Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Back Kick in Shaolin Kung Fu

I’m Bruce Wen and this is Johnny Gao. Now,
we come into the last exercise of this video. Which, is a back kick. First, let me demonstrate
to you how to do a back kick. Standing against the wall, you want to place your arms here
and you’re going kick back with your right. One-two-three-four-five. Whatever you do to
one side, do it to the other. Johnny, let’s do it to the other side. Ready? One-two-three-four-five.
And, of course if you cannot kick as high as Johnny you can just start off like this.
And, gradually kick higher and higher. And, ladies and gentlemen this concludes the fast
back kick. And, ladies and gentlemen thank you for viewing this video. I hope that you
will improve your martial arts through the practice of basics. If you want to improve
your martial arts, practice the basics that I showed you earlier. And, practice it daily.
Be consistent, do it everyday. Practice consistently and I hope you improve your martial arts by
practicing basics and the forms that have been taught here. So, if you want to contact
me. Please visit my website at That’s or you can also visit
my new website at That’s California, c-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a. Shaolin,
s-h-a-o-l-i-n. Temple, t-e-m-p-l-e. com. Or, you can contact me at my phone number 626-202-7391.
Thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed our video.

80 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Back Kick in Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. cool man!

    i'm from brazil, and is like to know new tips of kung fu! never mind what that they saw for u videos, i like it =D

    i think is better u put all the videos on 1 only… is more easy to see

  2. lol, the couse they offer in original form, going top china, they say, the training is so hard tht very few sustain the pains and hardships, and here the training is so simple, i think tht he is not exposing "the real training"!!!

  3. I can't blame the guy for advertising at the end.

    He's either
    A.) Getting money for it,
    B.) Trying to draw more people to what he loves.

    Either way, his vid.

  4. would have been nice if you would have demonstrated the kick before you showed how to hold the wall and practice it

  5. my favorite sports is Shaolin-Kung-Fu Great Master, hope bring the Bruce-Styles close as you can, thx a LOT fot your Videos.

  6. @razvantnc He's showing you stretches and getting you ready.. ! if u liesten..!! He said in my own words.. " A good foundation is the essence of good technique"
    These are the basics.. i'm no expeert, but i'd take his advice before yours….!!!

  7. @ustolminame Um, you do know that people volunteer their content to Expert Village and that they merely pick stuff out, right? It's not like they went to china and requested a monk submit this content: he filmed his own video, said he's a monk, and said he will teach a stretching video.

    Even if EV had sought someone out, it doesn't make them qualified judges or anything exemplary.

  8. There's a huge difference between a back kick and a back leg raise. These guys were attempting simply a back leg raise. It is a levering exercise (much like a front rising kick) as opposed to a pushing exercise (such as a front kick).

    Some of these repetitions were okay, but both the teacher and student were not keeping in good form for some of them. Their hips were not staying in neutral, you could see they were allowing base femur to externally rotate, allowing the kicking toes to stray out.

  9. @MrLazyJackass No, you won't, I will criticize people before I can do better. These guys are more flexible than me, and I can tell even if they kicked in good form, they would still be kicking higher than I would with this kind of bad form.

    One does not actually need to be better to criticize, merely to witness others who are better.

  10. I love his accent – putting the Gong fu to one side this guy could be doing a cooking show and still be entertaining

  11. He is from China and his accent is funny.Imagine how funny will your accent be on Chinese.. 😉

  12. Most americans can hardly use a proper accent when speaking in another language. Bruce is doing a good job in his pronunciation

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