Shaolin Wing Chun – 30 ans dans la Voie du Kung Fu – Malcolm St Pierre

Thirty Years of Kung Fu Social worker, research manager and anthropologist The Father: Malcolm St-Pierre When I turned 25 I decided that by age 30 I would practice some sport in order to avoid gaining weight and to maintain my flexibility. Many friends suggested I practice Wing Chun because it is a close-combat martial art. It was luck that my ex-Sifu crossed with the nephew and niece of the GM that lived in our neighbourhood. I then met with the GM and he initiated me to traditional Wing Chun. It was very different from modern Wing Chun. It changed my life under many aspects. Of course in terms of health. Practicing Kung Fu corrected my posture. It protected me against back pain and injuries. Kung Fu allows me to age while staying flexible. It is a beautiful activity I can practice daily. I get older but I stay healthy. It also helps to build self-esteem through techniques of self-defense and discipline, both mandatory to surpass oneself. Also, the philosophy of Kung Fu taught me more than any other philosophical branch. For instance it taught me a lot about Man’s place in the Universe, to adequatly identify fundamental questions like the essence of life and death. To understand dynamics of the Universe like the interaction between the Yin and the Yang or the five elements. It helped me to know myself better. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to excel. It also brought me to aim for higher spiritual goals. Only a real traditional school may offer all these components: health, self-defense, the martial art itself and its philosophy and science. Most importantly I conveyed this passion to my eldest son Guillaume who surpassed me in Kung Fu and who will surely continue to practice for years to come. It brings great satisfaction to I and the family.

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