Shaolin Iron Skill Kung Fu : Bar Breaking with Kung Fu Iron Head

My name is Bruce Wen again, now, after the
lesson from Iron Palm, no from Iron Head, I would like to show you what you could do
with your head. Okay. And let me give you a security warning, or safety warning or whatever
you call it, don’t try to attempt to do this at home, okay. Attempting to do this at home
might damage your head, okay, if not properly train on the instructor. Okay. So this kind
of bar is what we call iron bar or metal bar. Okay. It’s made of metal, and you could get
this at any hardware store. Okay. So these are made of metal, it’s all 100% metal and
it’s kind of hard. So first let me show you how to break one metal, metal with the head.
Okay. May I have some audience to come and check on the metal please. Inspect it. Pure
metal? Okay, good. Now I’m going to show you how breaking one of the metal over your head.
And once again, don’t try to do this at home without a proper instructor’s instruction
or without years of training. Okay. I could do this because I’ve been doing that for years,
since I was a kid till now. Okay. So now I’m going to , I’m going to basically incorporate
what I call incorporated energy to my head. Okay. I’m going to again to Horse Stand or
Bow Stand Position. You could do this either way, Horse Stand or Bow Stand position head.
But now I’m just going to show you Horse Stand position then I’m going to show you how to
break it sideway with a Bow Stand Position. So holding the metal bar, on a count of three,
one- bang against the head, two, and the third one you’re going to release power and you’re
going to break it over your head, okay. So now let me do the whole thing without talking.
Okay. Now let me show you side ward. Okay. And of course, the more advance you get, the
more metal bar you could break. I can break as many as six, but, today I’m going to show
you how to break two, okay. So I’m going to put two of them together. I have two metal.
Okay. This is what you could do after practicing Iron Head for years. Okay. It’s one of the
most highest skill of Shaolin.

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  1. I'm going to move to Vancouver, BC in another year or so. Does anyone know of any places where I can learn these skills.

  2. I love this guy he's such a sweetheart lmao bt he is funny!

    you can tell from his face that it hurts him yet when you see most shaolin do this they have faces of steel!

  3. if u watch his videos he shows off and tells what he can do like… i can do six peices of metal but im only gonna do 2 (=.=)

  4. I think that startin a fight with this dude is simply asking for trouble. Ever heard of the expression 'Having your ass handed to you on a plate!?' hahahaha

  5. I appreciate what he is doing because I understand the nature of it, as a martial artist myself. I use two 2-pound hammers for my "Iron Stomach" training, along with the lower ribs, arms, legs, and other parts of my body. This is real training designed for real people starting at "level zero" and progressing as far as each person desires.

  6. im guessing he cant speak english so well not because studied hard, but if you notice, hes really… REALLY trying hard to focus… guess someone pushed slightly too hard >_>

  7. steel doesn't break easy like that. The force require to snap a piece of steel that short is quite big, and the piece of steel broke in 2 different places, one of the shorter piece was probably 1-3" at most, if you try to snap 2" of steel off a bar, it's would take a huge piece of machinary, let alone 1 dude who's barely 5'2.

  8. @FireVortex720 FYI height = size, 90% of the time if some dude is bigger it's most likely he's stronger. and no I'm not jealous, I can live happily without breaking iron on my head.

  9. @spudnutsncoffee …actually spermnutscoffee is a pedophile who likes to suck old men off in public restrooms, lmao!!! #pwnd

  10. @warlock110 well it depends though if the steel has a very high carbon content which makes it hard but brittle then you can probably do that but you might cause a fountain of blood shooting to the roof

  11. @barneywee so you think this is real? FYI I have friends who practice similar stuff and does demonstration… I know how it works… in fact I bet those steel stick can be put back together after he break them.

  12. @chimpygamer
    You could do it too, the composition of this material is so that it is easily breakable.
    You can see that because it actually breaks into 3 parts, which would make no sense if he focused his 'chi' on one spot.

    In fact, this is easier to do with his metal strips (not bars, as you say. Breaking a metal bar on your had is not possible) then with a twig.
    Try to break a soft twig, and you will fail. Smash this metal thing on a table and it will break into pieces.

