Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Long Fist Moves 1-6

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Expert
Village. I’m Bruce Wen and in this segment, I’m going to be showing you one of the beautiful
form of Shaolin called Shaolin Long Fist. First, I’m going to show you movements 1-6
from the Shaolin Long Fist. Stand straight. Bow. One, two, three, four, five, six. Okay,
good. Let’s go again. Stand straight. Bow. Take a left, shoulder width. Clasp both hands.
Inhale. Exhale. Clench your hands, look to your left. Okay your right hand, your left
hand go to your right, circle it. Your left leg steps forward. Your right leg steps to
your left leg, go down, look to your left, look to your right. Step forward with your
right, cross your hands, flex out, looking at your palm and the other hand in your hip.
Now your right hand going to go to your hip, your left hand’s going to go to your left
toes. Now you’re going to bring this leg up, now you’re going to hop, okay. Now you’re
going to turn your hands, turn, down, okay look toward your right. Ladies and gentlemen,
this concludes this section.

22 thoughts on “Shaolin Little Red Boxing & Long Fist Forms : Kung Fu Long Fist Moves 1-6

  1. Yes this form is one of my favorites. I am working on developing my own complete style revolving around a few of the "72 arts of shaolin" that i learned and the basic 10 hand forms of shaolin, but at the same time I want it to be very practical for real combat. it's funny that i like gong fu and my name is Bruce Webb, Bruce Lee and now this nice monk Bruce Wen ^_^

  2. @TheNoobGuy1995
    this is a form called tai zu quan (太祖長拳). i guess you could call it a division of long fist, but it is definitely not something you see in contemporary wushu.

  3. these martial arts techniques are exercises and steps to be strong and the highest level of shaolin kung fu or any other martial arts is using these forms(katas) in fight and the highest level mastered is the one who knows when and how to use these steps just like the heroes or fighters what you guys watch in movies

  4. Thank you! In response to the comments I THINK wushu was developed for competition to impress judges. This looks like (if I may be so humble)  traditional Shaolin. Thanks again.

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