Shaolin Kung Fu Techniques : Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi everybody my name is Bruce Wen. I’m here
on behalf of Expert Village. Today I’m going to show you how to become a Shaolin martial
artist. Once again my name is Bruce Wen, and let me tell you about my martial arts background.
Early in the 1900 my grandfather started training at the Shaolin temple where he decided that
he is going to be a monk. By 1928 was the burning of the Shaolin temple. So he had to
escape, when he defected and he ran south he met with my grandma got married and the
rest becomes history. Now comes my father, which also happens to be training in Shaolin
kung fu with my grandfather. When I was born around three years old my father decided that
he was going to take me back to the Shaolin temple where my grandfather used to practice
as a, when he was younger. So in 1986, we hopped on the train, and for 24 hours in the
train we finally reached Shaolin. There I started training very hard for my master every
day for at least eight hours a day. Over the past decades I’ve been to various tournaments,
national international. And I also travel with the Shaolin monks to give performance
worldwide. In 2005 I started the United States Shaolin Martial Arts Academy in the hope of
spreading the roots out to the Westerner. Now currently I teach more than 200 students.

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