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No! Let go off me! No! My name is Geeta.
I work as a dancer in a club. A man named Nasru kidnapped
me three days back.. ..and molested me, sir.. Calm down.
Take it. Write a complaint. Idiot.
I warned you several times. A girl named Geeta has lodge
a complaint against you. I will be raiding the place now.
Go away from there. Jagdish speaking. Why are you blocking the way? I’m finding an auto rickshaw
nor getting a ride. Where do you want to go?
-Race course. What is your name? -Ashwini. You’re beautiful. -I see. Why? -Do you know who I am? Nasru. -So what? I’m very fond of girls. Who are you? Yama (angel of death). I don’t believe you.
-You better believe me. Killing someone doesn’t
make me sad.. ..but gives me great pleasure. Black Cobra! Black Cobra! Black Cobra! Yes, madam?
-What are you doing, Shankar? Trying to put an end to crimes. It is a kind of social service,
isn’t it? Killing someone isn’t
social service. Madam? -Make the one realize
the importance of life. Madam? This is too much. The investigation has
not progressed. No, sir. We’ve found a clue. There a common thing in
all these murders. The men who got murdered
are actually molesters. There has been no case filed
amongst few of them. They’ve been granted bail
due to lack of evidence. So, it is only in Darbar Hall we
learn about the secret cases. Darbar Hall? -Yes. Those who hesitate to go
to the police getting.. ..concerned about their dignity.. ..and fear the goons.. ..come to this place and
express their grief. Then, the case will be looked
into based on the details. But, the person and his name
will not be disclosed. A.C.P Shankar Prasad is
the founder. -Good. Find out where the next
get-together is held. My name is Priya. -I work with
a company called Neo Infotech. The director of the company
has been harassing.. for the last six months. He compels us to come
to this guest house. When I complained to the
higher authorities.. ..they say ‘It is common’. And when complained
to the police.. ..they say ‘He is a very
influenced person’. He tells me to quit job
if I don’t obey him. I’m the sole bread earner
in my family. I’m here for justice. My number 9845058452. Say ‘Yes’ to Prakash Sibal. And fix the place at his
residence at 8 p.m. Dear, take this. Let’s go. What have you decided? Do you want to quit the
job or do as I say? I will come to your house. At 8 p.m. Hi, Lucky. -Hi. I’m ready. There’s a small change
in program. Did you postpone it for tomorrow? No. I have an urgent
meeting at 8 p.m. I will meet you there
after the meeting. Okay. Bye. Perfect timing. Who are you? That’s not important. I’m the man who stands by
women who are in pain. You’re a shame to humanity. Love should prosper one’s
life and not ruin. Men like you should be punished. There should be good people
in this country. Bad people like you
shouldn’t be alive. You need to become a
responsible citizen. Hello?
-Can I speak to Mr. Prakash? He left for the day.
-He said he’d a meeting? No meeting today. If you cooperate with us,
we will surely safeguard you. Priya was to come to my house,
but she didn’t. Then who came? -I don’t know. He’d a good personality.
He was in rage. Sir, Priya. Hello. Priya,
this is inspector Naidu speaking. You were to meet him at 8,
but why didn’t you? I received a message from your
authority not to meet him. This is my number. But I didn’t message her. -Then
how did she get the message? Yesterday morning,
and old man took my phone.. ..probably.. Video coverage of Darbar Hall. Download it. -Yes, sir. He’s the one who took my phone. Sketch this man’s possible
disguise. I want to know immediately. He’s the one who attacked me. Are you sure? -Yes, sir. I’m sure. He’s the person. So, it is Shankar Prasad. Bring him. You still don’t need a lawyer? Agents are mediators.. ..and not to fight for justice,
Mr. Reddy. Agents have a hold on markets. That’s why courts have
turned into markets. Not just answering my questions.. cannot even stand before
me. -No one can defeat me. No matter how hard you try
you can never win over me. No matter how proud you
feel of yourself.. have to bow down
to someone or other. You have to bow down.
I will make you see sense today. Your honor, the person standing
in the witness box.. You must give my introduction. I’m not the Prime Minister
for people to know me. Shankar Prasad.. -With respect. Mr. Shankar Prasad lost his job.. ..because he misused the law. He lost his job because of this. He hasn’t reformed yet. People who have become.. ..his victims are. He killed call center
driver Shivakumar.. ..on 24th August 2009. V. Siddhe Gowda on 16th
September 2009 Fr. Richard Stephen on
30th September 2009. And finally.. ..murder attempt on software
company owner, Prakash Sibal. Now, he’s present here. I request the court to give
him death sentence. Greetings, your honor. Mr. Raghuath Reddy has collected
plenty of details. But, there is no evidence that
I committed the murders. You’ve forgotten. The dagger used to kill
Prakash Sibal.. ..has been produced to the court. It has your fingerprints. You said I used a dagger
to kill Prakash Sibal. Can I have a look at it? Your honor..
-You say I committed the murder. You say it contains
my fingerprints. So what’s wrong in me
having a look at it? Show it to him. Your honor, except those who
are related to this case.. ..can you send others outside?
-Objection, your honor. What’s wrong in it? -When PM
Narasimha Rao was called to the.. ..court regarding Harshad
Mehta case.. ..they shifted the whole court.
Do you remember that? In fact, when judgment was given
against Rajiv Gandhi’s.. ..killers there were no one
present in the court. It was the matter of their lives. It is the matter of
my life as well. Please send everyone out. Go on. Hey. What are you doing?
-No, Mr. Reddy, don’t stop. Your honor, I’m bleeding. And he is holding the dagger. And the dagger contains
his fingerprints. Will you believe that
he tried to kill me? Prasad, what is this? It is a conspiracy, your honor. Take him to the hospital. You cut your wrist in the court
and it has become big news. You would do this if you want
people to watch your channel.. ..and to gain popularity.
Move aside. Why did you cut your wrist? To let them know the truth. But you could’ve lost your life. But my honor got saved. I bled a lot.
Doctor advised me to have apple. You’re not answering
our question. Ask me something new. Why are you upset?
What are your intentions? Whom are you fighting for?
Who’s rendering support to you? The public has to know
about all this. Are you scared or confused
to answer our questions? You want to know the truth? Then gather everyone. In the of the public.. ..I will answer all
your questions. Live. Welcome to our program.
-Thank you. You cut your wrist in the court.. it a gimmick? -Not at all. That was the only option
to prove I’m innocent. So you think you wouldn’t
have got.. ..justice had you remained quiet? Justice doesn’t exist at all. Meaning? What do you have to
say about this? It is wrong to blame the law
because of one culprit. What else do I say? Justice will not be done
unless there is bribery. You talk about injustice. Who is the one who hasn’t
received justice? Show us. If I show, do you have the
courage to watch them.. ..or console them or solve their
problem? Be quiet. -Don’t yell. I will sing lullaby. Don’t get emotional. Sit down. Do you know them? How is it possible for
us to recognize them? Don’t your parents
recognize you.. ..when something like
this happens to you? Please sit down. My name is Jailakshmi. My name is Shanti. My name is Shruti. A guy was in love with me when
I was studying 10th grade. He often harassed me.
And I revolted against him. Then, I didn’t get to
see him for few days. One day, when I was going out,
he came to me and proposed. I got very upset and
yelling at him. And when I was about
to board the bus.. ..he came and spilt
acid on my face. My husband used to be very
suspicious about me. He also used to drink a lot. And he did this to me
out of suspicion. My husband used to get
drunk and hit me. He never used to work
nor liked me working. And when I receive my salary,
he used to take it away from me. He did this to me because I
didn’t give him money one day. We will talk about others later. We both met because of a girl.
Do you remember? Where is your officer? Go inside. Excuse me. -Yes? What’s his crime?
-Why is he given that punishment? He had salt in spite
of warning him. So we decided to give him
salt unless his BP rises. Hey. Go on. I want to lodge a complaint.
-Yes, madam. A person harasses me over
the phone everyday. He uses abusive language. Write down in detail. Okay. Will you take action against him? We will solve your problem
in 24 hours. Sure.
-Yes. Wind is faster than fire. Sound is faster than wind. Man is faster than sound. And our sir is faster
than anything. Greetings, sir. -Shabir, what’s
up? How is your family? What’s going on? I rule Bangalore south. Go on. Tell me. It was under my control. Sharif used to handle North.
-I see. Soma used to handle center. Now, he’s interfering. Greetings, sir. -So, it is you. He looks like a fool.
You think he is a threat? If you form your own rules,
what will the politicians do? Do one thing. Give police department some work. Impossible? Wear police uniform and take
charge of the entire area. What’s your problem? One amongst us must give up. You decide who it will be. Shut up. You fool. Take him to the barber shop. You summon the police
and ask for justice. Decide yourself. Get up. Go on. Go and fight. Discuss amongst yourselves.
