Sensei-tional: Meet The 92-Year-Old Judo Master // Powered by Groupon

JACK HEARN: To be doing judo at 92, it’s too far beyond my belief. I did not realise
that I am the oldest person in Britain actively doing judo. JACK HEARN: I’m a 9th Dan in judo and my title is Hanshi. My title of Sensei is because
I am a teacher. JACK HEARN: I started in a little judo club in North Shields in 1951 and the guys that
were teaching were English and after a few weeks, I decided I’d like to teach it myself JACK HEARN: And so, my brother and I, we started a little Judo club in North Shields and it
progressed from there. JACK HEARN: I could never believe that I could still be active physically doing Judo in my
age. What Judo done for me is to teach me respect for my fellowmen. JACK HEARN: So of the grandkids all they worry about now is playing with their little games
and watching television, that’s not for me. JACK HEARN: In my mind I have always thought keep your mind active because it your mind
that tells the body what to do. In my case, I looked after my body when I was young and
I now know that my body is looking after me now that I am old. JACK HEARN: It’s never too late in life to find something that you like. JACK HEARN: It’s nice to know that I’ve inspired people to lead an active life. There
are loads of activities out there for the older generations to get themselves involved
in. JACK HEARN: Those who think that they are past it get off your butt and get up and do

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  2. He wouldn't be able to stop my double leg… I'll send his ass through the wall 😂.

    Just fucking around, respect to a true martial artist. Surprised he's not all busted up. Those tosses are notorious for fucking peoples knees and backs up.

  3. God, after seeing this man and the 106 year old woman who visited the White House and danced with the president and works 40 hours a week, I feel like shit! Lol

  4. I was a student of his for a few years when I did Judo. One of the most awe-inspiring and amazing men you will ever have the privilege of meeting.

  5. Brilliant … you have my outmost respect sir…I hope that I will be able to still practice my Karate when I get older 🙂

  6. I did wonder who awarded his 9th Dan.  He is not listed for that grade, or any other Dan grade, on the register of the British Judo Association, which is the largest Judo organisation in the UK, and the only one recognised for international purposes.  There are some other Judo organisations, such as the British Judo Council and the Amateur Judo Association, which may or may not have serious grading standards.  As far as I can make out, Jack Hearn is associated with the All England Judo Federation, which has only about a dozen member clubs.  For all I know he may be (or have been) an excellent judoka, but as in other martial arts, a high Dan grade doesn't signify anything unless you know the basis for grading.  In the case of the AEJF, the Dan Grade syllabus on their website doesn't mention any requirement for a track record in competition.  This contrasts with the BJA, where gradings up to 5th Dan depend on success in competition at that level.  Above 5th Dan the gradings depend mainly on special contributions to education, administration, etc.

  7. Okay, uke did a good break fall and tucked his head in (1:05), but seriously, how pointless to risk bashing his head (and hand) on the ground by not having a big enough mat…

  8. nice one! That's what its all about. Lust for life! Especially in the troubled world of today, where kids struggle to find they way. Judo, healthy lifestyle, harmonious community leads to a life worth living.

  9. Our admiration and recognition of the career of this great teacher. for so many years of dedication Judo.
    This Yes is an example of those nine ninth and tenth danes in which we believe.

  10. Love this guys judo but the samurai crappy sword bit at the starts bullshite …..a medieval knight would always defeat one due to the quality of the armour !!

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