Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Bow Stance Iron Palm Kung Fu Training

Now I’m going to show you another way to practice
your Iron Palm. Earlier we did the Horse Stance. Now I’m going to show you the Bow Stance.
So earlier is a Horse Stance. Bow Stance, we do the same thing, okay, but just standing
in Bow Stance and up. When you feel tired with your legs, you want to shift and change
to the right hand. Okay. And of course, do this for a couple hundred times. You can do
it like with a combination or you could just do Bow Stance and slap, slap a hundred times
and switch legs and switch hands and slap. Switch and chop. Okay then chop. Okay. And
of course you could also do it with the elbow. Okay. So this is hitting the, hitting the
box with the Bow Stance. Okay. Now whatever you do to one side, you do to the other. And
same thing, the first stage, you hit the beans for six months, then go on to the next stage,
you hit the gravel for another six months. Then you come up to steel or pebbles. So you
put up with a lot of pebbles probably about forty five pounds and do the same thing for
another two year or more. Okay. You still hit it. Palm, okay palm. Chop. Chop. Back
hand. Back hand. And of course you could do a combination of one, two, three. And switch
sides, one, two, three. Do that for a couple of years and you should be strong to break
some bricks. Okay. And in the next segment I’m going to show you the actual brick breaking.
This concludes this section.

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  1. He needs to elaborate more in detail. Wing Lam Iron Palm training method has a better explanation how iron palm training should be done. It includes Do's and Don'ts during the practice.

  2. this guy doesn`t have much of a clue what he is really doing any way, real iron palm training isnt about breaking bricks as an end result, its about training to condition and toughen muscle and bone by hitting the iron bag so one can deliver devastating strikes with fists forearms elbows etc that will penetrate right through effortlesly and seriously hurt your opponent,Also training your legs and thighs to toughen and hurts a fighter -when he kicks u or you kick him he fells the pain from ip

  3. Be careful not to be too drawn in by tricks- iron palm has its use, but the fact remains breaking a wall doesn't equal a broken opponent- think of the factors- the angle of the strike, the way he hits, etc.
    For example, the force of hitting an object from above that is at waist level is much more than hitting a target at face level one foot away.
    Also, downward strikes don't really happen in real life, certainly not at that level.

  4. Be careful and patient if using a technique like this. I messed up my hands using this method on the softer upper part and middle parts of a heavy bag. It's as if I have arthritis now. I also got a non-cancerous outgrowth of bone or cartilage on my elbow presumably because I cracked it. I didn't use hard strikes and the object wasn't very hard, so don't screw up like I did.

  5. You have to let your hand fall down if you condition the fingers too, and if you do not use DIT DA JOW. Than your hand will go fatal! You have probably did not used any liniment did you?

  6. I did the same thing and am only 28, I started at 17, and thought I knew better, completely my own fault, you really do need to start off slowly and with something softer as is shown in this video! my hands constantly freeze up now :o( … no one to blame but myself !!

  7. Yep, I don't blame anyone but myself either. Problem with a heavy bag I guess is that beyond a certain point it doesn't give. Probably the strikes with the middle joints of fingers are what did me in. Just want others to be careful. Then again, I also deliberately dislocated my shoulder after watching lethal weapon as a teen, and later accidentally dropped a weight on my neck, so perhaps I'm just a self-injuring idiot. haha. I'd consider tryin this with beans.

  8. Yes it is training, look up "Wolffs Law" on wikipedia or google. This is a real form of hardness training for your bones.

  9. I already train my knuckles, elbows, shins and forearms. I've been doing this for a couple of years now. I also know the importance of letting the bones recover 100% before the next training session. for me it can be between 2 weeks to 2 months of recovery time.

    I'll post my training video as a response as well. tell me what you think-

  10. for some dirty gongfu training, wrap towels around a tree, cinch off with a belt and go at it. You can regulate the thickness with more or less towels/wrap rotations


  11. well you can't judge someone by his nickname, mine is silvergunz and I practice martial arts, and I don't like fire guns in any way 🙂
    my name comes from gunz the duel, were i'm one of the fastest k-style player in the world I can press 8 keys a second in average 😉 just to brag about =))

  12. This training breaks microcell bones in your hand, when it repairs it selve it makes a extra bone, if you crack that to it repairs again and so on, after a while your bones will get super thick, i practice iron palm, i know it. This is no killing exercise to kill the sensetivity but it strongs up bones. However this man here does not explain good training,

    adios morron,

  13. I'm sorry man, I had to.

    Yes, you have to drop your hand naturally in the bag, it does not take years but only a few weeks till you can break. If you do not use chinese liniment or overtrain you can get ARTHRITIS>!!
    This training can only be done with a lot of research and knowledge. it does look easy on this video but when you check out some post say: I've almost misformed my hand. This training is fake, you can't learn it from internet, it's chinese rare training!