Go on. Get away. -I will not. Get away.. -What is it? There’s a complaint. Address,
no.5/1, Veereshwara Nilaya. Katriguppe Main Road,
43A last bus stop. Oh my God. Criminals commit crime and leave
behind their address. Oh my God. Very good. Anil, go and get him. Handle the case properly.
-Yes, sir. Are you done?
-Wait a minute, sir. Our government is useless. Just a minute. Naidu on the line. Yes, Naidu. According to the report,
the girl is 18-20 years old. Check how many are missing in
that age group. -Six cases. I see. Very good. We need to match the blood and
go ahead with the enquiry. Carry on. Good. Are you done? Sir, wait a minute.
-Does your father own Bangalore? Idiots. You want a share? Come here. You want a share? You want share? You idiots. Do whatever you want to
inside your house. If you step out,
create a commotion and.. ..trouble the public, I’ll not
kill you in an encounter. Come here. I’ll shoot you
at point black. Beware. You idiot! Come forward.
Come here. Come forward. -Sir.. Tell your parents to keep
the barber ready.. shave their heads. You create a commotion
in the public? Does this place belong to your
ancestors? You idiots! ACP seems to be very angry. Let’s give his share of two
months, he’ll stay quiet. Tell me.
-Sir, the girl’s name is Bhagya. She belongs to a middle class
family. -Father works as a labor. Hang on for a minute. Who told that they would
give me my share? If you tell me who he is,
I’ll spare the others. If you try to save him, I’ll kill
you all. You scoundrels! I took his address
from the hotel.. ..owner and I’m going
to his house. Very good, Naidu. Keep it up.
Let’s finish it today. Let’s run away! You’ll be flown away if
you fall in water. If you meet with an accident,
you may lose your leg. If you fall in fire,
you’ll get burnt. But if you mess with the police,
you’ll lose your life. Hey! Shankar IPS. What Mr. Naidu?
-Sir, 7-8 people are inside. Everyone are carrying
weapons with them. I’m here to arrest all of you
in Bhagya murder case. Hey, you’ve come inside.
Think of a way to get out now. Kiddo, even my mother couldn’t
stop me from taking birth. Even the doctor could
not hold me back. You’re mere rowdies to me.
Come with me quietly. Hey, listen! -Hey! “He’s a warrior.” “Enemies, don’t mess with him.” “Black cobra.” No, sir. No, sir. My head. Please, don’t sir. You idiot!
Go and sit in the jeep. I’ll teach you a lesson
at the station. Go and sit inside the jeep. Fool, stay quiet.
The ACP is around. No, sir. Get into the jeep.
Come on, get inside. I’ll teach you a lesson today.
Get inside. Come on!
I’ll not spare you today. -Sir.. Come on, get inside. Sir. -Yes? -Sir, he’s Vinay. The one who committed a crime
after giving his address. Who are they? -Greetings, sir. Sir, we are Bhagya’s parents. Vinay Kumar, how are you?
-I’m fine, sir. Did you have your food?
-Yes, sir. Seems like you had a
head bath today. You’ve used a nice shampoo. You’re so fragrant. -You seem to
have used an expensive perfume. Nice body spray and nice pant.
You’re wearing Reebok shoes. Your shoes are nice.
Is it hurting? -No, sir. Is it hurting? -No, sir. -Is it?
You think you’re very smart. Tell your parents to
get you married.. ..if you want to do
all these things. Don’t do such filthy work. Why do you use a mobile?
To make dirty MMS? Go and make an MMS of
your parents. -Sir! How dare you stare at me?
You scoundrel! I’ll gouge out your eyes. Beware. Idiots, use the technology
in a positive way. Don’t use it in a negative way. When will our country prosper? When will our country prosper? Take him with you and thrash him.
Skin him. Hello madam. I know how hard
it is to lose a daughter. You would’ve brought her up
toiling hard day and night. These scoundrels killed
your daughter. My daughter used to address
you all as brothers. You all gang raped her.
Did you do the right thing? In our times, if we used to
address someone as brother.. ..they used to protect us.. matter if they
were related to us. Address these scoundrels
as brother? I’ll shoot them all. I’ll kill you! Take them inside. Put them behind the bars.
Don’t let them escape. Thrash them. You go and sit there.
Please, go. Sit there. Note down their complaints. What do you want? -I’m Shilpa. I lodged a complaint.
-What do you do? I study as well I do modeling. I have plans to participate
in the Miss India contest. You want to show off your beauty
and your walking style. You need a contest to
strip yourself.. ..and want a crown
on your head too. Madam, please leave.
If you have any problem.. can inform us on phone.
I’ll take care. You please leave now. Hey! Thrash them to death.
Don’t spare anyone! I’ll see who’ll save them now.
Idiots. Shall I tell you something? What is it? -Someone like you
should be in the department. Show us that even you should
be like a good citizen. Lead a respectable life in the
society. Please, leave. Madam, please leave. They wear bikini and do modeling
in the pretext of.. of soap and shampoo.
They expect a crown too. Vinay Kumar, will you have food? Anil,
give him mutton curry and rice. Do you go to gym? You have to
build up your thighs too. It is very good for strong legs.
Is that clear? Shashi, come here.
-Yes, sir? -Come here. He has a hairstyle like Salman
Khan’s sister. -Shashi.. -Yes, sir? Give him such a treatment that
hereafter he sees any girl.. ..he should go to them and tell
them to tie a rakhi to him. Okay, sir.
You scoundrel, come with me. Hit him. -Sir, please.. Handcuff him. Stop it! Who dared to put my man
behind the bars? Sir, who are you? I’m a minister.
He’s my man. Leave him. -I can’t. You have only 8 stations
behind you.. ..but I have 90,000 people
behind me. Remember that. I think you know the
difference between.. ..a dog’s bark and lion’s roar. I think you know that. -Hey? You call me as a dog. If I wish, I can throw you out
of your job in 10 minutes. You can’t mend your bones at
this age if I break them. You can’t even tie
them up together. Think about that. Kid, I’m not here to talk to
you, but to thrash you. If I decide, I’m greater than
the famous actor Raj Kumar. I’ll crush you to death. He was stamping the mud,
but I’ll stamp you. I should know that you’ve
done a mistake. I’ll hit you today, if you don’t
have anybody’s influence. If you get somebody’s influence,
I’ll leave you today.. ..but will hit you tomorrow,
the day after tomorrow.. ..I’ll keep hitting you whenever
you come in front of me. I’ll hit you if you make mistake.
-I’ll hit you even if you’ve.. ..not committed any mistake. Decide it now. -Remember one
thing, I don’t fear any influence. Beware! Listen.. -Sir, I’ll endure his
atrocities today. Please, go. ACP, you’re not doing the right
thing. I’m telling you. Sir, remember that you’re
not a good man.. you’re here to save
a criminal. Out! Sir, we heard that you were
investigating a skull case.. got solved today.
Is this true, sir? I heard it was very interesting.
Can you explain it? If I have to tell you
about the case.. ..the first thing I got is
a skull and two bones. When our lab technician gave a
neat description about it.. ..we could know that it
was a girl’s skull. I and my team then
made a list of.. ..missing girls through the city. We had sent the bone marrow
collection to the lab. According to the DNA report,
we were informed that.. ..the it was a girl’s skull and
she was 18-25 years old. Half of our case was
solved there. Again when we sorted it out,
there were 6 such cases of girls. We sent all their families
blood sample to the lab. It matched with these parents. Then we came to know that the
girl who used to address.. ..those guys as brother,
murdered her. Before that, did they rape her?
-Yes. Brutal murder and rape. What next? -We can’t get back
the girl to their parents.. ..but we’ll surely get them
justice in the court.. matter what it takes
for me and my team. Your message to everyone? Shankar Prasad is in action. This is a democratic country.
The government should run this.. ..but the rowdies are
running this city. So, I’ll get the police rule
here. -If they want to live.. ..then they have to reform
or leave this city. If they can’t do these two
things, let them lose their lives. “Shankar.” Everyone will get angry seeing
you in such skimpy clothes. Didn’t you find any other job?
You want to become Ms. India. Thank God, our Sir didn’t know
that you’re my daughter. He’s a psychic guy. Look at her, she wants to
do fashion, modeling.. And become Ms. India. Beauty lies in the eyes
of the beholder. They have to have clean
intentions and not ill-intentions. Well said, mom. Enough, mom. We all toil hard to earn
a square meal.. ..but she’s finding it
difficult to eat. You’ve been very lenient
towards her. Who are Sushmita Sen
and Aishwarya Rai? Aren’t they making good money? I don’t want money. I just want to help poor
and handicapped. Dear, your intentions are good,
but this profession is.. Dad, you trust me, don’t you? That’s enough for me. Very good. We all are very happy
that you’ve got selected.. the Ms. India contest. You’ll get support from
all our ministers. Why are you so sullen? We’ve sanctioned one
month leave for you. Sir, I know. Millions of
rupees will be a waste.. ..for this 20 days training. I don’t know who to
ask money from? You’re Shilpa? -Yes. Hi.
