Sergio (Practical Combat Martial Arts) Challenge To Xu Xiaodong (古巴武术狂人挑战徐晓冬)

Hi, Sergio from practical combat This video is directed to Xu Xiaodong The guy who is beating up Kung Fu masters The time has come where you have to face your biggest fear, me. I’m your biggest fear, why? I’m the biggest shark in the tank, and let me tell you why. You go out and you beat the fake Tai Chi master Who everyone know is fake because he admitted. Then you go out and beat a 60 year old man. Before you even blinded I myself say that soft arts Tai Chi and Bagua doesn’t work, honestly I was, how can I say, approving your message But after I saw your attitude during the fight You’re nothing but a coward, you’re nothing but a pussy And me, Sergio Perez, I personally challenge you If anyone watching this video is interested in promoting this event Let me know, I’m more than willing to travel to China to fight with him. And if I lose I’m willing to cut my right hand [joke] I’m pretty sure I can knock you down in the first round. 100% sure because you’re a coward You always avoid the big guys and you always choose the weakest guy I do bagua, the style you doesn’t work I’m going to show you Who am I in a short demonstration Of the real power of kung fu Anyone who can make this happen, let me know in the conversation I’m willing to step up for the other guys in kung fu and the kung fu community. I know Shifu Fernando has also come forward Unfortunately, if [Xu] accepts it will be more of the same because [Fernando] is past his prime I’m personally in a good time, so… Out of all the guys in the Internet I’m the biggest shark I’m pretty sure you have seen me I get more than 1.5 Million views a year My channel is number 9 best martial arts channel in the world, as per Google. So, there is no way you’re avoiding this, there is no way you cannot see this video directed to you Let me show you a quick demonstration of the power of kung fu. [Background music, Flamenco track]

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  1. Sergio's channel:
    Sergio's combat sports footage:
    Xu's channel:

    I added Captions to this in English for anyone who speaks English but is not native to English speaking countries. I'll do my best to translate this into Spanish too. Hablo un poquito español. Finally, a little clarification, I changed the music during Sergio's demonstration because he used music that was copyrighted. That Flamenco music was my artistic transformation, not Sergio's.

    Please follow both Shifu Sergio and Xu. If you want to learn Chinese from me:

  2. 2 oafs at each other's throats. This shld be interesting than one brute overpowering fake masters and delusional old people.

  3. Xu Xiandong should not accept this challenge. Sergio is a pretty strong fighter. "Talludo" is how we said in my country. Thinking it better, I hope he learns about this challenge and accepts it.

  4. I thought this video was a joke until you go into his channel and see that he actually does fight and lands those. A lot of people dismiss the big guys way early and that's when the pleasant surprises start coming in.

  5. listen my friend anyone can punch a bag…what I want to see is your sparrings or fight…..I tell u something xu fought 5 kick boxer in a row amd they went havy on him specialy the last one and the were all young…..look I got a video of myself that I heat a punching bag and I look pretty good but I don't have exspirience in sparring and fight and because of that I don't even there to chalenge someone who has sparred or fight before because I will end up on the floor in mater of second… please show us your fight and than only than we bealive you…ok

  6. This guy should be set up to fight Bradley Scott from the youtube channel 'Fight Perfect TV.'
    They're looking for a YouTuber doing traditional martial arts to compete in a fight.
    Brad's not a pussy though and will be more likely to be happy to see a TMA or Kung Fu practitioner win or do well in a fight against him.

  7. To everybody saying "Xu was intentionally going for the fake masters" …. by doing it even the good masters' reputation has been ruined. From what I've seen Xu is not just going against the masters, but against the art too, saying it doesn't work.

    Let's be real …. XXD is not just trying to expose fake kung fu masters ….. we all keep saying kung fu doesn't work in the comments, then why not give this guy the right to defend himself? XXD's actions have had a consequence on him as well.

  8. Estoy seguro que somos unos cuantos españoles seguidores del canal. Vamos a marcarnos un zapateao' aquí mismo, como quien no quiere la cosa.
    En honor a la mano que va a perder Sergio.

