And one of the biggest weapon that traded
is the Kwan Dao which also known as the Spring Autumn Knife. Okay, now I’m going to talk
a little bit about the Stick. The Stick is one of the oldest form of Shaolin. Cause in
the past when people use to go to battles, they use their Martial Art Skill and Stick
is most common because you could basically pick about, pick a one from anywhere that
you go to. Sword is also a very important skill that you’re supposed to have. So basically
in the past when people go to battles, wars, people use a sword. It is close like hammer.
So sword is important for killing too in the past when people fight for the dynasty. The
big sword also called as the Spring Autumn’s Knife. . During the Spring and Autumn generation
with China, Mr. Guan Gong, which is the fortune of guard, he is the expert at this sword.
It is said that Mr. Guan Gong use this sword and to get rid of all evils. Now, I’m going
to show a form with the stick. Afterwards, I’m going to show you a form with the broadsword.
Afterward, I’m going to show you a form with the Kwan Dao, also known as spring autumn

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