-Hi, we are from crazy groups. This is Meetu.
-Hi. -She’s your hair stylist. He’s Mahesh.
-Hi. -The posture director. Jax, the photographer. -Hello. And this is Aditi,
the costume designer. -Hi. I’m Ashwini, the chief of
this crew. -That’s nice. Nice to meet all of you.
But what made you come here? Coming to the point.. ..there’s a month’s time
for the Ms. India.. ..contest to be held. -So,
we all are here to train you. But payments.. It’s all been taken care of.
-Who did it? You see,
we are running business here.. ..and not a charity show. –
Investors are very important for us. Catch the investors
who come here. Sir, there are almost about 1
lakh shares. -That’s fine. Sir? -What does she want? Okay, sir. -Yes. Yes, please?
-I’m here to meet Mr. Saklesh. Sure. I’m Saklesh here. I’m Shilpa. I’m participating in the finals
of Ms. India pageant.. ..and your company.. -Gowardhan. Hi. -Hi, I’m Shilpa. Saklesh, Gowardhan Saklesh. Mom, she’s Shilpa. She’s been
selected for Ms. India contest. I want to help her on
the financial side. Have you already helped her or
have decided to help her? I’ve already helped her. When you invest in something,
you get back something. That’s business, got it? Greetings, sir. -Greetings. I think you know me.
I’m a minister. What do you want? -Nothing much. Election is round the corner. I want to talk about
the party fund. Shall we go inside? Take an appointment and send
your party president. Hello. I’m coming from the ruling
party. Remember that. Five people like me are ruling
500 people like you. What do you mean?
Don’t you respect us? I don’t respect human, but
humanity and the work they do. Now get the hell out of here! Sir,
Mr. Ajay Prakash is on the line. Hello? Tell me, sir. I don’t think your dad
will support me. My mother will convince my
father. You don’t worry about it. Just concentrate on your work.
That’s it. Okay? All the best. -Thanks. “Live life with style.” “Style is passion.” “Portray your style.” “You can attain victory.” “You can touch the sky.” “Put a smile on your face.” “You got to win.” “Let’s win everyday.” “Let’s win everyday.” “You got to win.” “Live life with style.” “Style is passion.” “Portray your style.” “You can attain victory.” “You can touch the sky.” “Put a smile on your face.” “You got to win.” “Let’s win everyday.” “Let’s win everyday.” “You can attain victory.” “You can touch the sky.” “Put a smile on your face.” “Let’s win everyday.” “Let’s win everyday.” Hi. Hello, relax. Don’t get scared. How are the preparations
going on? -It’s good. I’m sure that you’ll have the
Ms. India crown on your head. I hope so. All this is possible
because of you. I don’t know how to thank you. Very simple.
You can share everything with me. What do you mean? -I mean,
food, feelings, and a night.. What did you say?
-I’ll tell you directly. Spend a night with me. I didn’t know you were so cheap. By force is cheap and
not by sharing. No, I don’t agree with this. Think it over. Become my queen for one night.. ..I’ll make you a queen
of India tomorrow. I mean, Ms. India. How dare you slap me? Not only you.. ..if you misbehave with me,
I’ll even slap your father. I’ve just slapped you now. If you repeat this again
I’ll skin you to death. I’ll see how you enter
the Ms. India contest. You shouldn’t train
her from tomorrow. You just get out of here! Out! Relax. Mother,
I’ll not go for this contest. Don’t take that decision.
We’ll do something. When I go to the computer
classes in the morning.. ..a guy teases me daily. When I lodged a complaint
in the police.. ..they say, he’s an influenced
guy, you leave the place. He shouldn’t come to the station
and lodge a complaint. He shouldn’t know that
you’re policemen. Hello. You’ve not met
me from so many days. Hello. Why are you looking there?
Look here. No matter where you go,
you can’t do anything. You have to come here. If not.. Hey! -Who are you? Do you know who I am?
-Do you know who we are? We are Shankar’s men. “Our super cop.. a very cool cop.” “Our super cop.. a very cool cop.” Hello Beauty queen. How are your beauty contest
preparations going on? I’m not participating
in the contest -Why? Hi, Bhagat. -Hi. You’re eating chocolate?
-Somebody came and distributed.. ..chocolate saying it was
his son’s birthday. Is it? -Yes. Sister, when is my birthday? What’s your name? -Bhagat. We remember patriotic people like
you on Independence Day. So, that day is your birthday. -Sister,
but nobody celebrates it. Other people celebrate their
children birthday at home. Your birthday will be celebrated
by the whole country. The whole country? -Yes. Do your parents know you’re
doing this job? -Yes. But father tells me to
complete my education. And mother supports me for this. Every parent thinks the same. Who is your father?
-Surendranath. He’s the sentry in your
police station. When I told you I’ll participate
in miss India contest.. said winning the contest
is no big deal. I don’t have the desire of
becoming an actress.. ..or signing autographs. I want to buy clothes for them
at least once a year. We must create confidence
in people. And for which I need money, sir. I was helpless, sir. I sometimes feel I’m
a poor girl and.. ..God has been unfair towards me. Good. Very good. I now learnt that you’re
a noble woman as well. God bless you. Yes.
A.C.P. Shankar Prasad speaking. Yes. Please come to
the police station. There’s something I want
to talk to you. Yes. Okay. Yes, sir. -What? You spent all your life being
a sincere policeman. Mr. Surendranath. -Sir? Parents give birth to children.. ..but you’ve given
birth to a mother. Sir? Hi. Hi. Coffee? No, thanks. -Good. Do you think Ms. Shilpa will
win Miss India contest? She’s quite promising,
but nobody is supporting her. They will support her. -Who? Mr. Prasad said several companies
want to sign her.. a brand ambassador. If we meet her for once,
we can decide immediately. Fine. “Turn on.” “Turn on.” “Turn on.” Hello.
I’m Shilpa. 19 years of age. Student of 2nd year BSc. And I’ve been selected as one of
the finest 20 contestants.. ..for the Miss India pageant. “Oh, yes.
-Are you ready for this?” “You ready for this?” “You ready for this?” “You ready for this?” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” “This mind is such.
It rules on everyone.” “Mind is dangerous.” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” “You’re ready for this?” “You’re ready for this?” “You’re ready for this?” “You’re ready for this?” “Let there be earthquake.” “Hold yourself firm.” “That’s it.” “Listen to me, you folks.” “Make an achievement.” “Prove yourself to the world.” “You’re the charioteer yourself.” “May you attain victory!” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” “Every moment is like
a decade for me.” “I will never accept defeat.” “That’s it.” “Listen to me, you folks.” “This world belongs to you.” “You rule it.” “You need to have
self-confidence.” “May you attain victory!” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” “The moon is jealous of me.” “Indra has come down to earth.” I thought you were a
good businessmen.. ..but you aren’t. You missed her. And you missed a lot. The credit goes to Ms. Ashwini. And A.C.P Shankar Prasad. Guru, seeing people applauding.. ..she will surely become
Miss India. Well done, Shilpa. Keep it up. -Thanks. A.C.P Shankar Prasad,
please come on the stage. Hello, everybody. It is the duty of every citizen
to encourage those.. ..who want to achieve
something in life. Before becoming Miss India,
Miss World and Miss Universe.. ..participants promise to follow
Mother Teresa’s footsteps. But,
actually become movie stars.. ..TV anchors and shoot ads.
They make plenty of money. If you really want to be on TV.. ..announce that you’ll donate
your eye like Mr. Rajkumar did. People will not only recognize,
but also honor you. I know and I believe that.. day she’s going to become
a great personality. Thank you very much. I can molest you anytime I want.
No one can stop me. I want to watch you lose. I want to be the key
for your success. Get away. Stop. In one hour you’ll let me know
the date and time you’ll come. Else, I will come myself. And if I come,
I will not spare you. Mind it. Sir, do you have an appointment? Only the rich requires an
appointment, not death. Oh. What brings you here? If you come to the
police station.. ..a girl named Shilpa will
reveal about you. Come with me. Do you know who I am? I don’t care who you’re. What happened? I cannot tell you all the time. Come to the police station,
let’s talk. -No. If he doesn’t come, I will drag
him to the police station. Mr. Prasad, officer on line. Sir? -Prasad, what’s going on? Attempt to rape. Rich people and politicians think
the world belongs to them. Because of that, people have
wrong impression on us. What do I do now?
-Don’t spare him. Take him to the police station.
-Yes sir. Take him into remand before his
lawyer arrives. -Okay, sir. As of now.. ..pretend in front of him. Sorry, sir. F.I.R has been filed. Hand the phone to him. Mr. Saklesh, the case will
be produced to the court. New officers don’t obey
their higher officers. It is better you consult
a lawyer. You cannot become a
hero as soon as.. stare at me.
