Earlier I mentioned about the Cartwheel without
hand. Now, it’s finally time that I show you how to do it. First, let me show you how to
do a Cartwheel with hands. Johnny come on up. Let me show you how to do a Cartwheel
with hands. The No Hand Cartwheel, the main difference is that you do it without any hands.
That?s it. That’s the main difference but has a fewer from the speed. Now let me show
you a Two Hand Cartwheel. And my assistant will do it once and I’m going to show a one
hand, then we finally get into no hand. Okay. It takes speed to do No Hand. So you need
to be very quick in Two Hand Cartwheel, One Hand Cartwheel then after awhile, you can
perform the No Hand Cartwheel. And of course you need more jumping skills. So ready Two
Hand Cartwheel. Standing like this with your left hand touch the ground, your right hand
touch the ground. Just like that. Okay. Good. Now let’s do that again Johnny. Let’s do Two
Hand Cartwheel again. Okay. Now I’m going to go on One Hand Cartwheel. Same with Two
Hand Cartwheel, the main difference is that you’re only using one hand. So same thing.
One, two. The other hand doesn’t touch the ground. Try that again. One, two. Now let
me have Johnny show you a One Hand Cartwheel. Okay. Good. Now is the advance stuff. Well
you don’t use any hands to do a Cartwheel. It’s all done as an air view. So you got to
watch this carefully. And this is very quick. You cannot do a No Hand Cartwheel in the air
slowly okay. You cannot do about slow motion. This has to be fast. So performing with a
hand, one, two. Ala! One more time. One, two. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the No
Hand Cartwheel.

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