I’m Bruce Wen and now let me show you what
you can do after practicing Iron Palm for many year. The first one is Brick Breaking.
Okay, now I’m going to show you how to break one brick, okay. The reason I put a phone
book on top of the brick is to increase the resist, just to make it harder. Okay. First
thing I’m going to show you how to slap the bricks and breaking it. So I’m going to center
this. Hey, and one warning, okay, don’t try this at home, if you break your hand I’m not
responsible for it, I’m not liable for it. Okay. So, one and in the count of three, you’re
going to exhale and feel the energy down, look into the, look into the floor. One, two,
three. Now that’s one brick. Now, I’m going to show you how to punch a brick. Same thing,
we set it up. Okay. Same thing we set it up. Okay. I’m going to put the phone book on top
of it, to add more, to make it more harder. We’ll do the same thing. I’m going to look
to, actually, If I’m punching down to the ground. One, two, three. Okay. Now, I’m going
to show you more advance brick breaking. Okay, now this is a count of four. But, I
mean, I can do as many as thirteen, but, I’m just going to show you four today because
I don’t want you guys to be breaking your hands after seeing this. Okay. Let’s watch
this. Now, I’m going to use my elbow instead of my arm. On a count of three, one, two,
three. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes what you learn in Iron Palm. This is devastating
power so don’t try to do it at home, okay, without proper instructions. And once again,
I’m Bruce Wen.

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