Don’t mess with me. I will pluck your eyes. Come on. Yes? -I’m Rajendra.
Rajendra Saklesh. Hello. This is my wife. -Greetings. Greetings. Please. -Thank you. Sir. -Yes? How old is he?
-My son is 25 years old. Is he married? -No. That’s why he’s still naughty. Girl’s family status. Middle class. Her father is a head constable. Go. Middle class, police department. Both are very dangerous. -Please. My wife. -Greetings. Children? -Is that important now? Why are you still here? If she belonged to low class,
issue can be solved.. giving her money. And people who belong to high
class think this to be common. But people who belong
to middle class.. ..are very much concerned
about honour. Please. In this society.. ..the only department
which hates lawyers.. the police. Please don’t say that.
Do something. He’s my only son. Strange. He’s unmarried and
you don’t have another son. Hello. Manjunath. -Manjunath? You’re trying to frame me for
the crime I didn’t commit. If I’m punished.. You will be punished. This Reddy
will get you sentenced. If that is so.. ..I’ll grant you such
a punishment which.. not mentioned in
the book of law. First face the punishment and
if you’re still in rage.. ..I will think how
to cool you down. Where is your son?
-Police station. Who is the officer?
-Shankar Prasad. Tell them I will thrash
each one of them. Tell them to come to the court.
Scoundrels. Greetings. You’re here with a lawyer. I guess you’ve even
brought a bail. You want to get the
stray dog released. Mister, dare you say that. I’m sorry. The dog which was brought
up by Mr. Saklesh. Let that be.
What actually happened? Stop pretending, lawyer. He tried to molest a girl.. ..threaten and also mentally
harass her. Three cases. Why attempt,
file he really molested her. I will get you the certificate. Is duty more important than your
daughter? -I’m helpless. There’s a problem. To participate in miss India
contest you got to be a spinster. Do you know what spinster means? The girl who didn’t
lose her honor. I’m sure you’re aware
of one thing. You’ll not qualify
for the contest. You may oppose, but for that
you’ll have to come to the court. And if the case comes to court.. ..if can go on for years.
And by that time.. ..Miss India contest
will be over. So, you decide. Is revenge
or achievement important? You will always change your mind. Don’t become a fool by landing
yourself into trouble. As it is, you need money
for the preparation. He will give you money,
take it and settle the case. When it comes to court,
case, money.. ..and success becomes
important to me. I don’t care about
the girl’s honor. Just tell me case is important.. ..this Shankar Prasad can
confront not only the rich.. ..but anyone on this earth. Let bygones be bygones. We are ready to do
anything for you. Mr. Surendar, our family
honor will be at stake.. ..if the case goes to the court. You need to think about
your daughter. Sir,
let’s settle the case right here. I did tell her,
but she didn’t listen to me. I’m ready. -Shilpa. The case is closed.
Release our boy. The media will arrive
if it gets late. Let them come. If they come,
they’ll question you.. ..’why Mr. Saklesh’s
son was arrested.’ ‘And when arrested why you didn’t
file a case against him.’ ‘And how much bribe
did you accept?’ Mr. Kodanda, release him. There’s no place for dogs
in our police station. Come tomorrow and take
the money from me. Sir, why did you arrest
Mr. Saklesh’s son? For assaulting an innocent girl. Then why did you release him? Because he proved that
he’s an impotent. They also produced a
medical certificate. He wears skirt at home. But, since he’d to come
to the police.. ..station he’s wearing pant. Sir, is he telling the truth? Of course. If he was a real man
he would’ve challenged me. He wouldn’t have hired a lawyer. Don’t you mess with a lawyer! And you don’t mess
with the police. You policemen are
not truth worthy. You lawyers lie at any situation. We are faster like a lightning. We are faster than
any human being. We turn the case upside down. We bring justice to the
society no matter what. What are you doing? You keep quiet. I’m such a dignified person
in this society. But my son gets arrested
in a rape case. Well done. Had you slapped him long ago.. ..he would never dare to
commit such a mistake. Now look what he has become. Why did you come here? Did you forget your words? You made a promise. Malati, bring the money. Your son is alive because
of that girl’s dream. If he does it again.. ..I will make arrangements
or his last rites. Don’t take the trouble.
I’m leaving this town. Good decision. A.C.P! Why should I leave this
town fearing you? Never. If you mess with a politician
you will become an enemy. If you mess with a lawyer,
you will have to pay fine. And if you mess with a policeman,
you will be dead. I will use only one bullet and
it is called encounter. I want to teach her.
-Forget about her. How can I after she ruined
my life and status? She must never forget me. I will make her life miserable. Only then I will live in peace.
-Let it be. No. I will not spare her. Go and talk to her. How will we make a living
if she gets married? We’ll get her married to one of
my cousin. He’ll stay with us. Take it. Go and talk to her. You’re leaving somewhere? I’m going to Delhi. Alright. How you like this guy? You’re again talking
about marriage? For me, it is important that
he understands me very well. We know that. I will meet him after
I’m back from Delhi. Take this money. Bye, father. Bye, dear. -Stop getting
emotional. Wish her good luck. Again. It is we who has to protect her
if she becomes a celebrity. Mr. Surendranath,
wish her good luck. Okay, sir. -Wish her. Give it to me. Please. Hold the rifle. Yes. Come on. Dear.. is easy to dream.. ..but difficult to fulfill
that dream. Sir has given you
all the support. No matter what happens.. ..don’t let him down. God will always protect you. For us, he is.. Mahesh, we are on the way. Come to the airport directly. Hey! -Hey. Idiot. You stupid. Stop it! Stop it! Get down! -Let go! Let go! I will teach you today. -Let go! I will not. Look. -No! Acid. No! Leave me! No! Shilpa! -No! No! No! What happened? Gowardhan had come. He did what he wanted to. Shilpa cannot participate. -Why? He spilt acid on her face. What did the doctor say? He said her life is
out of danger. But surgery has to be done. What’s..? Sir. -Sit. If you breakdown,
who will console them? What do I do? She’s my only daughter. She wanted to achieve something
in life and you supported her. But today, she’s.. Sir, we are her parents. But here, there are so many
who are crying for her. Look there. Beggars beg for money,
food, clothes.. But my daughter,
requests people.. donate their eyes. Donate eyes. Maybe, I’m a bad father.
I didn’t support her. She’s a good girl. Why things like these is
happening with her? Calm down. Uncle, how is sister?
Will she be fine? Will she become Miss India? Saklesh, where is your son? He’s absconding after spilling
acid on a girl’s face. Impossible.
My son has gone out of town. Every criminal always tries
to defend himself. If your lawyer try to prove
your son is innocent.. ..I will prove that your son
is guilty. That is police. Let me tell you something. Your son has committed
a crime for sure. If he tries to make a getaway.. ..I’ll thrash dragging
him to the street. Even the court will not show
mercy. He will not be spared. A.C.P, I was quiet for all this
while. Let me tell you. I will do anything
to save my son. And I will prove it. Now you’re a real man. Summon your men,
I’ll summon my policemen. If I don’t teach your
son a lesson.. ..I don’t deserve to be called
Shankar.. Shankar Prasad. No matter how hard you try.. ..your son cannot get away. He cannot get away from me. Anil. -Sir? Go to the hospital and take
Shilpa’s statement.. ..and file an FIR. It has to be
very strong. Is that clear? Yes, sir.
-I’ll teach everyone a lesson. Naidu, I want to know all the
details of Saklesh’s friends. Where he was, with who he was and
till what time he was there. I want all the information. Collect their details.
-Okay, sir. How will you do it?
-Very simple, sir If I send a message to
his friend’s father.. ..that your son is innocent
and tell him to surrender.. ..father will call the son and
we’ll trace the phone call. Chinna, call Ashwini and tell
her to come here. -Okay, sir. 24387777, spot taxi, I’ve
given him the number. Ms. Ashwini, you’re as important
as Shilpa in this case. Think before you file this case.. ..whether you want
to fight or quit. It is difficult to dream. When we dream and if that
doesn’t come true.. is more painful. We had to take a bold step when
they tried a rape attempt. Where had you been? I had gone to the police
station to lodge.. ..a complaint against
Saklesh’s son. What’s the use? You can’t spare the criminals
so easily. Stop there! -You listen to
strangers, but you don’t listen to us. Are you talking about marriage?
I’ll get married. Forget about the case now. Do you know what pain it is? They say, being born as
a girl is inauspicious. If something like this
happens with them.. will they live life?
-It is their destiny. So many people wanted justice
for such cases. But what they got is one or two
lakh compensation. That’s it. Saklesh will give her
if she asks for. Compensation can stop the crime. You have to get them punished. You want to die? -Yes. Girls are living like zombies
in such cases. So, you don’t want to change
your decision? -No, never. We are not ready to take
risk because of you. You can stay anywhere you want. Because, this is my house. This was the reason, I told you. It is not too late.
