Self-defense, Self-Protection, Safety Concepts – Distance, Levels and Ground

Hi everyone Peter Liciaga here and I’m with friend and my coach and my professors teaching me jujitsu I decided to take some time to get together with professor Pete to share with you a long time ago I was told that you don’t know what you don’t know and I realize this when I started learning jujitsu it was a big epiphany for me this idea of distance and levels something for you guys to consider first line of defense I will always say it awareness if we’re going to master anything Master the ability to be aware let’s talk about distance and levels distance and I know as stand abuse on stand up martial arts I mean some of your background do they know your black belt in jiu-jitsu black belt in kenpo karate I’ve done some Filipino stick work I’ve done a lot of Muay Thai you know I fought in MMA so I you know I boxed I’ve done pretty much everything right so you know distance yeah a controlling the distance what would you say would be distance as far as the consideration so I mean I think the best way I’ve ever heard it explained and this comes right from Rener Gracie out of California is a different zone so long there’s is it even if like you have no martial arts training is just understanding where you’re safe and where you’re really in danger so you know we talked about a green zone a red zone and then the cool thing about grappling is you have another green zone for example if I was standing right in front of somebody like this close well even if you’ve never fought before you understand that you’re close enough to be struck alright or gripped so this is definitely the red zone so I think outside of that standing backwards that would be a green zone a little bit further than what we’re at right now all right and then again the second green zone being closer where we call the clinch where he can’t strike me and always was right here so you know green red and green that’s a really basic approach to standup zones it what I think that I was considering over the last several weeks is this i feel camera i’m a kicker on the striker with my hands and also on the stand could stand up like closing the gap closing the distance and if I can’t avoid a situation and I need to right away think about one of my to literally skill sets and how do i implement that what am I strategy so the consideration is this so if I came at one and the gap is closing then I have another kicking yes my kickings on Waikiki didn’t say if they come closest and have my my hand strikes they were to get closer than it had my elbows and my knees sort of most part yes and then closer than that is it stand up stand up and also now you’re controlling the leathers we may be end up on your meal right down to the ground that was my humble my epiphany was when I got down on the ground as a fourth-degree master in Santa I really i became aware of how much i did not know and i did not know that again like you try to simplify things as much as you can not to oversimplify but really fighting self-defense all it is is controlling this that’s really all it is even at the highest level in and you know the UFC you some that everybody has seen before the better fighters we’re the ones are controlling the distance you will begin moving out getting close when they want to separating when they want to and on the ground and one of the things that we really try to talk about is always trying to keep your opponent close to you you know closing that distance where they can’t really strike where size and strength and aggression really get to nullify in our lease in few min of minors or understanding like you’re talking about recognizing what’s going on if you cannot control that distance to make in all space so it’s not understanding what’s going on and I think that’s a great consideration for everyone that looking to really just improve their intelligence in self-defense and awareness Russian martial arts alifair that were teaching self-defense and just because you don’t kick and punches I don’t believe you necessarily know about self-defense if you really have to understand protection crime prevention and also creating safe and Barmes not only physically but emotionally and psychologically but I think it’s important to consider your distance and your ability to to understand distance and what’s your training and controlling of that distance and those levels from a fight standing grappling to going down to the ground and then control existed from the ground and which is one of the things that I’ve learned a lot over the last several weeks framing with the elbow and the knees down on the ground and I love it when you talk about your feet become like the horns of the bull and your feet again on the ground and this is controlling the feet the need the elbow and then you’re inside but depending on the situation is what we’re talking the road you know so you’re talking about framing in keeping space but when somebody does get past all those different levels that that Peters talking about is understanding that time then to point or so you know talk about distance where I like the idea of the levels and aren’t you know you’re spot on so the idea is that considered different levels and then ask yourself you know where’s my coffee where’s my level of understanding and my Oh where’s my strategy and my practical that strategy and it’s an ongoing thing well that’s why trade every day I know you train every day whether I’m physically training or mentally training hopefully both ideally both okay thanks professor peak thank you so much there buddy I appreciate it guys any questions we expend it to us I’ll give you some information to get a hold of Professor feed take care kiss thanks appreciate it thanks buddy

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