Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Splits Stretching in Shaolin Kung Fu

Welcome back. Now I’m going to show you more
stretch that will basically build up your flexibility much more. Okay. Now, this is
a more challenging stretch. The Splits. Most of you guys will know that the split is basically
opening up your legs. Okay. So now let me show you the Forward Split. Toes pointed up,
go all the way down. And put both hands on the ground for the beginner. So if you cannot
do all the way down in the beginning, just go like that, and gradually go lower and lower.
Okay. So put both hands. Okay. Whatever we do to one side, you could do to the other
side. Now we’re going to switch sides. Point the other toes up, go all the way down. Okay.
And my favorite one that will do for a Side Split, is that we put our hands out. Okay.
And of course, whatever you do to one side, you could do to the other. Okay. One more
split as where we’re coming that we practice is putting your hands up like this, okay.
Now after the Forward Split, now this concludes the Forward Split.

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