100 thoughts on “Sen. Barbara Boxer: ‘It was a scary situation’

  1. And yet they (democrat liberal socialists) have no problem at all when they do the same thing to republicans. What a bunch of hypocrites! Now that the monster they created has turned on them, they get scared. Boo-hoo.

  2. Well, Barbara you elitist dirt bag: these are the same rabid people you have been supporting going to Trump rallies and causing chaos and violence there.  On your side they are sick of establishment shills like Billary, and the rigged process of the media combined with the primary system.  They should be angry, and you should be in danger, that's how it works here.

  3. They should not address her as Ma'am. How dare you….General or commoner. I am SENATOR Boxer. I demand you behave.

  4. When she says they have people not listening to a word does she mean the leadership that ignored the people there? I fucking hate the democratic party and everything they stand for but they probably kinda deserve death threats at this point.

  5. you mean security protecting you with all those guns?  another dem hypocrite.  put your money where your mouth is and get rid of your armed security NOW.

  6. This fascist pig has armed guards 24/7.  Go hang out with your illegal constituents by yourself and get rid of your guards and concealed carry you JAP hypocrite.

  7. LOVE IT! Little Miss "lets abolish the 2nd amendment" meets the angry mob. A wanta'be member of the ruling fascist class, learns people are all stupid sheep, as she thought. If she didn't like the idea of citizens having the right to bear arms, she's gonna completely hate it now.

  8. how scared you were when listing things that didn't happen to you .. having a brain didn't happen to you either ,,,, Go Bernie

  9. In her speech she said, "I was born in Brooklyn, I"m not afraid of anyone!"…. so why now is she fearing for her life? Could it be to slander Bernie Sanders? Typical Clintonesque play book.

  10. she is another one that needs to get kicked out of office…..these millionaires passing "laws" that never apply to them……we're sick of it.

  11. Pay attention men of America – If Hillary wins, cunts like this will be running your lives further into the ground with their anti-male policies! #Trump2016

  12. Maybe people are just getting fed up with the lies you bitches keep promoting. I certainly hope you felt threatened at the very least.

  13. Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot eh Boxer? You're lucky no one charged you like they did to Trump. Even though Secret Service men where in the area which is a federal crime to charge at a person under S.S. protection.

  14. Hillary for prison!
    Hillary for prison!
    Hillary for prison!
    Hillary for prison!
    Hillary is an evil crook with many evil stories behind her.

  15. Well maybe if you listened to what people wanted they wouldn't be so pissed off! That's why 343 people have thumbed downed you bitch, and only 34 have liked what you had to say. Wake up grandma, wake the fuck up!

  16. Scared ha … good, you should should be! You and your bitch Hitlary belong in prison … drag the other Zionist traitors Feinstein and Schultz with you in there too!

  17. She's an idiot. Now she knows what it's like to be a libertarian when her socialist supports show up at a conference. Cry me a river…

  18. LOL Boxer afraid of the public… take a hike B!tch… . Sick of people like you. Be afraid, very afraid of the new change taking place in both parties. Go away skum

  19. so you were so scared that you blew kisses and flipped off Sanders supporters on your way out of the convention? You are such a cheat and a liar! I will be so glad when your lying mug is out of office……anyone who would partake in stealing an election is not a true American…you have been corrupted….probably has something to do with being related to hillary through marriage.

  20. She kept telling the audience "you're booing yourselves" . No they aren't. They are booing you, Dummy!

  21. Democrats didn’t seem to mind when Bernie supporters showed up and
    caused trouble like this at Trump rallies. They didn’t mind it when
    Bernie supporters threw punches at Trump supporters. But, now that it’s
    happened to them, it’s a matter of national security.

  22. Her massive Botox injections have made her face so tight she always looks scared. Thanks California for sending all these polished turds to Washington DC. They're not just intent on destroying California, they want to ruin the whole fucking country.

  23. So scary. ö Watch her look "fearful" for her life as she mocks and flips off a crowd further, right after she mocked them moments after they had delegates stolen and she chanted Hillary's name, saying how they lost. That's inciting violence, not fearing it. Not that CNN will show that. How Fox News. https://mobile.twitter.com/TrampyKnight/status/733288848008978432

  24. She brought this on herself and isn't making it any better. I'm scared for MY life with these monsters cheating, lying, and stealing whatever they can with no remorse.

  25. You should fear for your lives! You people have been destroying and killing our long enough. I'm a Trump not a Bernie supporter but out of respect we both are sick of the likes of you. And one other thing, Americans have never been this armed before. The only think I thank Obama for, being the greatest gun salesman ever.

  26. This horrible old bureaucratic hag with a personal armed detail and numerous law enforcement agencies at her disposal felt in danger? lol Can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen! Get someone new in her job vote her out!

  27. WHO CARES!!!! A non event in the opinion of those who are living under they tyranny that SHE and other COMMIES enforce upon the U.S. with their running of Congress!!

  28. THE SAME CROWD IS INNOCENT WHEN INTERRUPTING TRUMP SPEECHES & GUILTY WHEN INTERRUPTING HER SPEECHES? HA! Where is her sympathy when those same people interrupt Trump rallies???? We are supposed to show HER sympathy when they interrupt HER? She can not have it both ways. She bashes Trump when they scream at his speeches. Should we bash her when they do it at her speeches? She should apologize to Trump now.