Think over it. What will you do? They have a middle
class mentality. They fear death and dignity. If you don’t mind,
you can come with me. Is it okay for you? -It is nice. Hello,
I’m not talking about the house.. ..but is it okay for
you to stay with me? Media people keep waiting
for such chance. They’ll make a good
program out of it.. ..and give a superb title to it.
You have to make a call. If MNC working people stay in
a live-in relationship.. ..they say, what’s wrong in it. They take it casually.
Be careful. You can wear this for the time
being, you’ll feel comfortable. Thank God, I thought he would
just give me shirt. I think you’re fond
of Telugu movies. In those films.. ..heroine will wear just a
shirt in the whole movie. Do you drink? -Yes. Occasionally. Don’t worry. No
matter how much I drink.. ..I guarantee you that I’ll not
try to misbehave with you. Don’t you drink? This is very
common in your profession. Yes, but I’m not used to it. I drank wine once as
everyone forced me. So sad. -What about food? I’ll order for food from outside. No need. I’ll prepare food. Shankar, if you know any broker,
I want a house on rent. You don’t trust me. Okay,
I’ll look for him in the morning. Why are you laughing?
I don’t doubt on you. I don’t want you to
bear my expenses. No matter how tough they seem.. ..but a girl fears to sleep
with a stranger at night. That’s the character I like
the most in women. Turn on the fan on high speed.
Cover yourself with this rug.. ..and go to sleep peacefully. I’ll look for a broker
in the morning. Who’s your lawyer? B.Com, LLB. -Oh. I can fight my own case. You want to play football, but
you know only to play cricket. Both the games are played
with a ball. They hit the ball with bat and
in this, we kick the ball. When I hit.. ..the ball doesn’t go to the
goal, but will go to jail. Oh. Keep it up. Keep it up. Greetings, your honor. Name, Shilpa. 19 years of age. BSc student. You wanted to participate
in Miss India.. ..contest but couldn’t make it. He’s responsible for it. Govandan Saklesh. How is he responsible? He spilt acid on my face. Are you sure? -Yes. Why would he do it
without a reason? Did you both have
a fight earlier? Yes. -What happened? You’re waiting for his
permission. Permit her. They tried to molest me once. Whom are you talking about? He and his friends. If that is so.. might be his friends who
spilt acid on your face. Let’s discuss that later. What dress were you wearing when
they tried to molest you? What dress were they wearing? Where did they touch you? I will not ask such questions. Did you file a complaint
with the police? No. -Doesn’t your honor
mean anything? It was who came and compromised
the other day. So will you do anything I say? Come on. You wanted money to participate
in Miss India contest. Am I right? -Yes. Say it loudly.
Even the judge wants to hear you. Yes. Objection, your honor.
-What happened? The lawyer is asking questions
which are irrelevant. She’s not concerned about
her honor herself. Right? So, history of a case and
character is required. So, you made plenty of money. One cannot participate in
miss India contest.. ..if the participant is not a
spinster. Didn’t I tell you? You did. I made her compromise saying
her honor will be.. stake if the issue
is published. But she is greedy about money. She’s lying about
the acid attack.. ..fearing people would know
she’s not a spinster. She has framed Gowardhan
Saklesh for .. ..the crime he hasn’t committed. Am I right? -No. It’s a lie. Then what’s the truth? It was he who spilt acid on me. My trainer Ashwini is
the eye witness. Name, Ashwini.
24 years of age. I’m a trainer. Will you train me how to
make illicit money? I’m a model trainer.
-Where do you hail from? Earlier, I used to live with my
brother and sister-in-law. Now, I’m staying with A.C.P.
Prasad. You’re married for how many
years? -I’m unmarried. The present generation
is quite advanced. Is it right to live
with a stranger? He’s a man with good heart.
-What about his intentions? Objection, your honor.
-Where is your lawyer? I will fight my own case. I’ve also given the application
as well. -I see. Mr. Reddy, continue. Continue what? It is futile to question
this wretched woman. What do you think you’re doing? This is the only option to
prove my responsibility.. ..and to make people respect you. “He’s got the body.” “He’s got the body.” “He’s got the body.” “He’s got the body, baby.” “Black Cobra.” “Let’s get closer to each other.” “Let’s get closer to each other.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “A new beginning.” “Love is divine.” “Truth, godliness.. ..divine. -Divine.” “Love is nectar.” “Love is nectar.” “You cast your magic
spell on me.’ “You attracted me.” “Lured me.” “You got into me.. a breath.” “My breath.” “The words of love. -Enticing.” “My love. -Everlasting.” “Ever since I fell in love life
has become meaningful.” “My heart is getting restless.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “Love is truth and godliness.” “Love is divine.” “He’s got the body.” “He’s got the body.” “He’s got the body, baby.” “You gave me all the happiness.” “I felt it.” “Experienced it.” “You gave all the love.” “My beloved.” “My beloved.” “Love is.. -Powerful.” Love is.. -Blissful. “Your love has provoked me.” “I lost control over myself.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “I surrender myself to you,
my beloved.” “Love is truth and godliness.” “Love is divine.” “Love is nectar.” “Love is truth,
godliness, nectar.” “Love is divine.” What’s this you’re wearing? Don’t you know how to wear a sari
or you don’t like wearing? Look at your pant. Turn around. Go and wear sari. At times, you enjoy seeing
girls with skimpy clothes. But you can’t tolerate anyone
other man watching your wife. So,
after marriage, a man considers.. ..his children and other’s wife
more beautiful. Right? Stop talking rubbish. Before marriage you desire
your man to a strong man. But after marriage,
you expect your husband.. .. to be a henpecked husband. Women are unbelievable. But you want your wife
to be always with you. Of course. I’ll tell you a story. The other day.. It is never
too late. Think about it. As of now,
only her face has been burnt.. ..but if you don’t withdraw
the case, she will .. ..put to shame in public. Never mind. She’s very confident. -Yes. I have faith in him as much as
I have faith in my parents. Didn’t understand? No matter how much the mother
beats her child.. child still cries
for its mother. So, they are like your parents? Yes. Let me tell you something. Her dream was to serve
the people. You have plenty of money. So give her money and
fulfill her dreams. What’s your opinion, Malti?
Tell me. If you agree,
we will withdraw the case. -No. I will not. Middle class people
are very arrogant. So, you’re married now. Good. He has produced his
wife as witness. You were not married last week. Don’t be surprised if they get
divorced next week. Okay. Who else was with you when
she was attacked? Shilpa, me and the taxi driver. None of you tried to save her? I tried, but the driver ran away. Oh. I see. You proved that you’re
courageous. Probably, it is you who attacked
her with acid.. ..pretending as though if you
were trying to save her. No. Your honor, there’s no chance
that the one who.. ..attacks the other person with
acid can burn his hand. But my client’s hand is burnt. So, I suspect her. -No. -Yes. Nobody should know that
she’s spinster.. ..gain people’s sympathy
for not.. ..participating in Miss India
contest.. ..and blackmail Salesh
family for money. That’s their intention.
-No, your honour. No. Take this.
Come on. Wipe your tears. I don’t intend to
make a woman cry. But, I want to let everyone
know the truth. You may go. I want to call the driver to
the witness box. -Okay. You’ve been working as a driver
since when? -4 years. Do you have the habit
of drinking.. ..alcohol or chewing betel nuts.. ..or wearing sunglasses which
driving the car? -No, sir. Really? -Yes, sir. Very good. If all the drivers follow
your footsteps.. ..the traffic police will never
be able to make money. Well, do you have any regular
passengers? -No. Are you sure? -Yes, sir. What dress was Mr. Saklesh
wearing on that day? Blue jeans.. Go on. -Blue jeans, T-shirt.. Go on. -Black jacket.. Try to recall. -Cap. Sunglasses. -Are you sure? You’re wrong. You’ve problem
with your eyesight. Here’s the report. As it is, you don’t remember
your passengers.. ..moreover, you’ve problem
with your eyesight. How are you so sure
it was Mr. Saklesh? It’s impossible that
Gowardhan Saklesh.. ..was in Bangalore on June 14th. That night he was hotel
called Konarch in Ooty. At 8 p.m. One and half hour
before the incident. He also called his parents
on the landline number. Here’s the detail and the bill. It is possible for anyone
to come to.. ..Bangalore in one
and half hours? So, it is a conspiracy by
Shilpa and Ashwini.. ..just for the sake of money. Now, what do you have to say? Lawyer Raghunath Reddy has
framed a fantastic story. He should’ve become a movie
director rather. There are many producers who are
seeking for good scripts. His story is more like a remake.
