100 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger assaulted with flying kick during event in South Africa I ABC7

  1. The bodyguards was sleeping in his shoes!!! It could be very easy a knife in that loony hands, or a gun!! If they couldn't prevent a guy kiking how would they ever put in front of a bullet or a knife??? So, Arnie, KICK THEM THE HELL OUT!!!!! They are useless if they didn't see a guy kicking, they're just useless!!!!

  2. what a nice security guard, i would of bounced dude's head on the basketball court like a basketball at least 2 times
    no one kicks the arnold .

  3. Kicking a Mr. Olympia and bodybuilder from back in the day is a REAL bad idea. He may be in his 70s, but his muscle mass is still strong enough to withstand kicks! Arnold is the king!!

  4. They should have killed him, how was he able to even get that close? did no one else see this guy running at full speed towards Arnold? If it were a real African he would have been shot before leaving the ground. Impostor in black face.

  5. Idiot legs: Im gonna act deluded and dropkick Arnold.

    Arnolds back: Im gonna end his leg's career

    All the true fans: Terminate him

  6. Tht boi a pussy ass hoe kicking the terminator like tht ur lucky he is retired from killin if not tht would have been it for u bitch 👌🏾

  7. Seemed like lot of effort and trouble to phase an old man, that didn't get phased. Was the juice worth the squeeze? :/

  8. KICK GUY: This is it, my moment to finally get revenge for that last Terminator movie! HYAAAAAAAA!ARNOLD: Did someone open a window? It is windy in here.

  9. Imagine straight up drop kicking someone at full speed……and they were unaffected like nothing happened

  10. What a bitch move for real. Who does some dumb ass shit like that to a 70 year old. If was a bodyguard I would have beat the living shit out of him!

  11. How many 71-year-olds could sustain that without becoming paralyzed? If he didn't weight lift, that's exactly what would have happened. Arnold looks jacked still.

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