Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : The Basics of Shaolin Kung Fu

My name is Bruce Wen and this is my student
Johnny Kao. On behalf of Expert Village I would like to welcome you to Shaolin Kung
Fu. In this segment of the video, I?ll be introducing to you the basics of Shaolin Kung
Fu. And that is what improves your skill and that’s what gets your skill to be better.
According to a saying in Chinese, “it doesn’t matter how well the architecture is build.
But without proper foundation or without building a proper first level, doesn’t matter how well
the second level floor is build, it won’t last.” It’s the same way to practicing Martial
Arts, doesn’t matter how much or how many forms you know, if you don’t have good basic
skills or you don’t have good technique, your form is just going to be, it’s not going to
be as great as those who have very good techniques. Now take into comparison, you guys see a palm
tree and a bamboo. Okay. In a storm or thunder, which one you think will survive more – the
palm tree or the bamboo? Most people will say the palm tree because the palm tree is
much stronger and much bigger. But, in the case of the storm the palm tree will not survive;
whereas the bamboo will survive. You guys know why? Now let me tell you why. Cause bamboos
have the flexibility. So in the case of the storm, the bamboo can bend away and bend forward
and survive. Whereas the palm tree is all stable and rigid, so when it hits, it just
hits and it collapse. So that its the same into Martial Arts, okay. So if one has a proper
basic foundation, one has the flexibility and one that is not stable, one that’s not
rigid, but one has the flexibility and speed on it. Okay, it doesn’t matter what kind of
situation, okay, somebody attacks you, and you can bend over and defend back, whereas
if you stay still, you might get kicked. Okay. So now let me show you how to improve your
skills with basics.

65 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : The Basics of Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. wait…wth was the point of showing that "student" of his LMFAO did this retarted monk threaten his little cousin to pose as a student or something?

  2. even if the bamboo would break it will stand up again by grewing 10 cm at one day because give up is a shame (dont take the shame to seriously sometimes its wise to run i mean is there a kung fu skill to block bullits or something)

  3. HOLY CRAP. shifi hui is my instructor.
    dont make fun of this guy's accent. his class training is absolutely brutal, and he could lay your ass into the dirt in no time.

  4. shaolin was very seriouse and this shaolin man was not so seriouse about this shaolin and the man dunno how to use the shaolin kung fu power

  5. It is very hard to learn from some of the movies if the whole screen is covered with words, I pervered not to have any words at all, because you speak english fine.

  6. @nicholasleite
    maybe you could. but personally, i don't consider contemporary wushu by itself to be a martial art. it's more of a performance art. most wushu instructors will tell you the same.

  7. what he is trying to say is that : if your fat and lazzy you cant do this
    : if your skiny and athletic you can do this
    sorry to brake it to you
    . but some people can do it if they put there mine into it

  8. @shanarock12
    Are you talking about when he's talking about the palm tree, bamboo, and the storm?
    He's not talking about fat and lazy people. He's trying to explain that you can't be stiff or not flexible, etc. When you're stiff, how can you do martial arts? Or can you defend yourself from kicks and punches if you're stiff? He's not referring to fat people. He's saying before you do martial arts, you need to learn to be flexible and other things that I don't feel like explaining…

  9. @fIONAAA1218 thats why i send '' but some people can do it if they put there mine into it.
    but yah your right abut the stiff or not flexible, thats some of what i tryed to say . lol am sorry if am start forward like that but i say how things are . i dont like treating people like babys and try to not hart there feelings. i like saying it how it relay is , so ppl can see what they have to do , to complias it . NOTING IS ESY IN THIS WORLD.

  10. @shanarock12 Very truee. Nothing is easy in this worldd xD That's why there's this thing called effort, you have to use it! (I wish some kids in my class would realize that -__-)
    And it's okay to be straight forwardd. I know what you mean; Sometimes I can't talk and explain things right.
    And yess you shouldn't treat people like babies! How else would people learn! Learn to adapt and change, etc.
    Alsooo,, it is true, if you put your mind into it, you can do it:D

  11. dam dis dude is hardcore his accent is funny but if he knows what he is talking about and i understand he could talk like borat for all i care

  12. Everyone has accents ppl, don't make fun of him! You have just as much of an accent to him as he does to you. Americans have their own accents. Everyone does, and people from different places will notice it, you don't because it's normal to you. Think ppl. And don't make fun of people for accents/color etc.

  13. Nobody know this Kung Fu style he is teaching is from Shaolin. Adding 'Shaolin' to the Kung Fu just made it 10 times more palatable to the westerners, who are always fans of good advertising.

  14. Does anybody recommend a free online class I could take, or at least a free trail; I'm really into this, but I don't have the time to actually attend a scheduled class due to my work schedule varies every week

  15. @sullivanbob200745 I don't know of a good, online, class to take but I will provide this little bit of advice: Trying to start and train in the martial arts by watching an online class, a book, or something like a 'Kung-Fu DVD set" will be a very difficult path to follow, because while you may be able to visually perform the techniques you study, without a master there to watch you, you will have much trouble being certain that what you are doing is what is trying to be taught.

  16. @sullivanbob200745 Don't let me discourage you though! It is possible to become a skilled martial artist on your own, if you truely dedicate yourself to learning and practicing; having a master, and a class of other students like you just makes the effort you are putting in that much more effective. If you have a varied schedule, look for a class that allows you to attend when you do have time or perhaps working one-on-one with an instructor you are comfortable with and who can come to you.

  17. I am thankful for this as well, their are no teachers where I live and I'v been meaning to practice again. time for basics!

  18. Hey expert village does shaolin monks learn wing chun if they don't please tell me why and if they do ok thanks 🙂

  19. I don't completely agree to it, because English has become an official language. That is the reason why people are learning it. And they are not learning just this language, but they even like to learn other languages as well. And so they are doing that. 🙂

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