Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Advanced Stretches for Shaolin Kung Fu

Now let me show you some stretching exercise
against the wall. This will help you build flexibility. First, let?s do the front stretch.
Ready. Standing against the wall, you want to touch your shoes, your toes, grab your
shoes, and forward – one, two, three, four, five. Make sure you keep both legs straight.
Whatever you do to one side, do to other. I?m counting as a repetition of five but you
could do as many as ten, fifteen or twenty five or more. Here, we put the other leg up,
one, two, three, four, five. Now we’re going to do the Sidekick. Ready. Point your toes
up, touch your toes – one, two, three, four, five. Good. Now let’s switch. One, two, three,
four, five. Now back kick. One, two, three, four, five. Switch legs. One, two, three,
four, five. Another one that’s very popular as you put your leg on the wall, then your
hand touching the floor – one, two, three, four, five. Switch legs – two, two, three,
four, five. Ladies and gentlemen this concludes the Front Stretch, Side Stretch, Back Stretch,
and Leg Stretch against the Wall and Hands on the Floor.

100 thoughts on “Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Advanced Stretches for Shaolin Kung Fu

  1. He's not going to stretch five minutes for each stretch, it's just a demonstration. And these are probably advanced stretch techniques where you should consult a physician before you try Shaolin Kung Fu stretch techniques, lol! Breaking bricks with your skull and stabing yourself with a spear is dangerous too, but these guys are conditioned for all of these things.

  2. how the fuck can a shaolin monk sell out?
    they do this stuff all the time….
    there just trying to teach others to be as good as they are.

  3. I actually advice to not do this, it injuries your body. It's ballistic streching, instead of doing the 1 2 3 4 5 thing just hold it and go a bit further and a bit further, etc. Don't bounce, just hold it there and go further and further.

  4. @MrHueyhuey I don't think that's insane. That technique helps strengthening the skull (though if the one who uses it doesn't know his body, he may damage his brain).
    The bounce technique is not insane either. At a very short term it does work, but at a longer term it does the opposite.

  5. @raydredX
    i'm sorry but this sounds so dirty… Just hold it and go a bit further and a bit further. don't bounce just hold it there and go further and further… Do you see what i mean? Maybe im just a perv but thats the first thing that came to my mind…

  6. I'm always doing that ^_^
    it's absolutely true that the guy on the right doesn't know some kung fu…
    well…me too…xD I know a 'lil

  7. actaully been proven that billastic stretching is a btter way that static wen training for martial arts !!!! if done properly it will never tear or injure a muscle unless u r a shit truck !!!

  8. @damesy26 i meant this in a good way(just reread it under a different vibe and it can be easily misunderstood lol)

  9. @terra382 The disciple is also try to bounce. Fortunely for him he doesn't bounce as much. He's probably not wiser than his teacher(but he may be, I have no idea); but the thing is his not harming himself as much as his teacher, though he's still not doing it right.

  10. this guy does not practise these stretches very much. in demo he wobbles when on one foot, nearly misses his foot in right side stretch and couldnt touch his foot with hand in left side stretch.

  11. @raydredX but since this guy managed to be like this can you please explain why this is dangerous and his case… i am asking with all my humility because i want to try this out.

  12. @ac98521 I'm not an expert. There are people who are much better qualified to answer this to you. I think the reason may be this. When a joint is streched it won't force you back immediately because of dynamic flexibility. But holding it past the static flexibility limit (static flexibility is the used when you slowly reach, dynamic is used when kicking up) as they try to do puts a lot of stress on the tendons, it gives them no time to addapt. And it damages the tendons tissue.

  13. @raydredX So you've gotta slowly strech the tendons. Or as fast as yours tendons can addapt. Also these streches can even cause you to loose flexibility.Anyway I think these guys are "fine" because luckily their lunges are not that brute.

  14. @raydredX Also "possible possiblities" are that their body train helps them diminishing the damage of this type of strech, two very remotes possibilities are that doing this since a kid gets you used to it(which i doubt), and that since people in asian martial arts populations have done this for centuries, and they have either got resistant to it or were previously resistant(which I doubt because I think shaolin munks can't even have kids).

  15. @raydredX Anyway there was a time I was using this myself. But fortunely it was only for like a week. And if you try to do it seems to help. You get further and further really fast. But when you go practice. The effect is lost, your joints feel weak. And if I conitnued to do it I bet my joints would be fucked up.

    Anyway I'M NOT AN EXPERT! Ask someone smarter and more informed for a decent answer. XP

  16. Um… that is totally not a side kick stretch. He did turn the hips away so the lifted leg was externally rotated a bit, but only about 45 degrees, not the 90 you would want with a full side kick.

  17. haha 0:20 kid goes to do the next one but the guy carries on talking so hes like 'oh shit' and tries to recover and make it seem like he was just scratching his head. lol.

  18. @raydredX
    If you not careful any type of exercise can injure you. This type of stretching is the best type for martial arts, since you will be kicking for alot of force, and you want your muscles to be able to handle;e that. For the average joe who just wants to cooldown/warm up or do yoga, then they should do slow stretching. If you want to be able to do high kicks without hurting yourself, doing slow stretches actually temporally weakens your muscle and is bad for martial arts.

  19. @MrTeejaysingh I have no idea but shaolin's early body condition may make this stretch fine, although for begginers ballistic streching isn't advised just as you said.

  20. @iwantpoker You probably know more than me, but I've also read a lot a lot from people with different perspectives.
    I'm no expert I'm using the information I collected and accepted, I may be wrong obviously. There's no credentials behind it.
    Yep kicking is pretty ballistic. At least it seems so.
    Europeans have 1500 of experience in knowing the earth is the center of the universe.
    What is HS? I googled it, do you mean high school? I don't really get you.
    As always. I may be wrong! 😉

  21. @iwantpoker I don't really get what you mean with "no one gets me"(ironic? yes XD). You could be referring to HS but…
    Anyway, even though I bet it's harmful for common people, I wonder if it's fine for active, healthy, well physically developed people. Have you any credentials behind your argument? (I'd just like to read what they have to say. I don't think I'll ever use ballistic streching out of apprehension but who knows)

  22. @goatnuts8288 what you describe is called a ballistic stretch, and is very harmful, yet quite common. These stretches shown are not of shaolin origin at all. The most proficient way to stretch is to push down with the leg in a continuous pressure while reaching with hands but not pulsing. For example you put your leg on a fence, touch the toes and try to push you leg down into the fence. Very effective and not harmful.

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  24. If it's not a parody than you're destroying and degrading this martial art and all that work behind. By the way it can cause serious injury.

  25. Dangerous for ligaments and articulations to practise this like that.
    Stretching need long time to relax muscles and really stretch oneself
    This guy is not a professional of martial arts !

  26. @kevinlau69 yea, thats how you count when your doing the same exercise the second time… you would know that if you exercised instead of trolling ….

  27. To show everyone the proper and improper exercise. Like in the gym when you weightlift, dont do it fast, do it slow and accurate. Thats the only way youll get anything out of it

  28. Do you practice at shoalin or a school that teaches it. If so what school I want to learn shoalin kung fu but I'm only 14.

  29. man whenever i see these videos i feel guilty that i sit at home eating pizzas and get no excercise. Well actually i do get excercise but you know what i mean.

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