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Hello today I’m with Sensei Dennis Aquino, and… with be is sensei Kenyu Mabuni Sensei Dennis of PKL will introduce Sensei Kenyu Well we are very happy that Sensei Kenyu Mabuni is in the Philippines Shitokai Philippines And did some seminar I would like to introduce to you the Grand son of Shitoryu Karate How is your experience in the seminar With the Filipino Karatekas Actually it’s just the first time in the Philippines. I feel it’s very good. The potentiality. And in the near future may we will have a World class Championship. I hope. Yeah so you talked about the championship Can you invite the people in the Philippines to join. The world shitoryu Karatedo Championship will be held
in Japan. And to be hosted by the Japan Shitokai And sensei Hashimoto the organizer, together with sensei Kenyu Mabuni [The] Philippines with be there in the world Championship. With the help of sensei Kenyu.. He is now… the technical Adviser of the Shitokai Philippines I feel some expectation, maybe you will have a good champion near. Not only [in] the shitokai, maybe a WORLD CLASS WKF CHAMPION Just 1 last tip That you can say to the Filipino Karatekas I say, the natural way… and enjoy karate Karate is part of life. Long long experience, And then more powerful And then healthy Rich and fit, I hope. Thank you very much sensei Kenyu, Sensei Dennis. So that’s it guys! See you again on the next video And yeah! For more Karate Vlogs Dont forget to subscribe!

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  1. He also visited us at our DOJO in Palatiw, Pasig in recognition of our sensie promotion to Shihan Hideki Miyazaki. Together with Sensie Dennis Aquino…and Sensie Kitamorie…were happy for sensie achievements. God bless Japan in sharing their skills to us Filipinos.

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