He’s too smart. I will talk about Ashwini later. Ganesh has problem with
this eyesight. Short sight. But the same doctor has
certified that .. ..he can see images
which are close by. Here’s the report. There’s evidence that
he called home one.. ..and half hour before
the incident. But do you’ve proof stating it
is Saklesh’s voice or a video? Even I can mimic him. A car was booked to
drop Saklesh.. .. to Bangalore from Ooty. Manju Tours and Travels. It was booked by the person
named Kartik Suwarna. Manju Tours and Travels. Can I get a ticket to Bangalore? Gowardhan was accompanied
by his two friends. Here’s the detail. Your honor,
on the day, exactly at 2 noon.. ..a person purchased highly
concentrated.. ..sulfuric acid (H2SO4).. ..from Naidu Laboratories
in the name of.. ..Shetty College of
Arts and Science. The name of the person is.. Prem Shetty from Shetty College
of Arts and Science. He’s another friend of Gowardhan. The college is owned by
Gowardhan’s friend’s father. After all this,
I still have a doubt. When Mr. Gowardhan attacked
her with acid.. ..Kartik Suwarna and Prem Shetty
had accompanied him. Please permit me to enquire them,
your honor. Permission granted. -Thank you. We’ve nothing to do
with this incident. The judge will decide that. And the lawyer will do the job
of getting you released. You three have been close
friends for years. You’ve been a part of
Gowardhan’s crimes. You’ve stood by him
in all the crimes. And also while attacking
the girl with acid. And accidentally.. ..Gowardhan also suffered
minor burns. Can you two tell me the
reason behind it? We don’t know. Tell me the truth.
-We don’t know. Look into my eyes and say.
-We don’t know. This is court. -We don’t know. You shouldn’t betray the law.
-We don’t know. You will be arrested.
-We don’t know. You swore by the holy book.
-We don’t know. Don’t try to defend Prem.
-We don’t know. You’ll not be granted bail.
-We don’t know. Your lives will be ruined.
-We don’t know. I very well know it is you.
-We didn’t do it. Then who did it? -Gowardhan.
-Yes. It was Gowardhan. I apologize, your honor. This was the only way to
bring out the truth. They proved that no friend
is truth worthy. They did accompany Gowardhan
that night.. ..but they’ve nothing to
do with the acid attack. Objection, your honor.
-What happened? As it is, they are innocent. As it is a policeman.. ..they feared him and
gave false statement. You’re wrong. You said little quantity
fell on Gowardhan.. ..when Ashwini attack her with
acid. Am I right? -Yes. If that is so, Gowardhan
was in Bangalore, right. Possible. But he didn’t
attack her with acid. Understand what I’m
trying to say. You said, he would’ve come, he
must’ve come in two days.. will admit that he was
he who committed the crime. Mr. Reddy,
do you have something to say? Mr. Reddy,
he is asking you something. The judge. Do you have something to say? I want to produce the witness.
I need some time. We will continue this
case on 17th. Good luck. Seeing you sweat and shaken.. ..seems like you’re fearing
of being defeated. All the judges will do
justice is my favor.. ..and just watch me argue. If that was so,
you should’ve continued. There something called break.
I will teach you. Evil never wins. You think you’re being fair? You punish the innocent by
letting go the innocent. You’re the real culprit. You entire like a hero when
there’s chaos in the slum.. ..but when chaos takes place
in rich people’s area.. go after them for money. You put yourself down in
the greed of bribe. That’s why the current
chief minister has .. ..condemned the police
department. Let me tell you something. You save the real culprit
when he tells .. he’ll pay plenty of money. You save him even though
he’s a traitor. Who condemned police department?
Bring him to me. If we are not on duty
for a week.. ..girls from well cultured
families hang .. ..themselves in some hotel room. And the guys will be lying
dead on the streets. Only then you will know the real
value of police department. The police officer should
not just be a man.. ..but also courageous. Only then he can become a
true officer. Mind it. You work for the police
department, but do a pimp’s job. “Shankar IPS.. a warrior.” “Enemies.. ..don’t mess with him.” “He’s fire.” What is this?
What’s the matter with you all? Tell him. Pay respect.
-We’ll pay respect only if you. You think yourself
to be a dictator? You think you’re God? Just don’t care about them.
-Shut up. If they revolt against each
other, we’ll be in trouble. So,
we must make them compromise.. ..and get them under our control. If they revolt, no policeman
will stop putting charges.. ..and no lawyer will come
forward to fight cases. What will you do then? Tell him to apologize.
-I will not. Else, I will not spare him.
-I didn’t commit any mistake. If he doesn’t apologize,
we will protest from tomorrow. And still if he doesn’t,
we will protest throughout India. There will be not a single case. When two political parties become
friends after the election.. ..when don’t you two
do that same? We are not as cheap as you. Let bygones be bygones. Shankar Prasad,
please apologize to him. Even the lawyer is at fault. Be quiet.
Lawyers are more dangerous. Commissioner, you tell him. Mr. Prasad,
I believe you’ll let me down. Even he’s at fault, sir. But I didn’t slap him. Sorry, sir. Sir,
what happened in the meeting? He apologized. -Apologized?
Then why did he slap you? He’s such a fool.
He landed himself into trouble. The police can never challenge
the lawyers. He has realized the fact. To hell with the police. Sir, shall we go on strike? If we do so, there’ll no
difference between us and him. A fool goes on strike,
but a wise man will.. .. understand his
responsibilities. Until then, it was a battle
between us according to the law. After then,
personal battle begun. Seeing him argue in the court.. ..looks like my son will lose his
life along with your defeat. No. This Reddy doesn’t
need a loophole. This proof will do the miracle. It is better we finish
the main eye witness. What? Murder? -No. Look, he’s your only son. Look, I’m new to all this. If you want,
I will pay more money. You do all the arrangements. It is rightly said that rich
people are cowards. They will never reform. Okay. Send the money. And I make the arrangements. Hello.
Nehru Nagar police station. Sir, riots in Sultanpalya. Take the police force with you.
-Yes, sir. You have phone, don’t you?
-I do, sir. If case of emergency, call me.
-Okay, sir. -Fine. Sir, mother-in-law and
daughter-in-law fight. I got a call. This is the only problem which
could never be resolved. Look into it. Sir, there was an attack
on Jally Ravi. Don’t worry. Not just worldly pleasure.. must also achieve
something in life. Okay, sir. -You must make
your parents feel proud. Understand? -Yes, sir. -Good. Constable. Release him. -Okay, sir. Mr. Surendranath. -Sir? How are things at home? Everyone is worried until
the judgment is out. You need to be with your family. You need to confident
that you will win. Okay, sir. -Go home. Go. -Station? -I will handle it. Why haven’t you arrived..? Here you’re. I was waiting for you. Knives are sold in petty shops. But one should be courageous
to handle it. Hey, go and tell him that
it is our job to.. ..kill people and save people. It is his job to get
scared and worried. If he messes up with me,
then I’ll not spare him. I’ll enter in his house
and thrash him. I’ll thrash him outside
the court. If he acts smart,
I’ll thrash him inside the court. No matter if the judge keeps
shouting ‘Order, order.’ I’ll keep hitting him. Go and tell him that I’ll surely
come in his dreams. Go away! Who are you? What is this? It is 500,000 rupees. -You
shouldn’t give your testimony.. ..against Saklesh’s son
in the court. Okay? Mr. Reddy, five days are over.
Continue. ACP said that phone has a time,
but not the voice. The same way, when you book a
car, you’ll have the name.. ..but he didn’t give
the ID card book. The one who threw acid
on her didn’t.. ..give his photograph to her. It is purely emotional blackmail
by which they made.. ..Kartik Suwarna and
Prem Shetty speak. I have the proof for it. He was told to become an approver
and not to mess with him.. ..Kartik got a call from
the police station. His father will give
the clarification. Yes, sir. It is true that
Mr. Naidu called up and said this. Now something about Ashwini. She’s in the glamorous field.
There’s no.. .. scarcity of money,
liquor, and sex. She’s a characterless
girl who wants.. lead her life independently. I’m not saying that, her brother
and sister-in-law says so. Yes, sir. She never listened to me when I
told her to wear full clothes. She used to tell this as fashion. She used to tell this
as young generation. Sir,
some people don’t have clothes.. wear to cover their body. Some people don’t want
to wear full clothes. It is her policy. So, like one apple rots
all, Shilpa got along.. ..with her and got spoilt. She used to do social service.
She learnt to earn easy money. So, this play took place. Why did Gowardhan Saklesha
come to Bangalore? He had to go to Europe with his
father for a business meeting. The same day, he met her on
the airport. That’s it. This is the air ticket which
was booked in his name. Any confusions? I think,
there is nothing to ask now. That’s all, your honor.
Mr. Prasad, what do you say? Sir, what do I say? When you postponed the
date by five days.. ..I could know that they
would make some.. ..arrangement to hide the truth. After coming here, I could know
that they’re giving a new.. to the old accused. If you continue to postpone
dates like this.. ..poor people will die outside
your court waiting for justice. The date on the file will remain. The case will be dismissed and
the justice will be vanished. I beg of you,
please don’t postpone the date. No matter if we don’t
get justice.. least poor man
will be saved. Mr. Prasad told me that I write
a very good screenplay. Now what you told is sentimental
and emotional screenplay. Court needs proof and witness.
