100 thoughts on “Scott Adkins. “I am the best fighter in the world!”

  1. Ta jodido Scott…que venga aquí a México y vera que aquí hay unos peleadores callejeros de los mas peligrosos… A puñetazo limpio y si quiere unas pataditas extras se las puede llevar de recuerdo

  2. Pity Bruce Lee isn't around to knock him on his ass! Arrogance is fine as long as you understand that there IS a queue of wannabe fighters waiting to prove you wrong! So Scott Adkins don't get a neck injury cos you'll need a fit neck to keep looking behind you! haha!

  3. If the "I Am The Best Fighter In The World" Club held a meeting, they would have to rent a stadium and book all the rooms in the surrounding hotels…I doubt Scott Adkins said this but if he did, he needs to prove it off screen…

  4. Bruce lee is the worlds greatest fighter hes never been defeated but once before when he did not know chinese martial arts and was beat up by a racius bully but thats why he became an amazing fighter. He learned wing chun for a start and has made many miracles like for example the docter said he would never stand but yet he did and he survived many gang attacks who had guns and also he learned many other fighting styles like thai karate judo ect. Then he created his own fighting style named jeet kune do and that made him even more famous aswell as his amazing movies they are incredible but he sadly died from a brain disease at the age of 32 thats why he was the worlds greatest fighter aswell as my hero!!.

  5. I think this not enough to say I am the best fighter in the world because Bruce Lee is a real and famous fighter and actor in the world

  6. No your not your a mk ultra mind controled illuminati slave meaning the best slave in the world big difference

  7. Boyka is Sony fuckin best like i Crystal🤩😍🤗😥😓😰😰😽🥊🥊🥋🥋🏈🏅🏅🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇Hood luck boyka

  8. Guys shouldn't claim to be the best in the world. I've seen guys chop the necks off of cast iron automotive waterpumps with their BARE HANDS. I've seen guys punch through Plexiglas and shatter it. And don't even get me started on the Buddhist monks for those guys are on a whole different level. Words don't even begin to describe their skill level.
    It all boils down to this…respect the art. Never brag. Be the best that you can be and then push even farther. You will NEVER learn all that there is about martial arts. When you start you should research the origin and the meaning of the words…Martial Arts. Train hard. Live clean. And remember that there is a huge difference between a match and a street fight for a street fighter will take your life. Focus. Develop speed. Research everything and don't let Hollywood movies get your ass stomped by believing in the impossible. I've been fighting for years and can hold my own but my favorite weapon is a 3 inch blade. Two of them. When a guy does a kick I slash a nerve. Straight punch to the face? Blade strike between the knuckles. Elbow throws? Timed punctures to the armpit. And to finish the fight I like the double blow puncture to the groin. These are NOT kill strikes. They incapacitate. There is no such thing as a fair fight for you fight to win by any means necessary when you're running those streets. Adkins should be careful with his bragging because there's an unknown young disciple that has his ticket. Humility and Patience is key. Embrace your art and live it for it allows your body to become and remain your temple. It advances physically as you advance in the mind. Stay true to your craft and never say never for to a true martial artist that word is taboo. The arts are a lifetime commitment. And consult the scrolls if you can find them for if you break a bone know how to set one. Learning how to heal through your Chi is also part of your training. Let no one tell you that it does not exist for it's a part of you that only intense practice can release. A fight is not gauged on size. A fight is not gauged on a tournament match belt. A fight is remaining focused and not being a victim of anger which can throw you off. Study…study..study. May your path become enlightened as you advance.

  9. It is amazing to me everyone says Bruce Lee is the best fighter in the world??? He was an actor and martial artist with? no fights??? yet everyone says he is the best??? Hmmm

  10. You are the not best fighter.
    If you fight against BRUCE LEE then you will die in less than five seconds……I am not insulting you but BRUCE LEE is the legend

  11. Mr Fafa Zaj , tell me if you have enough IQ what championship was won by scottie. Tell me one!! Yes i am nothing and I not pretend to be somebody . I only train 45 kids in the beautiful art of Judo. The joy of learning and developing the little ones is the most important in the world. I will be nothing in future to but I love to teach the little ones beside I can tell how these kind of guys as Scott pretend to be the epicentre of the world nothing else. It is only a tatooed guy just like a convict from central america prison. Good luck Mr Fafa Zaj , after your name i suppose that you are not a white caucasian

  12. No such thing as best fighter in the world. There's what, 7 billion + ppl in the world? Someone always will be better than you. Probably someone out there who would own Bruce Lee we just never heard of Him, always someone better!

  13. Best fighters are the TKD, MT, Karate, Kung-Fu, boxing, MMA, Judo (etc) world class competitors for their respective sport, NEVER will a movie star be the best in the world. Maybe technique and choreography they could be, but NOT when it comes do a match fight or even a street fight.

  14. ya ok… buddy id pay to fight this guy n expose retarded ppl.. this guy would be a toy, toss him around like a doll then eventually choke him unconcious, ppl would realize how easy it was, and im a purple belt, imagine what real MMA fighters, champs would do to him🤣😂 ppl who dont understand the levels of martial arts and the effectiveness of the different arts would realise real quick. dont confuse actors with "ACTUAL" competitors that's what we do, any actor would get wrecked simple..

  15. For all bruce lee fanboys dont get mad this is just a clip for people raging
    And bruce lee not complete fighter in the world because he never fought a real fighter before
    And those videos were showing are just fake or sparring

  16. Why doesn't he prove himself and fight in k1 or glory. Bruce Lee was a good martial artist but never fought any real fighters. Back in the early 70s and late 60s there was plenty of kyokushin guys his weight. One of the most impressive was William Oliver. He was an African American from New York. His technical ability was incredible. He was that good that at the 1st world tournament in 1975 he was chosen to demonstrate the rules. You can check him out on you tube. Look up fighting black kings

  17. If this guy is the best why doesn't he prove it by fighting some kyokushin fighters in Japan. Movie stars don't like full contact. Because it will ruin their looks

  18. D K Yoo, Vladim Vasiliev, Roy Elghanayan…….. enough said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXgTXsJFxWw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbpN-8cy0fw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UCafeK-fac&t=33s

  19. Some you people think bruce lee is the greatest that ever lived….. well….. very very very very VERY wrong here are some things u forgot:

    1. Deep in chinese history there are many kung fu masters that were way better than bruce lee and just smoke bruce 1 punch. These masters took down a whole army with their fists and catch flies ez pz

    2. THE CREATOR of shaolin! gg everyone lost

    3. The dude who tought bruce lee lol

    4. Bruce could destroy Scott adkins

  20. He is the best, and should have put it to test in the MMA, but I think he was too old then. Sorry, Bruce couldn't hold a candle to this man's ability.

  21. Fact is Scott presume of many fighting stiles,however Bruce never got a black belt in any martial art but learning from different stiles made him the best of the best

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