  9. Yeah he's been looking for a fight for years now xu never fight anybody his own size.. Some decent kicks but those stances & punches tho 🤔

  10. Frankly I'd think Sergio is the a type of kung fu practitioner that Xu Xiaodong could respect, and feel no need to "expose".
    I also think that what Xu Xiaodong has been doing shows the value of the way Sergio understands and practices his kung fu.
    Here's hoping they'd actually give it a go though.

  11. Can't agree with the purpose of this challenge but would love to see the exchange. Sergio has a kung Fu background so I'd look forward to seeing it. Don't care much for who loses tho

  12. Funny how in Sergio’s “demonstration,” the only moves that have enough power to actually fit someone of his size are moves that are already a part of western kickboxing orthodoxy. Swing-through leg kicks, spinning back kicks, and knees are all already well-practiced in TKD and Muay Thai. The only things in that “demonstration” that are unique to kung fu are the terrible off-kilter stances, the funny Jackie Chan poses before and after the moves that serve no purpose but to waste energy, and the stupid Wing Chun and shoulder strikes which barely move the bag any despite this guy easily being over 200 lbs.

    The fact of the matter is, the entirety of his practical fighting ability is owed to whatever portion of his Kung fu has overlap with the continually combat-tested martial arts practiced here in the the UFC(Muay Thai/Boran, TKD, Karate, BJJ, Wrestling, and so on). It’s a shame his lack of self-awareness keeps him from realizing that he’s proving the point of his ideological opposition in his efforts to give Kung Fu undue credit.

  13. Good idea, he have some mass it would be different than the old people sure. But for having practicing martial art since years, I can see he isn't a very good fighter.. His technic is not…and he is to slow, he would get his as beaten too.. We need a real challenger not such guys who think they are good when they aren't..

  14. I'm sorry but his kung fu looked like trash, almost no power on any of his strikes, and he looks extremely overweight, old, and inactive. This guy will for sure just embarrass kung fu even more… It's not that kung fu isn't good, it's very good. It's just that MMA is great. MMA is the modern updated version of traditional martial arts. Only like the 10% of gifted fighter would ever be able to pull off any of that kung fu or aikido like stuff.

  15. What a clueless moron. Just seeking attention and publicity. Yes xu can be arrogant at times, but this guy doesn't even understand the context of xu's previous bouts. Bye bye 👋

  16. What is this clown doing???…hey, did you know that Xu is trying to expose FAKE Kung Fu fool masters? He is not against you ( unless you are also fake )…he is helping other people realize and NOT to be fooled by fake masters!!…and here was you trying to challenge him…if you really want Xu to kick your fart out…then go to his gym…but the way you move…in this video, have NO chance winning against him…sorry.

  17. If there is any serious person in commends here will see that even his back kick or donkey kick is so wrong performed..i mean omg they watch videos on youtube abd they think they can put a fight so sad…

  18. This guy is so funny. He is like a ballerina. He sure can slap the bag. He's not really hitting it. He just slaps it. The bag barely moves. It's been proven that fancy moves don't work in full contact hand to hand combat. I don't think he is challenge to Xu Xiaodong at all.

  19. When I saw the thumb nail and his size, I thought he might be an exception. But this guy is going to get killed. Where’s his take down defense? Where’s his ground work? Plus those kungfu punches with no leverage will take him nowhere. No chance here.

  20. Sergio overall seems like a cool guy. And he did help with exposing Fake Mace for what he really is.
    But Sergio, while you do actually try put some combat back into these styles and that is a very welcome change, with all respect, sorry brother. Xu would tie you into a pretzel.

  21. i agree with everything he said about xu xiaodong, but i see nothing that proves that this sergio guy has sparring/fighting experience. in fact, he did not look too impressive in his demonstration either. dude, don't even wager your right arm… you are correct that xu xiaodong picks on fake/weak ppl only, but that doesn't mean you are right that you are the real deal.

  22. How about a video of him sparring without headgear and flinching at every punch thrown at him?
    He's BS, and absolutely does not represent "kung fu", he's a mixed martial artist, period. So tired of posers trying to get their five minutes of fame.