That’s it. “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “Everything is sold here.” “Everything is sold here.” “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “You don’t get groom until
you give dowry.” “You don’t get vote until
you splurge money.” “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “When it gets darker,
they sell packets.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Everything is sold here.” “Emotions are sold here.” “Loyalty is on sale here.” “Everything is sold here.” “Sale.” “Aishwarya to sell loin cloth.” “Shewag to sell cold cream.” “Aishwarya to sell loin cloth.
Shewag to sell cold cream.” “Even policemen and God
are on sale here.” “Everything is sold here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even kidneys are on sale here.” “When it gets darker
they sell packets.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Sale.” “Sale.” “Even corpses are sold
here for money.” “Even the world is sold
here for money.” “Even hermits are on sale here.” “Even hermits are on sale here.” “Even the law and order
are on sale here.” “Even you and I get
sold sometimes.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even kidneys are on sale here.” “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “You don’t get groom until
you give dowry.” “Sale. Everything is sold here.” “When it gets darker
they sell packets.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” “Even the justice
is on sale here.” After a close look on the witness
and the testimonies.. is proved that there’s no
strong evidence against.. ..Gowardhan Saklesha
and his friends. Considering all this,
we exonerate him and his friends. Showing concern towards Shilpa.. ..the court orders.. ..the police department to look
for the real culprits.. ..and take severe action
against them. Shilpa.. get up, Shilpa. Come.
Don’t lose your hopes. Come on. Be brave, Shilpa. Shilpa. Mother, children, and trust. This is an era where
people throw.. ..their own children in the bin. You want to bring up
other children? Raghunath Reddy..
-The case is closed. Come, sit here. Don’t get upset. We have high court
and supreme court. We’ll fight. We’ll fight! Sir, I don’t want it.
Enough of this melodrama. Everyone come here and swear
by the holy book. They say, they would tell the
truth, then they say.. ..that day I lied,
but today I’ll tell the truth. Who do we trust? Asking for justice is our rights,
isn’t it? Isn’t it their duty to help
us in getting justice? Sir, you’re doing it right. The commitment and responsibility
that you have.. ..why don’t they have it? Sir, I’m sad because I couldn’t
help those children. We have everything, but still
it is hard to live life.. ..poor people don’t have hands,
legs, eyes.. ..but some people don’t know
what celebration is. Mahatma Gandhi, until you died,
you always wanted people.. treat others equally. But after your death,
there’s no equality anywhere. Poor people see you in a photo. Rich people see you on the notes. Where are you going? The scale of the law should
be equal with good and bad. Good should be superior and
the bad should be punished. Why do you want to
mess up with them? If I have to give
justice to her.. ..I have to forget the
law and humanity. But, this is wrong.
-What they did, is it right? They attempted rape
on this helpless.. ..girl and then threw
acid on her. Is this right? People don’t fear.
-People fear a mosquito. People fear swine flu.. ..malaria, dengue, but they
don’t fear the law. They play with the law like a
pig plays in the filth. Why? I’ll get the fear in them. I’ll give birth to the
fear in them. Yes! No. Ashiwin,
I have to forget humanity now. Listen to me please. Why did you slap me? Why? You didn’t listen to me. I’ve been telling them from
years, but they didn’t listen. How much should I beat them,
tell me? “Black Cobra.” “Black Cobra.” Why are you staring at me? Are you really born
to your father? You don’t resemble your
father even a bit. I heard your father
was busy with.. ..his business and you were born. It must be true, isn’t it? Don’t say that.
It won’t be good for you. Your father let go off his
humanity to save you. This proves that he’s
a clean businessman. He’s a very nice man. But you’re different from him. If you shoot me,
you’ll get life imprisonment. If I shoot you, I’ll be suspended
for 15 days. That’s it. Sir, please spare us. -How many
girls have you planned to rape.. ..and throw acid?
-Sir, please spare us. Will you come to the court
and give your testimony? We’ll say everything, sir.
-Go and open the case.. ..before the court closes. Move! Kartik, stop there! Don’t go.
-Move! Listen to me. If you stay there,
I’ll shoot you. -Listen to me. Go, or the court will get closed. That’s all I need. I came here
to arrest you for murdering.. ..the two who were ready
to become approver. You tried to shoot
a police officer. I’ll kill you in encounter
for my self-defense. -No. No, spare me. -Hold the gun. Come on, hold the gun I say!
-Sir? Shoot him.
-My father will not spare you. He’s the one who spoilt girl’s
life by throwing acid on her. They shouldn’t survive. -I’ll
give you how much ever you want. I’ll give you money. -He killed
many girls by raping them.. ..and killing them by throwing
acid on them. Many parents are restless
because of them. Until such people are alive,
girls will be humiliated. Shoot him! Shoot him! Good shot. People like you should not
stand outside the station. You have to protect every house. Sir, what next. Shankar Prasad is ready
for enquiry commission. This is too bad, Mr. Prasad. Being a responsible officer,
you killed him. Sir,
if I wouldn’t have killed him.. ..there would be a garland
on my photo.. ..and compensation to
my family by now. No, it is totally your
brain game. -No, sir. Three friends fought
amongst themselves. They called up the police station
and complained it. I’ve submitted all the files
regarding that case. You’ve submitted everything
and your anger too. Sir,
one can’t survive in police.. ..department if he is not angry. We can’t keep murderers
in our department. Thank you very much. -When the
people of the department.. ..doesn’t support his colleagues
I can’t do anything. I want to be a free bird.
-So, you want to become a killer? I want to be a protector because
I’m a responsible.. ..citizen of India, sir. That you said,
rich people can do anything. What you said came true. I learnt that there’s also a
police department in the world. We pay money for the transfer,
influence, promotion.. ..we yield to some
obligation and.. ..we forget our responsibilities. That is the reason people
don’t trust us. People know that we
are there when.. ..a commotion or riot breaks out. When people celebrate festivals
and New Year day.. ..we do double duty that day. Some minister will come.. we block the traffic
and wait for him. It becomes a traffic
nuisance then. Public scolds us, sir. Public doesn’t know that
we are not at fault. When somebody calls
and says hello.. ..we should flatter them
and do their work. How do we know that he’s married
to that lady or not. Sir,
do we need such kind of slavery? To applaud at their speeches
unnecessarily.. parents didn’t say number
in my ears when I was born.. ..they named me as
Shankar Prasad. Shankar is the name of God who
can create destruction. It is the name of a real man. Goodbye! “Shankar.” When a police officer’s daughter
couldn’t get justice.. ..what about the common people? 15-20 surgeries have
to be performed.. ..for them to look like this. But the compensation they get
from the court is 3-4 lakhs. It is more, isn’t it? Sir, do you know what their
family members are going through? The man who ruined my life
and my children’s life.. ..the court has given him
sentence of just six years. I’ve already done 11 surgeries. My parents took loan of millions
from everywhere.. get me operated. They are punished.. ..but they are living happily
in jail having food. They’ll know our pain
when they realize.. ..what we are going through. If you see, we are still
being punished for it. They are living a
comfortable life. He should’ve been punished
severely. I wish that he lives his
whole life in jail. I wouldn’t have mind if
he was sentenced death. I want to say something. You always wish to see
your children clean.. ..without any knife or
dagger in their hand. They should be prohibited
from acid too. If that ruins life,
this makes life hell. You’re showing off in the camera? Sir, it is not a big deal when
people praise you and.. people support you,
you can become a hero. You need to have good intentions
to become a real hero. You need to have a strong heart. You don’t have both
of them because.. ..your brain is pass
and heart is bypass. Goodnight. Why are you so concerned
about the ladies case? I’ll tell you.
Ours was a very poor family. You want to study further.. ..but we don’t have money
to give you education. Do you want to study? -Yes. What do you want to become?
-Police. I’ll pay your fees, will you
study? -I don’t know who you’re. Why will you pay my fees? I won’t pay your fees?
-Who’ll pay then? I passed my IPS. IPS? What does it mean? -Father.. Mother, when I told father..
-Study whatever you want to. Don’t ask money from us. Greetings, brother.
I passed in IPS. I’ll get a posting at a
good place. -Okay, son. Can I meet the madam who paid
the fees and got me educated? She doesn’t meet anyone. -I beg
of you. Please don’t say no. I’ll talk to her once. Stay here for a minute. This is the reason,
I don’t meet anyone. Who’s the reason behind this? I was in love with a guy. I was in an impression
that even he loved me. I never knew that
he would share.. with his friends
like sweets. I lost everything. I even went to the court
to get them punished. They threw acid on my face. Still I went to the court. They said, a woman’s dignity
can never be valued. Court gave me a compensation
of Rs. 10,000. ‘It is proved that she
has been raped.’ ‘So, the court grants
a compensation of Rs. 10,000 to the victim.’ I didn’t get justice there, but
they couldn’t escape from God. They died in an accident. I stopped trusting in
the court and law. I started doing social service. Our madam didn’t get justice. Even this girl didn’t
get justice. How long can I endure this? One can steal if he
can’t bear hunger. One can kill when in anger. But this rape and acid attack.