  14. I train in TDK and as child I did karate, I'm 19 now, and gunz in my opinion is the most complex shooter, you can actually develop perception speed that can be applied in real life, for example, in game when someone is moving you have predict were he is in the next 0.5 seconds or more depending on latency, so when a opponent is starting a kick my perception is higher due to the game … and I can dodge or block if I can see thru it ^^ is amazing how a game is helping me in real life

  15. i did wing chun kung fu for about 2 and a half years and i did soo many hours of shin conditioning so my shins are like table legs and i just don't feel much there now. my friend kicked my in the shin with a steel cap boot, still hurt but not much, i still got a bruse from it though haha

  16. That is not conditioning man, that is killing your leg. sensitivety lost. In iron skill training you must keep sesitivety, your bones have to get hardened, you do nopt have to kill your sens.

    You have trained too hard I think so you lost sense.

  17. dude this guy is awsome! i'm so glad i found this video, "do that for a couple of years and you should be able to break some bricks" hahaha!!! YEAH~!!!

  18. he talks like 2 years is nothing to him… and all that just to break some shit brick? lol who wastes their time on this… must be messed.. but i respect him for at least showing his skills

  19. respect, but personally i dont really believe in this, i havent seen one break any bricks infront of my face and tbh, ill only believe them if they break the bricks on my wall or a brick after my examination

  20. iron palm training involves going gradually up a ladder of intensity. Canvas bags are first filled with mung bean – one practices on this bag for a few months, then shifts to soya bean. These initial steps allow for a conditioning of the skin. It kinda becomes hard, like the fingers of a guitarist :). Then, the next step is gravel. Here the hands begin to develop callouses. After a few months on this one, people shift to ball bearings. The iron condition the bone and also promote chi flow.

  21. alternatively, you can also use a makiwara, that's the japanese way of conditioning. but whatever the method, listen to your body. Do NOT overtrain, you can severely mutilate your hands :S. Then they'll be no good :D. So be patient. move up the rungs slowly :D.

  22. Is it possible to subscribe to just these videos without having to deal with the rest of expertvillage's videos?

  23. @lanicol1 I'd imagine just once a day, if not once a week. I've experienced a lot of bruising through a similar training exercise and I would not recommend repeating this with "damaged" hands.

  24. I heard to do about 25 hits with each part of the hand once a day. But you need that healing salve after each day.

    Make sure to take a calcium tablet and a multi vitamin.

  25. @777CAMARO777

    Because that's horse stance in Japanese.
    Rice in japanese is also said differently.
    Sorry didn't mean to be rude, I do train in Butokukan karate, but yeah horse stance is the English term for it

  26. The "horse stance" was created in Japan as a way for soldiers to learn horseback weapons skills if they didn't actually own a horse. As a soldier in feudal Japan, you would want to be recruited into the cavalry 'cause you'd have a better chance of surviving a battle.

  27. @demoskunk But if you're a peasant and can't afford a horse, you train with a sword and spear in the "horse stance" to simulate a horse riding position.
    This stance has NO value for fighting on foot. These Shaolin monks are great acrobats, but I doubt their actual combat skill.

  28. It's mind over matter. Just invision yourself breaking the breaks. And they will break. If you have even a split milisecond where you doubt yourself. The brick will not break. Now, everyone go out and try.

  29. …did he just say you later train with STEEL? I would so fucking destroy my hands doing that, better get starting punching a pillow.

  30. @ThisOneTree kung fu means kung= work or effor, fu=daily or continuos, so theres your answer its something you need to do again again again so then you mastered by how many times you did it

  31. It looks silly if you dont know any better, but these are the beginner conditioning exercises for real Iron Palm practitioners. These are the guys who can "bitch slap" through solid stacks of unspaced concrete and simply give you a mnor shot and bust the bones they hit.

  32. "just do it for a couple years" he says it like its an hour or something! 😛
    looks like the next few years of my life are gunna be hard work.

  33. This is the best martial arts teacher I've found on youtube so far. He's so positive and informative. Easygoing socially, but not physically. Most western teachers are just hardasses with bad haircuts.

  34. @joseph941000able yeah I'm currently 1428 years old (been a long while), bbs were introduced back in 1750 and early forms of concrete were formed made around the 12th Century. This didn't exist back then… :p

  35. This guy is a joke and does not teach real shaolin training.  He just repeats whatever he read somewhere and his stances are weak and amateurish.  There is no way this guy is a real martial artist, just some wannabe.

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