  23. One of many cringy westerners challenging but never having the balls to travel to China and doing it for real 😒

  24. Who are you?? you got to be somebody to challenged Xiaodong!!?? Xu is doing in china what was supost to be done years ago to challenge charlatans!!?? , xu said that real martial art exist, he is not denied it !!!! charlatans only !! are you one of those??

  25. Wait …Wait….Xu Xiaodong challenges and beats up "FAKE" marital artists, not real marital arts/artists. If your style is real, he won't consider fighting you. Xu Xiaodong's purpose is to rid of "FAKE" martial arts!
    Please spend your energy to expose and rid of fake marital arts!

  26. Why the hell is everyone talking shit and asking who Sergio is? They're acting like he's a nobody, even when his channel is right here in the description. If you're too lazy to click a link to find out who he is, then you don't get to talk shit.

  27. This is hours late, but for all of you who doubt Sergio…I would recommend watching videos on his channel. He is very good, has shown techniques, spars with others, and shows him training. I really like and support Sergio. Don't get me wrong: I like Xu too, but his attitude can be too much at times, and in terms of actual fighting technique, I'd say Sergio knows a lot more. In my opinion, Xu just knows how to fight rough, use his size, and is able to fight smaller or inexperienced people. Sergio appears to really get fighting just a bit more.

    Then again, to each their own. I do like Xu, and I like what he is doing to help promote MMA in China and expose frauds. I just think Sergio is the better fighter.

  28. Hey, Jerry! I would like to see Xu take on some tough MMA fighters other than 🐂 💩 O "masters". You rock as usual! 🤘🏻

  29. Looks like your really prepared…. to get ktfo in a hurry. I mean you couldn't have really thought this is in any way intimidating, right? Replay your footage bro and notice how little impact you actually make when you contact the bag, and reconsider your callout. Save yourself some embarrassment and medical bills.

  30. When hitting the bag you can see there is no power behind his swings and kicks. Watch some videos of Bas Rutten hitting and kicking a bag. He nearly rips it out of the ceiling.

  31. Looking at his highlight, he would get murdered. Decent kicks, terrible hands with the combat experience of touch fighting. But very good marketing move, I spent 2 minutes on his channel. Props!

  32. To challenge Xu Xiaodong, a non-professional MMA fighter would not make you look good at all. He paid huge price to bring back common sense to Chinese people. If you are a real warrior, and professional MMA guy, go to China to challenge Li Jingliang.

  33. MMA panda Vs Kung Fu panda. Would love to see it.
    XX is indeed a bully who just picks people way too old or way smaller than himself so he can push them around.

  34. Why do I feel insulted by this guy…… I practice the martial arts but I dont go out and make a fool of myself…..

  35. TBH.
    If not a BIG ELEPHANT
    YES ..
    You may have the skills.
    Just like these fake Kung fools
    To really prove your skills or your martial arts.
    Fight in K1 , Max Muay Thai, One , MMA Kung Lung., Glory etc etc
    Infact in any real and recognised fight competition.
    PLUS fight with
    Against someone your own size and weight yourself.
    As it is seems you are not better than him.
    What’s wrong calling out FAKE MASTERS OF SHIT MARTIAL ARTS.
    We need to distinguish Real masters and real martial arts which will work.
    Just like sorting out fact and fiction
    I DARE YOU TO FIGHT any Fighters
    Like Yodsanklai ..Baukaw .. Dave Ludic ..etc etc
    infact any current Top fighters in your weight devision.

  36. 我是墨西哥人也会说中文, 我觉得Sergio可能会获胜,or at least fight better than the masters, the kung fu schools here usually spar against other MA schools, but there is few kung fu here in Mexico.

    Great video as always! 十分有趣的视频!

  37. Sergio" the show off clown"..
    Just fly to china if you want to pick a fight no need for this trush vid." of yours…

  38. Im fighting sergio in march provided he makes good on his word. I have been told he does that then deletes it often so i screenshoted his acceptance response.

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