  13. @warlock110 yeah i think its real cuz i think that steel is brittle probably just need around 100-200 lbs of force to break that. But If they were to use proper steel one with a good balance of iron and carbon it would be unlikely

  14. @Sparclen ahh i get what you mean now my quality was crap i was watching on phone the strips looked like bars i just watched from my laptop and could see they were extremely thin strips

  15. Lmao! after he breaks it he pushes his arm down as a energy releasing technique i gues o.0, but it looks like he is like "FUCK that hurt like a bitch", ok next one.

  16. hay ha ha ha i tried with with iron metal i was injured then i tried with hard [brittle hard] metal after 2 years of my injury it worked but hits very hard

  17. "a safety warning, or whatever you call it" did you maybe hit your head one too many times and forget? Hahah, i'm only joking, Shaolin Monks are awesome, and could kick my ass, so I do not mean to make fun.

  18. Mars. He did it once and it created the Valles Marineris. (The valley on Mars that is 4000 km long and up to 7 km deep)

  19. first off i dono what metal that is but belive me is imposible to break it with your head …only thing u could do is BEND it but not break it id say that metal is "rigged" made to snap second off ..standing in your head for 20 min is retarded you are better off hitting it with something at the pain u can witstand …that way u can increase your bone density like the fists..u hit it first day it hurts ..hit it 3 days later hurts less and so on

  20. third off ..shaolin kung fu is good in movies no doubt but irl situations krav maga / muay thai / kick boxing even …box ..are superior

  21. i dont know if i believe this, there has to be SOMETHING about the metal that makes this possible, it fractures far too easy instead of bending at all, especially considering the amount of force he appears to be using. not asying its a camera trick, but theres SOMETHING going on here other than a guy just being "trained"

  22. the skull is a very dense & strong bone structure as it protects "the command center" with training it CAN in fact break metal.

    which is not to say it can break everything made from any metal.. a strip of, im guessing iron. is quite plausible, iron is often hard but relatively brittle

    martial arts training toughens the body and lets you do things that most people don't realize is humanly possible. and breaking iron on trained bone kind of highlights the "iron bone" theme don't you think?

  23. u are delusional ..take a iron bat and knock it on the wall u cant break it by knocking it there and u can break it with your head ? c`mon bro just be real ..the metal used here is rigged breaks in 2 even parts in a str8 line u can strenght the skull as any bone in the body but not enough to break iron

  24. First off, nothing is "impossible". You might have your way of doing things, but that doesn't mean you should criticize this. If you have a problem, why don't you go to a Shaolin Monk and test their abilities? One more thing, it is not the style that is "better" than another, it is the person.

  25. belive me bro ..when i say is imposible to break iron with your head it is ..hit yourself in the head with a crowbar or show me a shaolin who can break one not saying theyre bad or anything just said is imposible to break iron with the head even after 10-20 years of practacing this metod ..and when i say iron i mean REAL iron

  26. hoW the fuck did he break metal over his head, notice how the camera doesn't lean down so we can see where he put the rest of the metal bars on the ground ?

  27. This is one of the fakest breaks ive ever seen, just look at how the metal is so cheap and brittle that it snaps in 2 so easily.  This guy is a known fraud and he uses fake props to act like he is an expert on iron body when he doesn't have a clue.  If you want to see a real shaolin monk demonstrate iron body and breaking skills with REAL metal under 3rd party observation then type in shaolin monk drills head into the search bar above and see the difference.  This guy is a complete joke.

  28. For those of you who are saying that this is fake, do some research on Wolff's Law. You ever wonder how Muay Thai kickboxers are able to kick down banana trees with their shinbones? It's because they have had micro fractures on them from kicking things overtime which leads to calcification of the bones, thus making them stronger. And any martial art that involves conditioning bones (like Kung Fu, for example) proves my point to a T. You can (provided that you have been conditioning a certain part of your body) can take a power drill to said body part without breaking the skin. Don't believe me, look it up on Google. And another thing, these practitioners use a special liniment called Dit Da Jow, which strengthens the bones, tendons and ligaments to the body parts that you are looking to condition.

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