Secrets of Shorinji Kempo JUHO. Self Defense, Martial Arts Science [subtitles] 少林寺拳法 技法 教え

Kempo’s founder, Kaiso Sho Doshin, is the founder of Shorinji Kempo. Shorinji Kempo provides three benefits: health, strong spirit, and the ability to protect yourself and others. Shorinji Kempo’s skills are synthesized in the body, based on natural physical and physiological natural principles. Therefore, when the principles of nature worked on a machine, the technique was quickly implemented. Everything is based on the shape of the human body and scientific principles. Shorinji Kempo uses advanced technologies and methods in the study and training of martial arts. Even if you try to understand the tricks only by their form of execution. You cannot understand the whole picture of the principle of self-defense. Copying the form of admission and performing in pairs. If you learn and understand the principles of self-defense that make up combat skills, you will become even stronger and faster. But, so far, we have studied Shorinji Kempo’s self-defense techniques, Repeatedly repeating paired self-defense techniques in tandem with a partner. Thus, it took a lot of repetition and time to master the necessary skill. Because there was no other method of learning combat skills of self-defense. Therefore, the Shorinji Kempo Federation is studying various methods of scientific analysis of the principles of self-defense techniques. for Kensi (student) who wants to improve his skills. And this is an experimental scientific system using computer graphics. Which was developed by the Shorinji Kempo Federation. This scientific graphic system uses study moving the center of gravity of a person while performing a self-defense trick. It is of great importance in mastering the soft method (throws) of Shorinji Kempo, as an explanation of the principle of the art of self-defense. Let’s explain how the Shorinji Kempo self-defense research system was created In the Shorinji Kempo expert system, we make a video recording of the performance of Araya Sensei’s self-defense techniques, from six directions at the same time. Since the real world is three-dimensional 3D, and video recording is two-dimensional 2D. This allows you to accurately determine the position of the performers of self-defense techniques in three dimensions. Therefore, the same image is visible from these six directions. A computer graphic model was created as a three-dimensional person, so that he would be the same size and weight as the real self-defense performer. In addition, the range of motion of each joint, that is, the angle at which the joint bends, same as a real person. Therefore, the movement of this computer graphic image is completely different from the movement of the overall animation. The purpose of the animation is to make a real movement, using length and contraction based on actual movement. On the other hand, computer graphics expert system Shorinji Kempo is a simulation in which a model on a computer reproduces the actual movement. In addition, this computer graphics can visualize the center of gravity and the direction of the magnitude of the force by analyzing the actual movement. Moreover, this can be seen from the most obvious direction. Until now, the center of gravity and the direction of force were not visible. Even if the technique is applied, it is not clear, because the execution of the main phase of the throw occurs in an instant .. So there’s no other way to learn the art of throwing, relying only on the feelings of another person. However, the Shorinji Kempo expert system is for those who practice Shorinji Kempo, the movement of the body, joints, bones are supported and visualized. Consider one of the typical Shorinji Kempo throws. Let’s analyze the Maki gote technique using computer graphics. To move and put something, you must raise the center of gravity and put the object on the ground. In the same way, you must do the throwing partner, and throw it on the ground. In this case, a miracle will happen, after performing the reception, an effective technique of self-defense. The Shorinji Kempo expert system first visualized this self-defense technique. Carrying out a self-defense throw, we see the trajectory of the center of gravity of the attacker’s body, during the implementation of self-defense, and rotation of the arm after the attack. The trajectory of the attacker’s center of gravity when performing the Maki gote, when the defender gently makes a counterattack with a bent spinning arm. The center of gravity rises smoothly, and then falls down to the ground. Further, to facilitate understanding of this technique, let’s draw a wall perpendicular to the line connecting both legs of the attacker. When the attacker’s center of gravity tried to get out of this perpendicular wall The attacker is trying to maintain balance and balance. Therefore, the wall is a limiting surface for the balance of the body. So let’s get the attacker’s center of gravity for this perpendicular wall, so that what is happening is clear. The yellow trajectory of the center of gravity of the attacker’s body, when the center of gravity is still inside the wall. The trajectory turns red when the center of gravity approaches the border of the wall, and the attacker can no longer maintain the center of gravity underfoot. You can see that this is the time when the yellow color is over, and then a red color appeared, and then it headed down. Next, let’s look at the line of gravity of the attacker, when performing the Maki gote technique, looking only at the path, and see if this principle is valid in other methods of self-defense. The technique of controlling, unbalancing, and lowering – lead to the correct execution of the throw. If you follow the center of gravity tractor, the center of gravity first lowers, and then rises until it reaches the top, the attacker falls down because he’s trying to attack the attack direction is changed by the defender, and the yellow trajectory collapses due to the attack itself. If the defender tries to change the time to counterattack, the attacker will react and try to stabilize the pose. Then, if this counterattack cannot be done correctly, if the center of gravity is not unbalanced, and further pressure down. This will not allow a good throw. Next is the movement from the top to the wall. The secret is to lower the upper body in accordance with the direction of the center of gravity. If the counterattack is too early and the attacker is strong at that time, the attacker reacts to an early counterattack and leaves it, stabilizing his body. If the counterattack is done correctly, the attacker can no longer maintain the center of gravity, throw the opponent down, using the rotation of the body and rotation of the wrist. Let’s look at the movement of the body and center of gravity from below. Both legs support the balance of the body. In other words, the balance of the body is inside the green image. We see a green zone, and the equilibrium becomes unstable If the counterattack skill is not applied well, the green zone will expand again. In other words, the attacker backed off and regained balance. Next, let’s see the movement from the green zone to the zone of the end of equilibrium, a vertical wall. As the attacker moves forward to make an attack, the distance to the equilibrium wall is gradually reduced Until the attacker’s center of gravity rises and falls The distance to the wall gradually decreases. Let’s draw some auxiliary lines to see the principle of falling. Firstly, when the center of gravity is unbalanced, the toes of both legs are connected by an auxiliary line. Also at the stage of losing the balance of the attacker, the defender uses the rotation of the shoulder and wrist of his hand. In order to throw the attacker carefully, the two lines must be parallel at the throwing stage. In other words, when a throw occurs, the attacker revolves around the line connecting the wrist and shoulder, so that the attacker moves forward using the horizontal bar. If when performing a throwing reception, these two auxiliary lines are not parallel. The defender will not be able to throw. If the defender combines the wrist and shoulder joint, so that the auxiliary lines are parallel, then the enemy will fly down to the ground from your throw. Next, let’s look at the movement of the center of gravity when performing various techniques. When taking Kiri gote, the path of the attacker’s center of gravity is the same as when taking Maki gote. The center of gravity before the attack usually drops slightly, then pops up, and then falls down. The defender uses the power that the attacker used and defeats him. This principle is inherent in the methods of throwing and winning in Shorinji Kempo. Let’s take this principle from the actual practice of military techniques. If you use the same principle (skill), the attacker’s counter-throw passes in a certain way and brightly. However, the cast form, depends on physique and age, but also depends on other conditions. When we look at other tricks, we must not forget the basic principle of shots. However, the forms of Shorinji Kempo’s tricks are different, body movement is different, but the center of gravity when performing techniques moves on the basis of the principle studied. It is nothing but the use of the right principles, using the strength of the adversary. Acquiring skills requires learning the principle that generated the form, not the result and form. When you learn skills, actually moving your body, understanding the principles of using the opponent’s weight, to defeat him as a result, you understand which experiments are effective and which are ineffective. Anyone can acquire the necessary effective self-defense skills of Shorinji Kempo.

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