Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Kicks

After awhile, we learn how to kick. So, let
me first show you a Forward Kick. One, two. Okay, that’s the Forward Kick. Oblique kick.
Similar to Forward Kick, just kick to the opposite side. One, two. We got Outward Kick.
Inward Kick. Okay. Side Kick. We also have many kicks on the air.

27 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Shaolin Kung Fu Kicks

  1. Stop saying he isn't a shaolin! Any prove?
    Even if he isn't a shaolin dude, why can't a non shaolin dude teach shaolin kung fu?

  2. its not a dress morons and the sash is worn around the waist, like that of karate, but it should hang to his left if he is a disciple and to the right if he is a grandmaster.

  3. @super1commenter this guy kicks are like he just learn them a couple of days ago, knees bent slow and force less. now i not saying i better than this guy( if u see his other vids he's pretty good) its just his kick suck in this video specifically.

  4. @hopelessjj he was born in china and started training when he was 3 then trained in henan,in the hills of henan only 1 REAL shaolin temple is left im sure you know that tho…commi. china tore down all the other real temples awhile back, NOW all we have is fakes but this guy is no fake hes the real deal and this dude came to the states in 2006 or 7 so he lived and trained under real monks for years.. might wanna research befor you bad mouth someone ya know?

  5. no….hes showing the basic form of shaolin kicks that is the basis of all the tricky kick forms….i know because even i has undergone that…..

  6. @callofduty497

    This is a stretch. Not a fighting move. The hands extended out keep you from using your arms as momentum and help build balance and core strength.

  7. @callofduty497

    And on the subject of "real fighting" …some one who is well trained in kung fu is better off than most fighters in "real fighting". Most people would consider UFC to be "real fighting" or boxing is "real fighting" when in reality, they are all competitive sports with rules and boundaries. Kung fu is designed for taking on some one who grabs you in the street with a knife at your back. You gouge the eyes, break some bones, maybe even kick them in the groin. That is Kung Fu

  8. you are right, imagine putting forward the whole body's mass in a single flyin kick, he doesnt even have to generate that much power, use the body mass for momentum !!

  9. I dont understand your point. Also, I personally learn traditional shaolin martial arts from a non-shaolin institute. Neither me or my instructor are shaolin monks.

  10. well, i don't say he isn't a shaolin, but only shaolin warriors do know about shaolin kung fu, its inside temples not every one see it

  11. hey thanks so much!!! I learned some 武术 in china but i had forgotten how to do the 功夫 style side kick, I have only seen this kick practiced in china and not in any other styles of martial arts, really helpful

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