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Hi friends, women and girls, today I will tell you some great tecchniques of self defense. 1st of all, before going out, we should have some self defense weapons with us. For example, Pepper powder, sharp and edgy key, heel sandel and cutter can act as weapons. One important thing, people will come to protect you only when yourself show your courage and protect yourself. Many People rather than helping, stand aside and make videos of anything wrong happening. People will show courage only when you yourself are courageous. Therefore, its necessary that you should practise the defence moves at home and build self confidence. There are many weak points in human body where if attacked, the person feels helpless. For example, eye, ear, nose, neck, chest, penis, stomach and knee are some points which can make anyone helpless for few moments. Using your full potential, you can hit at those points and save yourself from attackers. Watch all the pictures which I have uploaded carefully again and again. And practise the moves daily at home with your friends (with care) and build confidence. Watch videos and learn and make yourself so strong that you can protect others too along with yourself. Become self dependent. Be so strong that you don’t need to depend on others for help. Yes we all can. Thank you. Jai Hind.

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