Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Head to Wall Shaolin Kung Fu Practice

Now I’m going to show you the final step or
the last step that I was taught of practicing Iron Head. Okay. It’s Head Against the Wall.
First thing of we want to stretch our head to loosen up our head from the previous exercise.
You want to loosen up our neck. Okay. So you want to go forward, backward, for probably
a repetition of twenty five times. Right and left, circular, okay stretch out your arms.
That too. Stretch out your head. Okay. Now, you’re going to put your head against the
wall. Okay. So this is the wall. You’re looking forward and standing and opening position
put your hands on your hips, hit your head and apply pressure to the wall. And hold this
for as long as you could, okay, I’ll say probably about fifteen to twenty minute if possible.
But for beginner, try once, try for one minute or two minute and gradually speed up. Gradually
improve the time. Gradually increase the time. Okay. So after years of practicing this kind
of exercise, your head becomes as strong as steel. And ladies and gentlemen, this concludes
the lesson of Iron Head.

78 thoughts on “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Head to Wall Shaolin Kung Fu Practice

  1. wait wait awit he just said "after years of practising your head becomes as strong as steal this concludes the iron head"

    make your mind up is it going to make my head iron or steel….

  2. Well for one this guy is weird(i don't mean it in a sad way), so don't assume that a million other people are the same. Does it really matter how you do it? It's the outcome that matters.

  3. how does he not have a life? His life is kung-fu, just because its different than most peoples' just shows how much more unique and cool he is than nerds who worry about other peoples' lifestyles such as your self. NO ONE has the right to tell someone else they have no life. Worry about your own life kid.

  4. lol you just confuse European (and american) RELIGION, which i rly dont like (i know it is based on some good idea, but it lately turn to weapon for controling people) with asian PHILOSOPHY + you fail at your life 😉

  5. what the fuck r u even talking about shit head? Make sure YOU understand what you even wrote before you posy it dumbass.

  6. if you guys think he is fake, can always check hm out and have a sparring match with him. Have it video and post it so everybody will know. instead of insulting him.

  7. well i think this is just a small part of bigger training. this is meant like practice, to strengthen your body, spine../or whatever/
    but if you want hard ass muscles or want to be like those mindless freaks in WWE this is wrong place for you

  8. Shit, dont try smacking your head with a fucken bar of steel before wood… Damn, next thing you know it your in the hospital… LOL!!!

  9. I don't know why people are posting comments on here making fun of him, he seems like a nice guy plus he's very helpful…

  10. if you look up the science behind all this you might understand hes not a fake at all and accusing him of being one is totally stupid cause your wrong and if you want to make fun of this guy for him not being able to speak english very well. then i think you should go to china go to one of there restaunts and oder one of the specials and do it in the chinese tongue and see how you like the other end of the stick

  11. All of this head butting and iron fist training for self-defense is really a big waste of time when you consider how many things are more likely to kill you than an attack from another human. Case in point: Bruce Lee spent all his time perfecting his martial arts skills. He died at the age of 32 from an adverse reaction to a common over-the-counter pain pill containing aspirin. His martial arts expert son died at 29 when shot by a blank from a prop pistol while making a movie. Nuff said.

  12. this guy is doing great only u fat amrican making fun of him ,,i do kung fu like him but he is great powrfull guy thanks

  13. @tomrvn666
    Bolt is fake too.! no way someone can run so fast!! 😀

    (damn.. are people stupid? Is this first time they hear of training and conditioning???)

  14. @JackKangaroo1
    Actually, Bruce Lee died in an overdose, and Brandon Lee wasn't shoot by a blank shot. the producer changed gun man for the stunt and he shoot Brandon not knowing that wasn't what he was supposed too do. A stunt gone wrong pretty much.

  15. @andiders / Bruce Lee died from an allergic reaction to a common pain killer. It was not listed as an "over dose" by the pathologist performing the autopsy. Brandon Lee was killed by the wadding used in a prop pistol firing 'blanks.' It was a heavier wadding than normally used but it was NOT an actual bullet. Live ammunition with fully loaded bullets are never used in film making. However, there can still be a powerful charge and the wadding can cause injury or, in Lee's case, even death.

  16. @azadkurdi / solly, but this fat amrican has better tings to du than bang head against wall in pwrfull 'Empty Head' or 'Achy Head' ecksersize……

  17. @JackKangaroo1
    I saw the documentry about Brandon. They were doing a dangerous stunt, the producer change gunman and never gave him directions. a stunt gone wrong.
    Bruce died in overdose, the last year/years before he died he had drug issues and alcohol problems, in the last off hes movies you can see him bleed much because of it.
    He died in an overdose of heroine. thats fact. you don't have too belive me, but thats have been proven.

  18. i dislike it when people say a bodyy part can become as strong as steel thats an over exageration probably rusty iron hard but not steel

  19. Man, I really like this monk. He seems to be so nice. And I've never seen any Chinese people speak English as good as he does. To those who make fun of his English, why don't you people try speaking Mandarin or Cantonese?

  20. @macadom222 You've never seen a Chinese person speak English "as good" as he does? So you're one of those sheltered people that live in a bubble but think they're cultured because they're more politically correct?

    Plenty of Chinese people have much better English. This man deserves respect because he's a skilled practitioner in Shaolin Kung Fu, not because he has moderate English skills.

  21. @martyback

    First, learn to read and understand before you respond to another person's comment. The last sentence of my comment clearly shows it was directed at the clowns simply making fun of his English.

    Btw, I said I've never seen Chinese speak English atleast to this level. The keyword here is 'I', which you clearly missed. Doesn't mean there aren't any Chinese with good English speaking skills.

    I agree with the last part of your comment. That's exactly why I like him.

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