’t think I have that one on DVD or bluray but one that I do have which is
which is a classic which is which is the one that every kung-fu fan needs to see
is the five deadly venoms also known as five Venom’s I have it actually on
blu-ray so this and this is Fung from celestial pictures there yeah it says on
the back of cult classic yes so if you’ve never seen the five deadly venoms
this is a good starting point it kind of introduced the venom mob which is each
of the characters the like the snake and the scorpion and all the different Kung
Fu characters in in there and then the venom mob as we sort of called them went
on to being numerous other martial arts movies for sharper other Studios but
this was kind of like the early first one I’m not sure if it was actually the
first one but it’s definitely one of the early ones that really gained notoriety
it’s got a kind of a murder mystery to it it’s got a pretty hectic plot it’s
got some really great kung-fu and cinematic stuff happening so so five
deadly venoms also known as the Venom’s is from 1978 Hong Kong martial arts film
directed by Chang Cheh starring their venom mob so I’m not sure what day
that’ll be airing but hopefully that’s like the first day to kind of like hook
hook everybody in and then sort of the the somewhat sequel but not really the
return of the five deadly venoms aka crippled Avengers is is another one
that’s gonna air so crippled Avengers was from 1978 as well char brothers
kung-fu same director Chang Cheh and also stars for members of
the venom mob and this this one if the title isn’t obvious about crippled
Avengers some stuff goes down and you know people people get harmed and they
get messed up and they have to learn kung-fu had a fight kung-fu you know in
there crippled Avengers state of mind or you know but so there’s those three that
they’ve sort of announced I don’t know if these are gonna be cut or uncut some
of these sharp brothers movies they were bloody and gory and people got stabbed
by Spears and then rip it out and be like blood shooting everywhere I’ll be
curious to see if these are actually the uncut versions that they’re gonna stream
on Twitch or not another thing my press release doesn’t say whether or not these
are gonna be dubbed English dub or the original language the English subtitles
but I did get to watch the little promotional trailer and in that trailer
it looks like they’re all dubbed which i think is good because i think when you
go to these 70s kung fu movies you kind of want to go for the action and even
though the dubbing is a little silly you know of course the lips aren’t matching
up to the the speaking there but you’re kind of there for the action in the
fighting you know the story kind of takes a little bit of a backseat and the
drama and the acting it’s more kind of for the the action and a lot of people
kind of accept that and go with it so so that’s that’s cool now in the trailer
the trees are it sees a trail that I saw it looks like they’re also gonna include
this 36 chambers of Shaolin which of course that this is another legendary
movie if you’re ever looking for a good starting place for 70s char Brothers
kung fu movies the 36 chambers of Shaolin is excellent and the five deadly
venoms are out of the two starting points here speaking of gory stuff the
five elemental ninjas I hope this is one of the ones that’s on the list there’s a
I think a couple of venom mob guys in here see they would put their their
pictures on there when they were releasing these this is a great one here
it’s pretty much like the the Chinese kung fu versus the Japanese ninjutsu you
know sort of a tale of the east versus west side clashing they’re some of the
other ones I hope they do is gently was in Shaolin
temple this is a classic one of the early Jet Li movies also from Shaw
Brothers I think this is from Shaw Brothers Shh
I’m pretty sure this shirt was like a double check on that but return a master
killer and this is aka returned to the 36 chambers this is a good one as well
Gordon Gordon Liu he was in a lot of the classic ones you might have seen him in
a lot of movies is kind of like the Shaolin monk the bald head doing a lot
of those some some ones he had kind of hair in it hair none but mostly had kind
of the ball to the bald head there I see how people jump into chat let me quickly
get my video up here so I can give some shout outs see if there’s any questions
there hey GP games is a chat what up what up here’s another one that’s great
Shaolin martial arts so one of the shall the sharp brothers players
Alexander for Shang I believe is his you know name or there we go for Shane
Gordon Liu he’s another one that guys that I like a lot is Gordon and I’m been
a mob and Alexander those were kind of like the the great trifecta I guess T
lung would be like another great one here’s Shaolin Avengers that’s another
great one there there’s Alexander and Chi Quan Chung again I don’t know if I’m
saying these names right it’s been quite a while since I’ve I’ve said a lot of
these names out loud this is aka the invincible kung fu
brothers this is a good one I hope I I don’t know if they’re streaming these
I’m just saying I hope they do here’s another one with some of the venom mob
the kid with the Golden Arm this is uh this is kind of like another intrigue
and suspense with lots of kung fu fighting and starring the Venom’s there
you go the films of the venom mob a lot of these DVDs you know you can get like
cheap used online Amazon I don’t know eBay I go to Amoeba Records in Los
Angeles and I pick them up here’s a great one invincible Shaolin I don’t
know if they’re gonna show this one but this would be great to see these are all
from like the 70s some of them might be from the early eighties there’s a couple
of the venoms so here would be like the venom mob on the the advertisement there
so when you saw these and you know video stores you’d be like oh it’s got you
know it’s got the snake and the toad you know they each have sort of their own
little nicknames to them here’s one that I hope that they they’ve put up the flag
of army though sorry the flag of iron so I’m reading sideways looking at chat and
everything like that getting some these things mixed up but flag of iron this is
also by Chang Cheh director and basically if you’ve seen this one they
got these basically these big flags there you go on the cover and the
kung-fu guys kind of all use those and yoonah fits in and they’re they’re kind
of like swipe people knock them down and stab them and toss them and and
everything GB game says I love old kung fu movies yes so oh people in the live
stream right now I don’t know how many gamers are into these kung fu movies but
it is twitch there are some big gaming Network and I am a big fan of 70s and
80s kung fu martial arts movies even new stuff now you know I mean there’s
there’s loves current martial arts and kung fu movies things gently and you
know kind of eighties nineties we a Jackie Chan a big fan of all of those so
just want to jump on give a shout out again if you missed the beginning it’s
44 full-length char brothers kung fu movies coming to be live stream for a
week on twitch TV on the gamma ray channel I’ll put a link to that in the
description below so check that out if you have any recommendations for any
your favorite char brothers kung fu movies let me know in the comments below
thanks so much for watching for coin-op TV we’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Bruce Lee at shaw brother s and golden harvest studio s he did the best The Blind Swordsman Ancient traditional warrior photo shoot s took between 1972-1973 his last visit March 30th 73 fan fair

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