Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Stances

Now I’m going to talk to you about the different
stances. According to the Chinese or the Asian belief, the stance is very important in Martial
Art or any type of Martial Art training. So if the stance is not strong, when you kick,
it doesn’t become focus. So you want to have the strength in the legs, okay. First one
we’re going to do is the Horse Stance. Horse Stance ensembles somebody riding a horse.
So one, two, three, four and you bend down. Everybody we probably do this about half an
hour, standing like this for half an hour. This is a Horse Stance. Now let me show you
the second type of stance which is called a Bow Stance. Seventy percent of your weight is
on the foreleg and thirty on your leg. Whatever you do to one side, you want to do to the
other. So let me switch. Bow Stance. Now Empty Cept. Whatever do to your right, do to your left.
Okay, so now let me introduce you to the Crouch Stance. Crouch legs seated. Whatever we do
to one side, we do to the other. Okay, so stance is very important. We also learn how
to punch. Forward punch, block, hook, this way hook, upper cut, push palm. So of the
similar tradition that we do is that we would like to punch in a Horse Stance. This basically
builds up the legs and the arms power.

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  1. was soll man da denn lernen von so einen geisteskranken kugelfisch ah shu bu jiao wu liao lan sau wo te she luan yue lun hei du su cong ye

  2. Shaolin Kung Fu is great and is the grandfather of all martial arts, but i never wanted to learn from it. Reason is because when you grow old, you'll feel a lot of pain from the training you've learned in your younger age. i'm not lying this is why i learn other martial arts

  3. even if he were in a fight and in HORSE stance shaolin fghters move quick enough he would be able to block it…though they have some insane body hardening techniques as well so i wouldnt be surprised if he could take a hit there and not even feel it

  4. @justtv321

    seriously, if you are not past 60 it might not be the knees but the bands around the knees. possibly stretching may help you a lot.
    in addition stop eating meat and starch for a few weeks.

  5. stand like that for half an hour… fuck, I can do 2 maybe 3 minutes tops then my legs become some vibrating machines 😮

  6. I'm a girl but i will learn Shaolin Kung. I will learn it privat. Is my idea stupit? Any peoples are laughing beacause i will learn it. And they said: ,, You're a girl! You never can it! What are you thinking? I will know this.
    And sorry for my English.

  7. I'm pretty attractive, self proclaimed and told by other girls, and I find dancer and martial arts girls hot.

  8. I would like to know if this is southern or northern shaolin? I'd very much appreciate the help, thanks

  9. These are responsible for the desecration of art, was killed after the first desecrated. Yet the true art will always remain intact. The main cause is that they forgot to teach the basics.

  10. lol, its up to about 6 minutes now whenever I bother, but usually I get bored before tired now, might have to start reading a book whilst doing it haha

  11. Bearing in mind your thighs have to be parallel to the floor, it takes so much effort and patience but being able to do it for half an hour is an out-standing achievement. Doing this for half an hour a day isn't what you are expected to do straight away, in Shaolin training the maximum you hold the horse stance is around 5 minutes. Real Shaolin Monks do this for half an hour.

  12. yeah man definitely, I think their immense flexibility helps too since they can stand… how to put it.. in less of a v shape with their legs and more in a line so their weight distribution is a lot better, I am not that flexible in the hips so my horse stance looks more like I am trying to sit in a chair with my legs more facing forwards

  13. Their flexibility is just unbelievable, but that takes years of practice. If you want to increase your flexibility it isn't an over night process, I'm sure you can find yourself some great flexibility techniques to practice on your own on here, I think full flexibility with the right training takes about 3 months and in my opinion it's over worth it. 🙂

  14. yeah man I know, when I posted that, I had been doing my own flexibility training for a month or so, 6 months down the line and I have noticed a vast improvement, but still cannot get any closer to the splits 🙁

  15. the technique is very good .. I was so interested to learn, unfortunately I live in Indonesia, so it may be impossible to learn kung fu without a teacher.

