Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Stomach Training for Iron Body Kung Fu

Another part of practicing the Iron Body is
called the Iron Stomach. How many got see people breaking bricks, or breaking sticks,
or breaking, breaking other stuff off your stomach? That’s what Iron Stomach is about.
But, Iron Stomach is a hard technique that’s developed over the year. You need to be practicing,
practicing, and practicing before you actually reach to that state. Ok, practicing method
is very simply. Same as to Iron Body, and Iron Legs, ok? What you do, is you hit your
stomach, you slap your stomach. First, you slap your stomach for a couple hundred times
every day. And then you change it into a fist, goes, go hit your stomach. Ok? Third, the
third level, is like, you could hit it, you could hit your stomach with bags. Ok? Bags
first there with mung bean, ok. Practice that for another for six months. And then the second
level, you put it, you replace the mung bean with the gravel. The third, you hit it for
another six months. Then, there’s the steel ball bearings. You then hit it for a year,
or two, and you should develop pretty good Iron, Iron Stomach skill. So, after practicing
with the bags, you want to challenge yourself more, by having your partner or your friends,
or your enemy, hit you in the stomach with a stick. And if the sticks break, and you
don’t get hurt, then you got a pretty good skill. And ladies and gentleman, this concludes
the Iron Body Training. And on the next segment, I’m going to show you the result of Iron Body.

86 thoughts on “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Stomach Training for Iron Body Kung Fu

  1. "if the stick breaks and you don't get hurt, then you've got pretty good skill" – oh i love this guy

  2. bahahah, i actually wanted to do this stuff then i couldnt stop laughing after he said replace the gravel with steel!

  3. Remeber kids, don't do this in front of a parent or they might put you in a mental hospital because someone of youtube told you to hit yourself. 😮

  4. haha, yeah its not very pratical.

    but when you got bones dense enough to tear through concrete, and skin tough enough not to rip. Then you have many less things to worry about if you ever got into a fight.

  5. no the hitting yourself trains your nerves to ignore the pain , you should do crunches also to make the muscle stronger, the hitting takes the sting out of being hit.

  6. i saw it in a documentary and you?if you are quoting wiki beware there r tons of wrong shit there.but im no expert so whatever.

  7. nope bruce lee son died by a knife also in a film the uncle of my cousin on other side tell me this the death of bruce lee and his sun

  8. yea but he died of a painkiller. His m uscles were too finely tuned to function properly when slowed down and he died,… terrible way to die really. It was his son who was murdered.

  9. You know that hard body training isen't the only defense a shaolin kung fu user got? They learn blocks and evasive manovers too. So if they keep their focus and protect the head with blocks your theory goes bye bye… Very stupid theory BTW ;P

  10. if you were shaolin with this guy, he'd make you his bitch. and he would have way more respect from everybody than you're punk ass

  11. have you ever seen the stomach machines they sell to give you a hard stomach, this is exactly the same thing, because you vibrate your muscles, im 13 and i got a very hard 4 pac 😀

  12. your right there is almost no body fat, but the best way to get a nice body is to build it up from the beginning, right now i can 4 kind of "Fighting styles": Kickboxing, Kung fu, Ai Kido and Karate, thats pretty nice to know you can defend yourself 😀

  13. @JelyMelo Why woudlnt i be able to operate when im 40 ? If i traing good, eat healthy, "meditate", and try to be happy it shouldnt be a problem. But u right away go assume im something im not and that i know less than this monk. Thats how your ego operates when it doesnt understand. Try to pass that and learn. We live to learn. Peace 🙂 Learn, Know, LIVE! 🙂

  14. Martial Arts is not about learning about how to fight then getting into one. It's about learning how to avoid one.

  15. I've tried it and there's a nail on the wood my friend hit me in the stomach… And BAM!! straight to the hospital..XD

  16. @Im0rt4Lgene No, if Iron Body is trained correctly, you could still feel a bug walk over your body but be resist to hard blows against the body. Iron Body HARDENS the body, it doesn't kill nerves.

  17. This may not look like mutch, but try it, and do it a couple of 100 times, and you will see, this shit helps!

  18. So i have just to hit my stomach to be good i mean like defense ?? It wont hurt if i have iron stomach ??

  19. Sir me i did not under go training but i can make my stomach hard and can absorb strong punch like nothing, is it my body instinct or just pure skill hehe

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