Shaolin Diamond Fist Kung Fu : Shaolin Continuous Boxing Moves 5

And now it comes to the last segment of the
film. So from here, you want to bring both hands back as I was elbowing, I’m going to
kick with my left leg, right leg I mean, step my right leg with my right hand, go down,
turn in, elbow, turn, chop, step forward – one, two, raise your knee – one, down, two,
three and closing. One more time, from here and I elbow back, kick with my right foot,
step my leg with my right foot, go down, turn elbow, turn around chop, step forward, down,
block up with your right, punch with your left, raise your knee, down, two. Okay, now
I’m going to show you the whole form in slow motion. Bow, one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, block down, step, step
forward, double punch, cross, step, elbow, kick, elbow, chop, intercept, raise your knee.
And this concludes the whole form and the whole teaching of Shaolin Continuous Boxing.

34 thoughts on “Shaolin Diamond Fist Kung Fu : Shaolin Continuous Boxing Moves 5

  1. Thank you again for another form, much appreciated, good way to keep fit and increase flexibility, reflexes and stamina. Bruce wayne you awesome.

  2. ahaha m8 get a life, hes demonstrating he doesnt have to be accurate on balancing and shaolin would fucking own wing chun m8 fucking get a brain

  3. @masterdeano Have some respect. I could say "MMA is where it's at, wing chun is a joke." But I respect all arts. If you take any Martial Arts, you'd know that respect is the first thing learned.

  4. LAME! Knife hands looked limp! China isn't likely to allow any REAL warriors to teach here! REAL lame stuff man! Even his positioning with his fists are way WAY off! They're supposed to be in your ARMPITS before an attack….NOT down at your sides!

  5. this guy is not Shaolin master and to be honest: he never learned real old style Shaolin Gongfu, just the modern forms. You can see it on the movements, to wide and no power, also when doing quick. So the movements showed in this NEW style Lian Huang Quan are not suitable to use in fights. One of the old style gongfu Shaolin fighting monks is for example: Shi De Jian. Not nice fancy looking movements, because they are for fighting.

  6. @FeilongShifu
    Shi De Jian is good, but it's not Shaolin anyway, he learned some real traditional stuff from a village and put it togheter labeling the product as "Shaolin Xin Yi Ba"

  7. This man would more than likely beat us all to a pulp in even a street fight. You have to take into account that this man is a monk and probably is half-assing this knowing that there are billions of idiots out there mocking him or people who will now claim they are a monk from watching this video and learning this step-by-step.
    The point here is not the technique being instructed but a demonstration of the Shaolin Kung Fu "style" in itself. Be glad he took the time to film and show you this.

  8. whats your name ? Sell some dvd lessons at amazon or something
    ,,,,, no ballance ? nobody is that perfect ! Its like those guitar dvd lessons ,, people mess up ,,,,, gives me hope LOL

  9. @dragonode1 Master Shi Yan Hui, whose secular name Wen Xiao Long (bruce wen) originates from FuJian Province, Potian, where the Southern Shaolin Temple is located, started his martial arts training at the age of three under his grandfather, father, uncle and several master of the Southern Shaolin Temple. Later, his father took him to the original Shaolin Temple in Henan, China to further his training. in 2005 he was granted permission to teach overseas.

  10. That is because it does not need to…You'll never see a true Kung Fu master in MMA because that isn't what Kung Fu is about. It's about Preventing violence and living a better life without it. MMA is, to me, a primal display of low self-esteem issues..

  11. i love it when people criticize what they have never experienced, it strengthens my faith in what they're criticizing.

    And thank you for the form, i look forward to moving as fluidly as this Shaolin Artist. And hopefully I'll be able to lift my legs that high without feeling like they'll never come down.

  12. they all are stupid idiots who never trained anything. i do mantis kung fu and i like this form. i can do everthing besides the 5. part. could you say me whats wrong if i upload an vid?

  13. I sick off all these people who watch and the criticize if you have come to be unappreciative then you can be gone demon 😠😐

  14. Amo a arte Shaolin, nas até os chineses tão acabando com elas, com essas aulas tutoriais. Um monte de leigos aprendendo e se rotulando mestres.

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