It’s a preplanned. They do it intentionally planned. Such planned criminals shouldn’t
be alive in this society. So,
I started killing such criminals. “O Lord, take me in Your refuge.” Sir, tell me something. How are
these girls who go to a BPO? They seem very strict initially.. ..but they become close
to us later. Is it? -Yes. To hell with them.
What about Prathiba? People don’t want to die.. ..but my aim is to show the
fear of death to them. May his soul rest in peace! The girls who have come on tour
shouldn’t carry a mobile. They shouldn’t call home. They shouldn’t inform
where they are. Is this the reason? You became
a Father to safeguard them. You became a Father who
begets children. No. -People who worship God
should be like saints.. ..and shouldn’t become demons.
-Don’t kill me. Finally, they have to kill
their desires of lust. It is just a waste of time to
think about the one who’s dead. You think about business
all the time, isn’t it? No, Malati. You’ve mistaken me. That the police officer
said that.. ..children ruin their dynasty it
has become true in our case. Instead of becoming bad
because of a bad son.. is better that we lead
a respectable life now. It is not business, but a fact.
Cheer up, Malati. There are many children
in this world. Don’t think your son
was world to you. Listen, our Kirti.. Okay, you all may leave now.
Okay. How many times have I told you
not to talk about Kirti.. front of people?
-What happened? Our Kirti is missing from
the hostel since morning. She didn’t attend her classes
and even her friends.. ..doesn’t know anything
about her. Hello Commissioner?
I’m Raghunath Reddy speaking. Tell me. -Sir, my daughter
Kirti has gone missing. We didn’t know that you
even have a daughter. I’ll tell that to you later.
I’m coming. I’m in a meeting. Go and lodge a complaint in
the area police station. I’ll call them and let them know. What is the matter?
-My daughter is missing. How old is she? -19 years. Who knows whom she eloped with! Call her friends and enquire. Hello, mind your language.
Don’t you now who I am? Are there any rules that say,
lawyer’s daughter shouldn’t.. ..fall in love with anyone
and elope with them? You ill-talk about others
daughters in the court. Didn’t you know this would
happen with you too? Write a detailed complaint of
her name, what does she do.. ..since when she’s missing. Write it in Kannada.
-I don’t know to write Kannada. He’s acting so smart and doesn’t
know Kannada if he knew it.. ..he would’ve been sitting
on CM’s chair by now. Take this. You can go now. -My daughter.. You gave us a complaint just now.
We have to investigate. Give her photo to us. -If
something wrong happens to her.. Mr. Reddy, anything can happen. Who knows who has kidnapped her? Where he has taken her, we should
know everything, isn’t it? Greetings, lawyer. You said,
if a lawyer wishes no case.. ..or file can move in any court. But if the police wishes,
you can’t file a case at all. Keep your knowledge
inside the court. If you come out,
you’ll need our help. If you have to sleep
peacefully with.. ..your wife inside your house.. need a dog to
guard your house. If the dog fails to
guard your house.. need the police
to guard you. Mind it, Mr. Advocate. Hello? -Manjunath. Who Manjunath?
-Your daughter is with me. If you send your daughter to
hostel so that nobody knows.. you think nobody
will know about her? I had warned you that I would
punish you severely.. ..when I get released. I served punishment though
I was innocent. Now your daughter will
face the punishment. She might lose her life
or her dignity. -Hey! Don’t shout. -What do you want? That’s a good question.
Do one thing, give me 25 lakhs. Will you leave her if I give you?
-Let’s see. If my heart melts
with the money.. ..or my body melts with her heat. Brother, shall I get tea for you?
-No. Get lost! How are you? -Fine, sir. Take this. Give me one tea. There’s a hot snack than this
tea in the Scorpio car. Reddy? Where’s the money? Where’s the girl?
-She’s in that Scorpio car. Oh no! Hello, sir. Shankar! Let go! -Shankar! Let go! Let go! Shankar! “Our super cop is
a very cool cop.” “Our super cop.. a very cool cop.” Let go! Let go! Let go! You should be ashamed
for what you’ve done. Only if I’ve done
something wrong. I too belong to a good family. I saw a rich man committing
murder. I thought it was my duty
to fight for justice. That rich man paid
money to Reddy. Finally, I was arrested for
that murder and was jailed. You’ve been talking good
about yourself. Then why did you abduct
that girl? I’m a good man.
That girl is like my sister. I just wanted to teach Reddy. You’re lucky that I quit
police department. Else, I would’ve shot you even
before you could say a word. Your good deed has saved you. What’s your name? -Manjunath. Please be a good man. Please. Mother. -Piety. -Where have
you been? -Mother. Are you all right? Thank you so much. You need to thank him. “Our super cop is
a very cool cop.” “Our super cop is
a very cool cop.” “Our super cop is
a very cool cop.” No. 171/2009,
Nehru Nagar police station.. ..Shankar Prasad and
Ashwini Prasad. Your honour.. -If you permit me..
I’d like to say something. Go on. A crime was taking place
and nobody stopped it. You condemn police department. Is only Tsunami responsible
for people’s death? Only police department should
be responsible.. ..and not others, right? Though a terrorist admitted
his crime in the court.. ..a lawyer has been appointed
to fight his case. Do they have that responsibility? Isn’t it their responsibility
to save the innocent? It is said that one shouldn’t
talk about judiciary.. ..but there are several
ministers.. ..discussing whether or not
to punish the culprit. Is this the respect they have
for supreme court’s judgment? Isn’t it the responsibility
of the.. not to discuss about it? You were upset with
the police saying.. couldn’t nab Veerappan. But,
Human Rights got suspicious and.. ..raised voice against his death. What was Human Rights doing when
he killed several policemen? Isn’t it their responsibility
to realize.. ..even the police are humans? Politicians are such a shame. They have ruined the country. There was this lotus flower. And that lotus flower evolved
through Lord Vishnu. And Lord Brahma evolved
through lotus flower. When the creator of
the world could.. ..evolve though lotus flower.. ..what’s the problem if
the government evolved? It is the responsibility to work
towards the betterment.. ..of the public. Remember that. Is the police department
fulfilling its responsibility? Do you remember?
A police officer was suspended.. ..because he shook hands
with a criminal.. ..who was getting released. Similarly,
a politician was granted bail.. his party was
losing majority. Where did the sense of
responsibility go? I don’t say the police
is very obedient. But we are not responsible
for all the corruptions. You often bring changes in
rules and regulations. But it is been days since
we requested to create.. ..a rule for acid attacks. But no one is concerned. Is this the way government
fulfills its responsibility? When it is tough for a good
man to face people.. ..when his dignity is ruined.. hard it’d be for
a girl to make.. ..a living with that burnt face? Your honor,
please do something about it. If Rs.
10,000 is the fine for the.. ..criminal who molests a girl
then any man who do it. Or can an acid attack
victims lead.. ..a good life with
the compensation? She had a dream of getting many
blind children operated.. ..with the money she wins. But her dreams got shattered. The law is responsible for it. When people don’t get justice
in mere matters.. ..where will they go
for major issues? So, I’m about to admit
my mistake today. As Mr. Raghunath Reddy
said it is.. ..we who committed
all the murders. We are the culprits. Will the Human Rights
help me now? We don’t need them. Your honor, we are ready to face
any punishment you give. Mr. Raghunath Reddy,
you have something to ask? Your honor, I want to back
out from this case. Had the court granted
me permission.. ..I would’ve argued in your
favor. But that’s not possible. I was selfish man, but I’ll
become a responsible lawyer. My family has decided
to donate our eyes. God bless you. Thank you. This case will continue on 19th. Shankar Prasad. You spoke really well. I’m not a good speaker like you. Not as a politician, I’m saying
this as a responsible citizen. Rather than thinking you won
the election by 40 percent.. ..think why didn’t the rest
of them vote for you. Our country lies in your hands. Hello. -Saklesh here. Greetings, Sir.
-What about the case? Sir, I backed out. I realized my mistakes. Moreover, I too have certain
responsibilities. Correct. We do anything to save
our children. But we forget our other duties. Let’s reform at now.
-You’re right, Sir. Sir, don’t you think what you
did is against the law? The court.. ..has realized the fact. But you did wrong. I killed demons and not humans. So, you didn’t commit any crime? I don’t know.
-Your opinion about the judgment? Public’s judgment matters a lot. I will be released if
they support me. And I will grateful to them.
Thank you very much. Shankar! “Our super cop.. a very cool cop.”

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