Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Straddle Splits in Shaolin Kung Fu

Now we’re going to challenge our flexibility
much more. We’re going to perform a Straddle Split. Ready. Down. One opens both legs forward
and both legs on the ground. Touch your ground if possible. Start bouncing a little so you
can improve flexibility. Okay. After awhile you may sit down and reach forward. Put both
hands forward; touch your toes, okay. Let’s do that again. So assuming this your position,
you want to go put both hands down, open both legs, and go as low as you could. If you could
just go this low that’s fine, it will gradually improve. Okay. After awhile you could sit,
reach forward and touch both toes. Practicing this regularly will enable you to straighten
the tendons and build up flexibility within the legs. Ladies and gentlemen this concludes
the Straddle Split.

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  1. You should remove this video. Teaching/highlighting to someone to bounch in a stetch in very bad. It is counter productive to the muscles and can cause injury to your knee joint. You do not have good tendon and ligiment support in your knees in that direction.

  2. I use Static stretching & dynamic stretching to increase full flexibility. I personal never use ballistic stretching only for a light warm up and never in straddle splits or in any stretch where a muscles range of motion is limited. Ballistic stretching is a form of passive stretching or dynamic stretching in a bouncing motion. Ballistic stretches forces the limb into an extended range of motion when the muscle has not relaxed enough to enter it….

  3. Ballistic stretching uses the momentum of a moving body or a limb in an attempt to force it beyond its normal range of motion. This is stretching, or "warming up", by bouncing into (or out of) a stretched position, using the stretched muscles as a spring which pulls you out of the stretched position. (e.g. bouncing down repeatedly to touch your toes.) This type of stretching is not considered useful and can lead to injury.

  4. It does not allow your muscles to adjust to, and relax in, the stretched position. It may instead cause them to tighten up by repeatedly activating the "stretch reflex". Your video to me was indicating how to stretch to full straddle splits. if you were to do your stretch everyday with bouncing your flexibility ,for most people, would reduce.

  5. I'm guessin you learnt this as a kid and hav maintained this or else your do lots of other types of stretching to compensate.This might hav been traditional in old shaolin but modern sport science has proved alot of traditional teachin methods tobe without benefit.Shaolin is brilliant but we all need 2 keep up to date especially when training others.I hope u at least read up on this stuff after this and have an informed view as to why you do each stretch instead saying its traditional. ;o) LOL

  6. You make a lot of very good points, stephen, but bear in mind that modern exercise guidelines are also engineered for mainstream consumption, not for the select few who are training for a traditional martial art. These types of bouncing motions can certainly be dangerous for the uninitiated, but for someone who has trained their structure and awareness to a certain degree it can help to break through plateaus. Modern guidelines are meant for average person and also have litigation worries.

  7. "If some one is an idiot, that will last for a long time……" (C)

    if you are idiot enough to overstrech and injure your muscules than

    or you ignorent enought that when you strech for a first time it is painfull with out injuries…..
    you will not injure your self since you should take a painkiller to bypass the pain and to overstrech your muscle…..

  8. Light bouncing is not incredibly ballistic, these guys obviously survive it, as do chinese acrobats. Microtears happen in strength training too, it is just to keep them gentle and managable.

  9. if you overstretch and bounce you will injure yourself, you stretch to where it is comfortable then you bounce and it greatly increases flexibility. all im going to say is they have been doing it for over 3000 years and they are (and were) much healthier than most people alive today. i think ill take my chances and bounce

  10. I think it's better to get the heart pumping more and increase blood circulation before doing this stretch for the blood to flow in the expanded muscles

  11. hi
    i really like ur viedos
    bu plllz can sumbody help me
    what can i do for crampsssssss?
    i cant do my splits becaz in my left leg i got a cramp before 3 months after that i m unable to practice any more n make my self better
    pllz pllz
    i m really greatful to all of you if sumbody know the solution of this problem pllz let me know
    many many thanks in advance

  12. I've been going to Kenpo Karate classes 4 hours weekly, and spending 30-45 minutes a day stretching, and I still cannot perfrom a split after about 2 months of this program. Is this normal? How long will it take me to be able to reach that amount of flexibility? I'm 19/male/healthy & athletic.

  13. this is complete bs – don't do what he's doing to learn the side splits. bouncing is a BAD idea to static (flexibility improvement). You need to do each leg's hamgstring *and* the crossover muscle in each leg — meaning go down 45degrees btwn the center and the leg, before going center and at last try to slide the feet further apart. you need slick sliding and soft surfaces or your joints will be strained (which is a bad idea).

  14. You have to consider the physical level of Shaolin Monks before you criticize their stretches. They've been doing these exercises for thousands of years and never run into ligament problems. Their level of flexibility are close to the level of contortionists and their power to size ratios are unmatched.

  15. I found the best way is to do a split as far as you can without feeling uncomfortable.
    Stay in that position for some 5 mins.
    Next time do more.
    Muscles and nerves, that are actually the cause of pain, will grow and adjust to the new stretch over time.
    If you can't do splits yet, it may take some time. If you rush it, you will probably jsut injure yourself. I think I could push myself to a full split.. but I won't. yet

  16. Is it possible for anyone to do this? I tried it for years practicing karate and while it did improve flexibility in my legs I could never get even close to all the way down. I convinced myself that my legs were too long and that some people are just not built for this, westerners in particular. Have I got this wrong?

  17. when I do this I feel awful pain in my knees aargh 🙁 so for the side splits I can do them almost perfectly

  18. @rednite54 how much time did it take u? im like 5 inches from the floor since like 3 weeks….it geting harder and harder insteaf of better than better…im desperate lol

  19. how much we should do that by week ? should i force to get down evry session ? i feel terrible pain the next days and rigidity , im 35 i ractised always sport and need advices ..

  20. @rednite54 dude it doesnt depend on how hard you push your self down…it depends on how ofeten you do this and how long…otherwise you´ll injure yourself very bad

  21. be careful guys this move need more careful than they show up mybe u will get a good flixpilty but otherwise u will get injured kne like me so be careful 🙂

  22. RULE 1. Warm Up for at least 5 minutes, jumping jcks, kicking exercises, squat jumps will do.
    RULE 2. Horse stance. In this psition, you should be able to feel the tension neath your thighs. Hold it for about 20 seconds. Do light alternate punching motions while maintaining your stance. Relax. And do it again. Do 2-3 sets. This simple exercise strengthens the thigh muscles that will help you stretch further. Plus, it improves your balance. Breathe easily.
    RULE 3. Finally, work on the splits.

  23. @rednite54 Ur legs hurt ? U must be doing something wrong, look up Tom Kurz on youtube. PNF stretching is a correct way

  24. Well when your older you actually can take classes at certain Shaolin temples. You can still learn moves from where you live. Just learn the poses and attacks but there are a lot.

  25. English_the scale this kid is like mine
    pt-br_A escala desse garoto esta igual a minha
    español_la escala de este chico es como el mío

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