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I do like anime. When I was a kid…
I thinkVoltron… IfVoltronwould qualify
for anime, that would be one of
my first experiences with anime. It’s artistic, very graphic sometimes. I enjoy it.
It pushes boundaries. Of course, I love anime. I used to watchCandy, Candy. And then, of course,Pokémon
and all those. I love ’em. ButCandy, Candywas
my first love. I started watching
when I was in high school.Dragonball Z… and I hadn’t quite had
a cartoon experience like this one before. It was something that
made me feel like… something in the world
understood me and how angry I was as a child. It was like a little male
soap opera for me. I don’t know.
I loved it. Do I love know kung fu?! I know kung fu. I love Chiu’s pose. Of course, I know kung fu. I’m really good at it. But I can hurt you guys, so I don’t wanna show you
anything now. I’m very good at it. Of course, I know kung fu. I’m a… What do you call…?
an invisible belt. You know, that means
you don’t have a belt at all. (Can you show us a move?) Oh yeah, sure. I just did one.
You didn’t see it? It’s part of the invisible belt training. See, I did it again,
but you didn’t see it. That’s how good it is. It’s…
It’s very quick. As a matter of fact,
I did it twice. Hold on.
Wait a minute. You see that one? (No.) I’ll try slow it down, but it’s just ingrained
in me at this point. I did it since I was, you know,
like six months old? Before I could stand, they started making me
do these little… these little exercises, you know,
with my hands and stuff. It was painful for a baby,
but I did ’em. You know, so…
It made me tough. InSeis ManosI think there’s some really
emotional moments you don’t expect. Kind of got me
when I was watching it. I think you’re gonna
go like this when you’re watching it. You’ll be like, What the f—? Ugh! Oh, my god. Yeah! There’s great action stuff
to look forward to. And there’s some really gory stuff too. There’s a lot of… Amazing moments in first season. But, of course,
I think second season. I’m waiting for
second season. That’s it. That’s what I’m waiting for. Hopefully. I’m looking forward
to second season. So I can really get some things
going on with my partner. You know what I mean? We’re gonna have to have
a real talk… To sort of like… Clear the room,
clear the room a little bit. And I think after that,
we’ll work together, you know, in a much
more fluid way. You know, she’ll probably start listening
to everything I say, you know… Follow me around
like a little puppy dog. But that’s…
that’s second season, you know. I’m sorry, you were saying? Hmm? Hey! What’s up? You were saying that
I have to follow you? No, no… What happened was… – You’re gonna follow me.
– That was copy. – No, there was some copy that…
– I don’t understand that. Somebody held some copy. Who was the person with the copy
back there that made me say that? That wasn’t me. Just read what was in front of me. Yeah.

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