Shaolin Diamond Fist Kung Fu : Kung Fu Diamond Fist Moves 1

Now I’m going to show you the first segment
of the Diamond Fist. Inhale. You want to perform this form as slowly as possible. This is similar
to Tai Chi. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. So this is the first segment.
Let me show it to you again. Standing straight, take your left step forward. One, inhale,
raise, three, four, hammer fist.
One, two, three, four. Okay. That’s the first segment of the Diamond Fist.

33 thoughts on “Shaolin Diamond Fist Kung Fu : Kung Fu Diamond Fist Moves 1

  1. I have a qeustion when i do a split i can't go with my bottom to the ground i am still 20cm away from the ground?
    How can i make it strech more so i can go to the ground?

  2. sit against a wall back straight and spread your legs out as far as possible, have a friend sit in front of you and push your legs closer to the wall with their feet and when you feel the strain from stretching make them hold you in that position, then just relax your muscles untill you do not feel pain from the strecth any more that will help get your splits lower

  3. i just hav one question… iknow it might be stupid. bt i wntd to ask after learning all the skills punchin n practically everythin. how do u knw which skill to use in a fight. i mean to say on the situation. plz ans dis it'll be a big help!!thnx neway

  4. when you train forms, your muscles remember the movements, so when you're in a fight, those movements come out as a reflex. but that isn't enough. forms are choreographed. you have to train in "real" fighting situations (With a friend or such) to get used to the speed and the reactions. in a real fight, you can't predict what's going to happen, you just have to be ready for everything

  5. Babelfish interpret it as "This is thanks teacher very interestingly"… I'll let you work it out from there… ; )

  6. I feel ashamed for all western civilized prospects that cannot treat this pose with any sort of dignity. I would like to assure the Master that the aforementioned are children who do not know any better. I greatly appreciate your videos, they are enthralling.

  7. I see that there are very few people here on youtube who actually give intelligent comments. It is these stupid comments made by nobody's, nothing's and peon's that in my own videos i have disabled comments. Sifu Wen should do the same on his videos.

  8. i had to replay this about a million times to get it down. its harder then i thought to copy movements. but i think its worth learning so i am taking the time.

  9. not to be rude, but i would expect a Master not to lose his balance when demonstrating the technique (0:56).


  10. these forms are very different from Shotokan Karate, much more fluid and circular. but why limit myself to one point of view? there's no good reason. so i'm learning these forms, for fun. sure, i might not use a butterfly kick in self-defense; i probably wouldn't train myself to kick at all. much easier and safer to throw rocks or chairs than to put myself in the fray.

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