Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Advanced Shaolin Kung Fu Moves

Okay, hi everybody, welcome back. Now, after
those forms and the weapons training, I’m going to show you something that takes many
years of training, more than ten years training. So if you’re new to Martial Arts, or if you
think you’re expert and never and never taught about somebody else, please don’t attempt
to try this at home by yourself, cause this is very, very dangerous skill that if you
make a little mistake you could hurt yourself or you could injure yourself very bad. So
please don’t attempt to do this at home without proper instructor’s instruction. First thing
I’m going to show you how to do is breaking the spear with the neck or the throat. The
throat is one of the weakest part of the human body. Yet, with our intensive training and
other energy that we incorporated over the year of training, we could break spear with
our throat. Next, I’m going to show you how to tear a phone book in half with your single
hands which you don’t get to see this much often. Afterward, I’m going to show you how
to break a metal bar over your head. These are real metals. You could get this at home
depot. But then, don’t try to break it at home without a proper instructor’s instruction.
Okay first thing first. I’m going to show you how to break a spear. Okay, the most basic
technique is that I’m incorporating my energy to my throat, so basically my throat is hard
as steel, so I could break the spear with my throat easy, I mean do at the training,
to ten year or more of training. Now let’s begin. Let the journey begin. Now that’s the
breaking the spear. Now, I’m going to show you how to tear a phone book. You’re going
to incorporate all your energy to your hands. Grabbing the phone book, and I’m going to
tear in a half with a single tear. Look at this! Now I’m going to show you how to break
metal. As you could see these are real metals. I’m going to incorporate all my energy to
my head. But first, give me myself a deep meditation. How many guys want to see one
more time? How many guys want to see one more time? Okay. And once again, my name is Bruce
Wen and today at Expert Village, I have showed you the basic skill of Shaolin all the way
to the mastery, the breaking in Shaolin Kung Fu. And I hope you enjoy my video and learn
from it. For more information, you can visit my website at or you could
call me up at 626-202-7391. We welcome you to become part of us.

100 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Learn Advanced Shaolin Kung Fu Moves

  1. I can't stop laughing starting at 03:00. He's like pretending its not painful. Why don't use a golf club? If it breaks, I'm willing to be your student for the rest of my life 😀

  2. It is remarkable how little timeMaster Wen needs to manifest his chi and do these for him "ordinary" demonstrations. It is a pleasure to watch them, because he shows that the border for human beings just exists in their minds. So i think it is about training of the body, mind, spirit and heart and uniting these four ;).

    Thanks Master Wen.

  3. @djSpinege I bet the other monks respect the heck out of him..hes obviously worked hard and accomplished alot 🙂 2 thumbs wayyy wayyy up

  4. it´s jsut concentrating then energy ?? ah well i thought there was some trick coming with it but okie, if it´s that easy ^^

  5. @ChenYiLei i see but didnt you learn during that time to be humble and kind to other people? especially to other gong fu practicioners?


  6. try to keep your guard up a little more and mae sure you flex those knees…other than that good job

  7. Yea, i'm just gonna inco'po'ate all this energy to my head and bust this metal in half. Simple.


  8. @Jersm5 fyi adam riped the phone book one page at a time but he riped it all at once. the spears are made with very strong wood. even if it wasn't sharpe the force of your neck pressing against the spear would harm a normal person. pluse i would like to see you do all for those.

  9. @Jersm5 oh yeah if how you think that way i don't care.BTW You know what you are a pessimist. You think everything is fake in the world you see the glass as half empty. Your the igmorant one. this is my last reply to you I have better things to do than talk to someone who think everything is fake in the world. I wish you good luck in your life. Ps I can really cut an apple in half (with a knife) LOL

  10. "these are real metals. you could get this at home depot. but then don't try breaking it at home"

    HAHAHAHAHA guess ill just go to a friends.

  11. @FTSfuckthesystemFTS Tai Chi is pretty pointless. Unless it's converted to toi li fut or san soo as a fighting art it's nothing more than a slow hula dance.

  12. Sorry i like this guy and i do practice Shaolin KungFu but it is impossible to learn this by videos..but interesting to watch !

  13. @themrmustazz sorry, I was in a bad mood yesterday. No they're not, the origonial monks are in the Chinese Shaolin temple, they live in a Chinese province somewhere in western china, like I said Katanas are Japanese, so they don't train with them.

  14. Fake they heated the steal and put a Amal crack through it so when he snaps it on his head it just cracks in half making it look like he broke it it

  15. How many of you respect the real temple of Shoalin back in 16th century??
    How many of you like to learn the Shaolin martial arts…

  16. Fake, he was pushing the spear down with his hand. Anyone could see that. The phone book tear he had to of cut it in the middle cause I've never seen a phone book rip in half that easy before and the *metal* blocks or what ever you wanna call them was made of something not metal lol. Im a 3rd degree black belt in Chong Shin Tae Kwon Do – Karate and a 2nd degree in Aikido. This stuff here is fake!

  17. To je debil!!!! vždyt to kopí tlačil rukou, telefoní seznam, měl od půlky nařízlý z druhe strany…a kovové pláty nebyly kovové ..protože kov by tak nepraskl a neměl cinkyvý zvuk..!!!! prostě borec ze shaolinu 😀

  18. The metal was probably real, but like some earlier poster suggested, treated and rigged to be ready to break. Any quality metal would never break by slapping it on your head, even if your head was invincible.

  19. When you do crazy stuffs like these for many years, day in, day out. I'm pretty sure you can do one of these things he showed you without problem. I don't see why everyone would say this fake, that fake. Qi is a powerful thing and absolutely nothing mystical about it.

  20. Ba, cannot link the actual video here. This is dumb. For those still interested, please do a youtube search for "true power of shaolin kung fu".

  21. on telefoni seznam se da roztrhnout takle uplne jednoduse…musis to nějak prehnout ty stranky a trhat jakoby jen jednu naraz…

  22. They can do this after years of training. And its not the fabled qi. It's called callouses and strong ass muscles

  23. Haha check the description I now its to get views but it takes so many years to become a shaolin master. You cant just become one by a few moves a guy on youtube.

  24. "Don't do any of these things at home… now, I'm going to show you how to do these things at home." 😂 advanced techniques are advanced for a reason, and shouldn't be available to anyone not willing to work for them. Just my humble opinion 👍

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