Rollins able to block for the moment,
Anderson still trying for the suplex once again.>>Anderson though still
hanging onto Rollins.>>Still got two fistfuls
of Rollins’ gear.>>And now Gallows,
the hesitation was enough. Universal champion sent to the outside.>>And AJ Styles with a cheap shot! And Braun Strowman in pursuit, the
official sending him back to his corner.>>Anderson is feeling
vulnerable right now. Rollins looking to burn
it down in Charge City. Styles on the apron from behind. Anderson looking to take advantage,
rolls up Rollins. Tried to grab the tights. Rollins rolls him up his own side,
got him! And now Styles. Rollins and Strowman with the victory and
Styles on the bell attacking Rollins.>>No time to celebrate for the universal
champion as the United States champion bringing the fight to a worn Rollins.>>And now AJ sent outside. And Seth Rollins trying to clear
the ring of Anderson and Gallows. Seth Rollins taking out
the United States champion.>>Here comes the momentum
of Braun Strowman.>>Bang! Roman never. He just ran over his own partner.>>You gotta imagine
that was unintentional.>>That was inadvertent. There’s no doubt, Strowman’s reaction.>>Wait a minute, it’s Ziggler and Roode.>>Ziggler and Roode,
the team to take on Strowman and Rollins at Clash of Champions. Striking now, going right after Strowman. And now Styles getting involved in the OC.>>Essentially five on three right now,
Rollins and Strowman outnumbered badly.>>Theth is still on the ground.>>Rollins has been taken out. Strowman is being taken out as well. This is now the five on one on Strowman. And now Ziggler and
Roode with steel steps! My G-d! No way, no way. Yes way. Magic killer, times two.>>Boo!>>AJ Styles wants the exclamation point.>>AJ said, just by being
the United States champion I should be next in line for
a universal title opportunity. AJ makes a strong case for
that opportunity. Styles gonna stake his claim
with a Phenomenal Forearm to The Monster Among Men.

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