Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Iron Body Kung Fu Training with Bags

Ladies and gentlemen, in this segment I’m
going to show you another way to practice your Iron Body. Earlier we hit our body with
our hands, physical force. Now we’re going to incorporate something more advance, bags.
Okay. This kind of bag is made of cotton and you feel it up with mung beans on the first
stage, filled it up and hit it. On the second stage, after a year or so of practice, you
want to replace the mung beans with gravel which is a stone and hit your body for another
year. Then for another two year, you want to replace the stones with the pebbles or
barbarians to increase the power of the hitting. Okay. So you’re body actually becomes like
still afterwards. Okay. So now it’s hitting the body. I say you can hit all parts of your
body. Okay. So first one, we are going to work on the chest. Holding it like this, we’re
going to work on the chest. So hit your body, hit your arms. Do this for a couple hundred
times, okay. Hit your body. Whatever do all your body, hit to the back, okay. Hit to the
back when you feel the pressure and make sure, same thing applies, don’t touch your body
with the bag cause that’s not going to do anything much sure. Hitting with a little
bit power, okay, and yet you’re not hurting yourself, and okay, so that’s stage, that’s
hitting the body. Okay, so this is the proper bag, okay, so that concludes this segment.

68 thoughts on “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Iron Body Kung Fu Training with Bags

  1. Yes you get a band of barbarians to hit you a 100 times a day and should make you more resistent to pillageing. lol

  2. Hey, does anyone know where I could find one of those cotton bags? Are there any stores that sell them?

  3. omg i cant stop laughing to me his accent is fucking kickass and the thing he is hitting himself with is a dildo lol

  4. lol… But in all serousness pillageing is a serous problem and we need more instructional videos how to beacome resistent from there attacks. Godbless 🙂

  5. this look extra cheezy ,
    i am doing Kung-fu Baji Quan , and wtf is wrong with those been sac fucking use real solid thing, beans wont do shit to your arms, you need to be mentaly strong to reinforce your bones,


  6. You start off smaller. If you create a hairline break (as opposed to micro cracks) and continue to attempt the technique, well… you can easily cause a rather more severe injury. Hell you can even cripple a hand. I've seen this before.

    Don't be an idiot.


  7. first of all you dont do this kind of exercise if you never took a kung-fu class with a sifu,

    I am doing kung-fu for about 4 months now.
    and i never used bean sac, of steal.
    we use a partner that doesnt arm reinforcement with you or a PVC pole filled up with small rock (more solid) or bigger rock(less solid).
    and what we are doing is micro cracks , not hairline break.

  8. It's actually "…peebles and barbarians.", just saw it on the subtitles xD

    Still makes no sense. Wtf is a barbarian? I mean, they're not gonna stuff the bag with dead vikings, are they?

  9. LOL!! I know huh! I was thinking maybe he was saying ball bearings? But would that even make sense either? LOL!! But since you saw the subtitles your probably most correct. Thank for the clear up, once I get to the advance level I'll get me some barbarians LOL!!

  10. Yea me too, I would like to know what he means LOL! But I can't help but to laugh so hard for this video LOL!! You are hilarious also, with your viking analogy LOL!!!

  11. hes amazing!
    i actally been doing this stuff lately
    but i wanna know where i could get one of thoes.. like seriously
    or i wanna know if they sell them mong beans at walmart??? cause i could probably make ma own from a shirt or somthing

  12. I have a better idea. Instead of spending years pounding your own body with a bean bag how about you spend half an hour filling out the forms for a gun license and invest in a .44 magnum. With that you can blow away any adversary anytime, including Mr. Iron Body Shaolin Kung Fu Master.

  13. @lolocaustism Yes, and life is like a purple antelope prancing across a field of dead tuna.

    (You see, I can speak in inscrutable proverbs too.)

  14. @SilentWalk18
    i know that 12 is for the months so i ment that a idiot will hit his self
    for 24 hours 7 days and for 12 months straight so lets say forever xD

  15. I love how up until you see this vid you think that monks have some super secret trick to the iron body stuff then you watch this and you think "ohh……. damn".

  16. I appreciate what he is doing because I understand the nature of it, as a martial artist myself. I had started out using 1/4" minus pea gravel, then progressed with 1/2" minus rough cut gravel in the bags and in my punching bags. I use two 2-pound hammers for my "Iron Stomach" training, along with the lower ribs, arms, legs, and other parts of my body. This is real training designed for real people starting at "level zero" and progressing as far as each person desires.

  17. Lol I mean this with all seriousness at first I thought him say after pebbles to use barbarians hehe 🙂 Went and made myself a begginers bag and came back and realized he said ball bearings.

  18. hi! when you hit yourself like the shaolin are you supposed to hit yourself like a slap or like a deeper hit? slapping witch the gravel stings but punching my stomach for 5 minutes just hurts but does not sting… which one is correct without causin damage?

  19. You wanna train to take the hardest punch possible. For that, you try to go deep quickly, and immediately pull your punch back. Something about shockwaves and some fancy scientific explanation makes this the hardest punch.

    A technique alone won't cause damage. Improper self-estimation is what'll cause damage. Get a trusted friend, and have him start punching parts of your body at a VERY light force. Gradually go higher and higher until you find it comfortable. Then go ONLY 1 notch more intense.

  20. But I'm no professional, I'm just sharing with you what I found works for me the best. It's best for you to just talk with whomever your teacher is. Your teacher probably knows way more about you than I, some guy who's likely hundreds of miles away from you, knows about you.

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