Another thing, that’s important to recognize is if you make many punches your arm should never be completely stretched out, because you put very much force into your arm into the the acceleration movement and if you then stop and your arm is fully stretched out all of the force created goes right into your joint, into your elbow and if you make very many punches this can actually hurt you and ruin your your elbow. So a simple thing to prevent this is to never stretch your arm is completely out so What does this do? You stop nearly before arm is stretched out and catch the whole Force with your muscles The muscles can take it the joint can’t . This is how you prevent you from hurting yourself with the punch. Also make sure that the force comes out of your body, if you go slightly into your knees and turn your whole body especially your hips it are hips that make the whole Movement and make the whole force of the punch. So go slightly into your knees, go into stance, you push your whole body with your hips and then transform the force into a force in your fist. With this your punch becomes faster and more powerful like this So now try it out several times and see how it goes. Also in all techniques of wushu the force of the first comes out of the body. So if we are in mabu stance and then go into gong bu stance we also take the rotation of our body to move the force into our fists like this That was my tutorial for how to punch correctly. I hope you enjoyed it, and we’ll see you next time

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