  16. Before everything else, Stamina is the most important thing once that is cleared then you move to flexibility. Just so you know as you may already 🙂 The splits is a hard skill to learn, you have to push yourself. Have you seen the guide to the splits by this same guy? You need to copy what he does, back foot side-ways on the floor and the front foot pointing upwards. Slowly just slide yourself down, you should see improvements every time. Get a partner to help you with the leg push exercise.

  17. Also, with the splits don't let yourself drop or you will seriously hurt yourself. Once you get closer to the floor put your hands on the floor either side of you. Remember what you do to one side you must do to the other. Anyway, that's enough of me blabbing on, good luck!

  18. haha feel free to blab on as much as you like, advice is free, and I am sure others are looking at this taking tips too, my staminas not an issue, Ive been doing lots of sports since I learned to walk and I am 25 now, I cycle every day, skateboard every other day, and recently started adding jogging into the mix, Ive just bought one of them cheap leg stretchers too, which are really good for improving side split flexibility, so hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to get there

  19. its not even about being able to do the splits anymore tbh, altho its a great goal for me, I recently manned up and joined a shaolin style kung fu school called nam pai chuan, and my kicks are below par, need to get my legs to work so I can kick high and hold it high

  20. definitely dude, I started doin kung fu about 2 month ago, and have been doing this stance for 5 minutes every day now, and it does make the legs really damn strong even for 5 minutes

  21. expertvilllage do you live in China? Or Asia? I also Like your outfit it looks very spirituol -I'm not being rude I'm giving complement- Were do you get your Outfit?

  22. I'm gonna watch all your vids and try some of the things and if I can't I'll just train
    Thank you for uploading this video

  23. i trained my horse stance for 30 minutes , i walked like a zombie after , it's very painful at the beginning , very useful tutorial , thanks "bow"

  24. i do belive you will become a great martial artist but it takes a lot more than just 2 years to know real shaolin kungfu

  25. it's not important how many time you can keep stances, important is feel how our body says when we stand and relax and smooth every part of body where we feel tension, we have to go at a "relaxing strength".

  26. You stand like that for 30 minutes??? I can't even do it for 1 minute!! I shall practise this everyday!

  27. do the shaolin monks know the original kung fu? i know i have dome questions, but i'm curious.
    do they use the same techniques as kung fu fighters?
    what does being a shaolin monk mean, and can i train to become a shaolin fighter at the age of 19 if i am female?
    just curious.

  28. i am 20 years old (started practice martial arts at the age of 17, Yes defently true.. but never impossible and never too later to learn Shaolin kung fu, you know it is 1 of the higest abbot in China of the Shaolin Buddhist temples accosiation: Shi Yongxin he first began with he entered monastic life at the age of 16 at Shaolin Monastery, that is late, most of the Shaolin monks begin when they are about 6-7 years old. but it will take alot of time atleast 30 years or more to become perfect.

  29. Actually, it is called the horse-riding stance( chi maa style). It takes years to perfect. Balance and strength, a good horse-riding stance can start a defense and offense and stablize the upper body. It is martial art 101. Unless one knows how to stand, one can not fight. Forgrt the Ali full. One kick to rib and he is all over. We are talking about fighting.

  30. As soon as i heard "Every day we probably do this for half an hour" i paused the video typed this comment and left

  31. Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming.

    Between My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly.

    you can see it here

  32. canadian myself, but i wish to achieve the balance and meditation these guys have to offer along with there strength. cant find much of that with true intent in Toronto..

  33. Hope This Idea inspires You As Much As Your Work Has Inspired Me Over The Years To Stay Healthy. Thank You! ( 3 multi Opti Universal stances 3 Basic Gung Fu Fractal Movements )

  34. Try doing Horse Stance with feet at shoulder width apart, like sitting on an imaginary stool. I bet you won't be able to hold it for 15 minutes. Keep your back verticle without leaning foward much at all. People don't ride horses with feet that far apart, they are at about shoulder width apart when riding a horse.

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