  29. HAHAHA Bernie supporters scary, nothing bear mace or a few thousand volts of electricity won't cure if they go to put their hands on you. Touch me, and you will feel the burn Literally. Good luck fighting my body camera in court!

  30. Awwwww…wahwahwah..Bobwa got booed by Bernies "bullies"…cwy me a wiva Bobwa…now I bet she wishes someone would call her "Ma'am" like the polite Army General she castigated for being proper…Eff you Bobwa you whiney scanky scumbag…
    you can run but you can't hide anymore, rich b.t.h! Cry us a river you corrupt schkunt!

  31. Its what happens when you rig an election for Hillary. You expect people to sit there and take it? If Bernie isn't there I am voting Trump.

  32. What is she doing out of her ivory tower anyway. Nobody wants to hear what she has to say. Then she gets on the news and whines about how scary it was. And so and so got death threats, wooo. Others can get death threats and nothing is said or done, but threaten us, the establishment, thats not acceptable.

  33. LOL does CNN and Boxer think the people watching this actually believe them? hahaha They think this is working in Hillarys favor and its not! It's doing the opposite of what they want. No one watches the news for this BS

  34. Those establishment expect the angry bernie supporter to accept the rigged system and be happy about it.They doesn't care why the bernie supporters are unhappy, if necessary the establishment would have bring them to their heels after crooked hillary become the president.

  35. LIES!!!! I saw a video of you antagonizing Bernie supporters there. And I have not seen one video of any violence from Bernie supporters. Yes there is obvious frustration from the delegates but NOTHING like has been described by these lying, manipulating media outlets and corrupt politicians. Democracy is being destroyed.

  36. What was a Democratic Senator from California doing at a Democratic convention in Nevada for Nevadans, anyway?

  37. What was a Democratic Senator from California doing at a Democratic convention in Nevada for Nevadans, anyway?

  38. What was a senator from California doing at a Nevada state convention anyway? She was only there to promote Clinton and antagonize Bernie supporters.

  39. What was a senator from California doing at a Nevada state convention anyway? She was only there to promote Clinton and antagonize Bernie supporters.

  40. Boxer a Clinton supporter from California strangely in Nevada showed her fear by being sarcastic to the audience and showing the Sanders supporters her fear whilst blowing them kisses whilst giving them the middle finger. What's even funnier this supposed violent incident with supposed chair throwing which never happened was reported by all the main media which berated Sanders to apologise yet its all ended up being total bullshit but silence from the media. Sanders campaign office was shot at in Nevada which is a real story yet this was not reported about at all, CNN and MSNBC went overboard about violence in Nevada but now its known to be lies or at the least severe exaggeration do they report it, nope !

  41. Oh PAH-LEEZE. You are fronting for your clumsy, ineptitude during a crisis moment. Boxer and the inept Nevada chair are examples of failed leadership, no matter which side of the convention you are on. Yeesh!!

  42. What a piece of shit. There's video of here blowing kisses and giving the middle finger at Sanders supporters. Fucking liar. She wasn't scared

  43. If Bernie doesn't win the nomination I'm switching to Independent or join the Green Party. Quite frankly I don't want to be associated anymore with a corrupt Democratic Party just as bad as the Republicans. We need to get rid of our two party system!


  45. I saw the video of the chair…They lied…yes he picked up the chair…BUT guess what other bernie supporters told him…Put it down…and then hugged him out once he did….pooh such violent,brainwashed,evil, people

  46. Seriously, Trump is so outrageous. So scary and dangerous. The situation so dire that Republican and Democrat politicians have both spoken out against Trump. Even a few high profile Republicans have expressed favor for Hillary. If Trump wins, the Supreme Court and all of congress must be prepared to intervene and appoint Hillary. It's what's best for the American people… Bernie who?

  47. I had no idea Barbara Boxer was so ignorant. this election is certainly making us aware of the true nature of a lot of people we thought were progressives.

  48. All the conservative Trumpsters are routing for Bernie becasue they think Bernie can't beat Trump….but Bernie is respected by all the people —except the corporate politicians and corporate media, who fear him, ( for example like Nina Totenburg, who has zero credibility as she tries to trash Bernie on the sly, but she's too simple and stupid to realize how transparent she is. Not too bright. ) EVERYBODY (except those serving the corporations) respects Senator Sanders.

  49. PHONY LIAR. I saw the video where she was booed and the crowd said shame on you but she wasnt too afraid to flip them a bird. No vile threats. Just people demanding honesty and fairness. Evidentily, thats not allowed in her circles.


  51. I am now deeply ashamed for once having actually voted for this woman Barbara Boxer, what a revelation she's a complete shit.

  52. Barbara Boxer needs a more delicate job. She's not tough enough. Stupid people vote for this frail person.

  53. Boxer is another Clinton stooge! They're all in for a big change. God help us if that lieing bitch get the White house. She belongs in the big house!

  54. NO BABs….you're a scary situation…you've been operating on one half of a cylinder all these years that the idiots of California have voted to send you back to the Senate…you're a disgrace!

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