Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Breaking Sticks with Kung Fu Iron Body

Let me show you what you could do with your
body, or your legs or your hands after practicing the Iron Bodies. The first thing I’m going
to show you to do, breaking the stick with your legs, kicking. Okay. As you could see,
my students holding the sticks for me, okay. These are the sticks, it’s what we called
oak wood. You can get it at home depot or any hardware store. Okay. So they’re getting
ready and I’m going to incorporate my energy to my legs and when I kick the stick, it’s
going to break into half. You guys want to see that? Okay, do you guys want to see that?
Okay, sure. Now let us start. Iron Legs. Now is the next stage. Iron Arms. Okay. You breaking
the sticks all with your hands. And ladies and gentlemen or parents, please don’t use
a stick and stop beating on your kids at this at home okay? It’s not appropriate and I don’t
recommend it. And just watch this. Okay. Whatever you do to one side of the body, you can always
do to the other side. Okay. Now this is the Iron Arm Breaking Sticks. Now. This is the
Iron Back. Go. Iron Stomach. Iron Legs. Switch Sides. Okay.
Ladies and gentlemen this concludes our Iron Body demonstration and I’m Bruce Wen.

100 thoughts on “Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Breaking Sticks with Kung Fu Iron Body

  1. before you learn how to kick, you learn how to balance
    its like punching without useing you'r nboddy.
    and the wood is hollow.
    you'r a fake

  2. I would love to meet all the people that left nasty comments. Even someone who is skilled makes mistakes. I'll bet none of you could perform iron Kung Fu. But if you want to try it, I would be more than happy to hit you all with oak sticks.

  3. This is a joke right.? I've never seen a real Shaolin Monk wobble so much trying to lift up a leg. Can he be more unblanced. Whats he really trying to show? Drunken Monk??? NOtice how on the second arm trick he had to adjust the contact point of the stick. If he had iron arms why would he need to do that? This guys an imposter.

  4. They all dress up like martial arts masters who have been practicing it for over 40 years. But they're doing things a bunch of bored 12 year olds could also do lol. At least I used to do stuff like this with my buddies at that age, but maybe I'm just crazy, who knows.

  5. dumb idiots, look at the STICKS! they are PRE-CUT!!! i would know because i use to do this all the time just to get girls…lolz

  6. @interTVchanell you can't break a wooden stick without putting enough energy into it…. clearly you never broke something before

  7. Wow you guys complain about hes "bad" balance, but I'd love to see you fkn break this shit on your body. You douchebags would fkn die of it.

  8. Weird… when the stick hits there is no reaction… if that stick is quite tough it should atleast cause some sort of springlike movement o.o

  9. 我曾經用口授手臂斷棍給一位外國武術朋友,一小時後,他成功在武術會表演斷棍功夫,但之後他永遠再不做這種表演,因為他說如此騙人乃無恥行為。現時高科攝影機和慢鏡分析,這種技巧功夫無可蔵身。

  10. phufrffrrrfrrf of curse that wood going to break… is pure applied physics. jajajajaj break them up the Middle is a matter of little force and some bearable pain

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