Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Butterfly Kick in Shaolin Kung Fu

Let me show you some more advance stuff, the
Butterfly Kick. Butterfly kick is very cool to look at cause you got to see people flying
on the air, with the body leaving the air. Same into a car wheel but the things that
you don’t perform even at hand and you do it side ward. Okay. Now let me show you a
butterfly. Stand in this position. Okay. Now you’re going to tilt your body this way, to
your left, to your right, turn your hand to your left, then you’re going to first keep
the right leg up then the left leg up on air at the same time. Let me just show to you
once and I’ll have my assistant to show it to you more. One, two. That is a Butterfly
Kick. Now I’m going to have Johnny, which has been practicing Martial Arts for two years
to show you a Butterfly Kick. Again, once more. Ladies and gentlemen, performing the Butterfly
Kick requires a lot of air skill. So I recommend that if you want to do it, do some jumping
skill, do some jumping technique before practicing it and learn how to turn your body. Thank
you very much and this concludes Butterfly Kick.

100 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Butterfly Kick in Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. 0:07 " See people flying on the air,, whenda-wida BADi living the air.."

    0:11 "similar to a kartwheel but things aryoudo perform ewanahana yuduwesaywer"

  2. This monk is clearly real. If you say he isnt real then your trying to say you know everything about shaolin and kick. YOU KNOW NOTHING DONT JUDGE WITHOUT KNOWING.

  3. If we learn about a clearence butterfly kick. Now it is
    a one to kick when Shaolin is a kid whatever he didn't learn how to do butterfly kick. Anyway he was big to learn.

  4. I learn a kick with a cartwheel without hands with a tour of a studio of a coach to train you up to wrap. If a skill is a evidence of a brand new Shaolin orange suit. If we need you talk with a condition with care with a kick offs. I will train a Mexican kick butterfly championship MMA fight. Whatever it is feared to be a trying kid. or be happy with a time. be careful not to fall down or hurt yourself. Just we need to give it a try of a coach to a atittude way by itself!

  5. Hello, my participant fighters! If we know a directions of training a homesexualing way of a kick of a takewondo best time for saw a fighters in a sport of karate way for a situation of a birth kicks with a kick for a junior revolutionary so considerarly kicking very correctly of a finals to agree a kick moves with a kung fu consequenses for a place of a movies of a way. Whatever it takes very long kicks with a expert village with a, reflections with a
    grand kicks with a coach to a atriribute.

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  7. sir i want to learn this kick but i dont know its name
    u can see that kick in the first attack of the round at 20th second and then at 37th second and so on….
    please forget that fire before and after kick coz its a game but i believe that the late legend bruce lee must know this kick
    and this is another one kick
    you can see that kick at 2:07 when the first round finishes
    i will wait for your response
    i believe that you can do it

  8. Its not for fighting. Its for dancing and stretching exercises
    In a real fight how ever you do not wanna do shit like these unless your opponent is not facing you or your way too fast enough to hit him in the face. But as much as possible do not do this on a fight.

  9. If I may I have three questions. Thank you so much for your videos.
    Is it acceptable to fight barehanded with other people? Is it acceptable as well to do this against people of other martial arts? Both of course I mean a planned activity. What is the shaolin rule on blood and also concussions? I mean these things in the best possible light. I would of course never mean aggressive behavior, only training. But of course we must address these issues as an important part of training.

  10. Unaffective period. As soon as you turn to the right like that? I'm going to land a Mike Tyson right hand.

  11. Im sorry buddy but this move isnt good enough. On air not balance enough to make create power and landing not proper as he lost his balance

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